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China's home appliance recycling logistics system Construction

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Abstract: With the growing concern on environmental protection, there is a growing emphasis on the re-use of waste items, many countries have also increased efforts to legislation in this area, the purpose of renewable resources, material value-added and cost savings achieved through the development of reverse logistics . But in home appliances reverse logistics in China is still relatively backward, therefore, the development of home appliances recycling logistics, reverse logistics system is an urgent need to build home appliances. Articles talk about the importance of recycling from home appliances to analyze the existing problems in China's household electrical appliance recycling process, and discuss how to establish effective recycling logistics system.
Keywords: appliance recycling; reverse logistics; Construction
Abstract: With the growing concern about the environmental issues, people are paying much attention to the reuse of the disposal items. Many countries have enhanced legislative efforts in this field, through the development of reverse logistics to achieve the resources renewable, materials value-added and cost savings objective. Nevertheless, in our country the household appliance recycling logistics is rather backwardness, it is imperative to set up the appliance recycling system. After discussing the importance of the waste recycling and analyzing the problems in the recycling process, an effective solution to establish reverse logistics system is brought forward.
Key words: home electric appliance recycling; reverse logistics; system establish

Construction of old electrical appliances recycling system background

With advances in technology and increasing people's living standards, the consumption of Chinese residents appliances also growing (shown in Table 1), consumer appliances from simply meet the daily needs into improving the quality of life logo .
A variety of home appliances and electronic products in China is still in a period of rapid growth, rapid expansion of ownership in the next few years, with effect from February 1, 2009 will be the "home appliances to the countryside" spread across the country, around the implementation of the unity of time is tentatively scheduled for 4 years. For four consecutive years in rural areas throughout the country, color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, mobile phones demand products of the four categories of farmers the implementation of the "home appliances to the countryside, home appliances sales of nearly 480 million units, the introduction of this policy, is bound to accelerate rural home appliances phase-out speed, so that the amount of waste household appliances garbage domestic market will bring increasing pressure. But used household appliances recycling has not yet formally introduced mandatory legal.

2 reverse logistics theory outlined

Stock the first to propose the term "reverse logistics". In 1992, a research report to the Council of Logistics Management (CLM): reverse logistics as a containing return the product, material substitution, recycling items, disposal, processing, maintenance and remanufacturing process the logistics activities. "After this many scholars of reverse logistics to make a lot of different definitions, authoritative definition of the American Council of Logistics Management:" planning, implementation and control of raw materials, semi-finished inventory, finished goods and related information efficient and cost-effective from the point of consumption to the starting point, so as to achieve the purpose of the recovery value and proper disposal. "De Koster (2000), who carried out the re-manufacturing of white goods and brown goods. Fleischmann M (2001) from the point of view of supply chain performance from the three management levels that the closed-loop reverse logistics network system design and the traditional "forward" the difference between supply chain design: reverse logistics system needs centralized testing of recycled products, grading, reverse logistics Reverse Logistics high degree of uncertainty to the lack of control you want to reverse logistics and forward logistics integration of reverse logistics system.
In recent years, many scholars at home and abroad the main results of the study of reverse logistics reflected in the following aspects: (1) reverse logistics system optimization and design; (2) reverse logistics and supply chain, e-commerce combined; ( 3) study of reverse logistics operation mechanism and the way they operate.

3 developed countries, old electrical appliances recycling system and operation mode

Processing of waste household appliances in developed countries not only to develop a strict legal and recovery technology, dismantling technology, and waste than our state-of-the-art sound processing technology.
United States: focus on the recycling of electronic products, a world leader in the development cycle renewable technologies. For example, Xerox is developing a recovery, regeneration printer, Kodak its disposable camera to make improvements, so that it can be recycled after the end of its useful life. Its operating model is based on the business associates and third-party enterprise-based. IBM and HP also developed a recycling program, the main logistics operators services provided by FedEx and UPS.
EU countries: pay attention to the protection of the environment, strict legislation, state-of-the-art processing technology. Stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, electronic products, will alone show that the cost of recycling disposal, price tag, at the time of purchase, the consumer has understood disposing of used electrical appliances to pay a certain cost. The FAPS Germany has been in the study of waste circuit board automatic removal method, take the opposite of the principle of the automatic assembly to the circuit board to be demolished.
Japan: manufacturing companies bear the primary responsibility for logistics and recycling of waste home appliances. Home Appliance Recycling Law "in April 2001, provides for the responsibilities and obligations of retailers, manufacturers and consumers, and other related personnel, and the formation of the structure of the independent recovery and recycling routes. Japanese waste household appliances enterprises generally use a combination of manual dismantling and mechanical treatment for processing, so that best meet the requirements of environmental protection.
The processing mode summed developed countries found the following characteristics: First comprehensive laws and policies establish a recycling system first, followed by the recycling system of manufacturing enterprises as the core, and finally constitute the recycling channels is diversified. There are processing mode in these countries have a common place is also known as the "polluter pays principle" the manufacturer responsibility system, which is developed mature approach.

4 Problems of China's home appliance recycling system

Both from a technical or legislative level between China and developed countries in the recycling of waste household appliances still a huge gap. China's household electrical appliance reverse logistics supply chain system analysis, mainly in the following three aspects of deep-seated problems:
(1) the overall physical movement of waste household appliances in a state of disorder
China's home appliance recycling is highly fragmented the walking street wear to individual practitioners Lane recovery mainly include waste material recycling and thrift enterprises directly recovered, manufacturers, trade recovery, environmental protection department recovered from the garbage. Not have a clear overall flow, there is a big uncertainty. When metal, plastic price is relatively high, most of the waste electrical flows some dismantling of underground dens. In order to profit their original can without dismantling the electronic components can be reused, acid etching or burned to extract metals, which resulted in a great deal of waste and pollution.
(2) the flow of information and information systems in support of waste household appliances mobile is not yet established
Appliances reverse logistics and forward logistics there is a big difference, one of which is difficult to control and predict the needs of customers, when discarded household appliances, where it appears, the number of occurrences, the cost of recycling is difficult to determine . Only by fully understanding the discarded appliances, in order to more effectively carry out recycling activities. At present, China has not yet established a home appliance recycling information management system to collect information channels lack.
In developed countries, businesses in the products sold to customers clearly for returns and recyclables, location, processes, responsibilities, indicate the direction of flow of recyclables is the customer, this approach can be said to reverse logistics and customer interface.
(3) the absence of a formal able to control the organization and management of household appliances reverse logistics agency
Appliances reverse logistics operation mode the operator of the subject is the traditional material enterprises, emerging waste disposal enterprises, individual and private recycling companies, and professional electronic products recycling enterprise, and as the biggest beneficiary of waste electronic products recycling electronics manufacturers , but in the absence of state. Manufacturers just reverse the secondary part of the logistics chain, did not become the main bearer of the electronics reverse logistics. Second, the lack of management institutions, including legal constraints and environmental protection departments, resulting in the short-term behavior of the recycling business.
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