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Financial analysis of network information environment

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[Keywords] information   financial network information environment;
[Abstract] enterprise informatization to promote the development of network finance, network finance development to improve the level of enterprise informatization.If the enterprise to achieve the comprehensive information, must follow a path to financial network as the goal, step by step road.Starting from the enterprise, realizing the integration and network management, across corporate boundaries, between the true sense of the enterprise, customer, Supplier Collaborative Supply chain.
business information, basic contents of
Enterprise informatization is refers to the enterprise application of modern information technology, development and utilization of information resources, to make decisions, to improve enterprise efficiency and competitiveness.Details include:
(a) improving the organizational structure and management system of enterprise
The combination of enterprise development planning, the reasonable construction of enterprise business process and management process, the impact of information technology on enterprise management model as the basis, to build two basic database of enterprise, a database is used to describe the business day-to-day production activities and management activities of the data and their relations; another database is used to describe the top decision-maker decision-making information.
(two) to realize the management informationization
Building automation and related management system, extensive application of computer aided design (CAD) technology, shorten the product development cycle, to achieve product design automation.The establishment of computer management information system of enterprises, in order to realize the management informationization.Computer management information system adopted a comprehensive market analysis, raw materials procurement, production scheduling, inventory management, cost accounting, marketing and other process, the scientific implementation of modern enterprise management and decision making.
(three) improve the network system of the enterprise
Through the establishment of Intranet, to provide a general platform for information, and use this network structure, the automation system of the enterprise and management system and database in the network approach to integration, so as to achieve the optimal allocation of information resources of enterprises, the formation of the enterprise a unified information system, so that the various departments to make rapid response to the business, the stream of people, logistics, capital flow in the scientific management of enterprises in the information flow, to achieve the orderly flow; through the establishment of Extranet, the realization of information sharing between enterprises and partners, suppliers, clients and consumers; through access to Intemet, can realize the intranet, extranet connected to each other, strengthens the enterprise internal and external information exchange.The enterprise may through the network to promote their products, establish a corporate image, to realize the information of enterprise and market forecast of market feedback, to provide information support for the enterprise management decision.
(four) put an end to waste, save money, reduce consumption, reduce the cost of development and utilization of information resources in production, enterprises should rely on the network and processing of the information system and the enterprise internal information, so that the rational allocation of various resources of enterprises.Enterprises need to establish by means of information technology, high-speed, large capacity of external acquisition, processing and transmission system, formulate a reasonable price, shorten the product design, production, circulation period, adjust the production task and the production structure, develop new products, to adapt to changes in market demand.Should be timely storage, processing, analysis, prediction of the enterprise information collection, to improve enterprise management decision-making level and market competitiveness of the enterprises.
(five) increase investment, improve the quality of the staff
Along with the development of enterprise informationization and network financial deepening, production, management of enterprises will be closely around the information flow to organize the implementation of.Faced with this situation, enterprises need a group of high-quality data processing personnel, information technology personnel and information management talents, to help business decision-makers to analyze information, processing information, make decisions in a timely manner, to ensure the implementation of strategic management, effective information strategy control.Cultivating consciousness and ability of employees with the development and utilization of information resources, establish a good information morals, forms the enterprise information culture atmosphere, enhance the innovation capacity of enterprises, improve the speed of standardization, digitization, personnel training and information service system.
The development process of two, enterprise informatization in
(a) the primary stage of enterprise informatization
This stage is the preparation work of enterprise informatization.Communication problems solved and information sharing between different departments within the enterprise.Business operation mostly started from the technology application of simple, low cost and very elementary, and then began to website construction enterprises, enterprises through the establishment of their own website, can increase the contact with the outside world communication opportunity, to enable enterprises to understand the development of the same domestic industry and related industries, but also can promote their products, release their own products to outside information.The enterprise website undertakes double function, release information and collect information so, construction site is the primary stage of enterprise informatization.
(two) the internal management of enterprise informatization stage
This stage, the internal information management into the enterprises substantial business, realize the integration management of enterprise, management procedure is realized by means of information, supply, production, sales of the business continuity, financial management and business process integration, with a real-time and effective plans and budgets.Special attention should be paid in the process of business information, business structure to reform the traditional business flow, the optimization mode of business, improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, gain the biggest profit direction.Accelerate business operation, save resources, improve efficiency.
(three) to achieve network management stage between enterprises
This stage is mainly for the use of external resources.The fierce market competition has prompted enterprises under the effective management of internal resources and at the same time, we must pay attention to the external work, situation, development market tracking customer, close contact with suppliers, to ensure that the first reaction to market changes.Such as the realization of enterprise supply chain management, customer relationship management.Therefore the enterprise must have a clear goal, step by step, the distribution of the implementation.In order to make the enterprise production, management activities at the low cost, high efficiency operation state.
(four) to achieve synergy stage and electronic commerce
Under the new economic environment, realize the optimization of global within the scope of all kinds of resources can be.Enterprise information to a certain extent, has completed the transformation from the traditional management to the modern management mode, the next step is to make full use of the Internet technology and open Internet standards with suppliers, customers, distributors, banks and other relevant departments to achieve the link service data layer, and the information into a comprehensive new model of financial network in the collaborative commerce; refers to the integration of supply chain and customer relationship management, the implementation of the supply chain from the supplier to the end user of the logistics function, collaborative management of the implementation of unified management, benefit sharing, consultation of enterprise supply chain partners.
three, informatization and network finance
Enterprise informatization is the foundation, the network finance is the core of.They have a common technology foundation and the same development goals.The information includes the network finance, network finance is an important part of enterprise informatization.
(a) the enterprise informatization to promote the development of network finance
Enterprise informatization is the intelligent tool for enterprises to cultivate and develop with information acquisition, information transmission, information processing and other functions, and use it in the service of the enterprise management activities.Enterprise information technology provides a new information environment for the enterprises to carry out financial network, and the enterprise organization process, business process and management concept has had a major impact, in the process of enterprise information, enterprise and suppliers, consumers, financial institutions and other relevant departments to establish a close contact, and send financial information through the information network to collect, business processing.The Internet efficiently applied to the business process of the enterprise, collaborative management to enable enterprises to achieve financial, business, really play the network financial for real-time interaction network, only through the enterprise informatization construction to reflect.But if only the information infrastructure, information resources can not be shared, also cannot make information flow play a role, so that the relationship between enterprise information construction and network finance is the relationship between the foundation and development of the.
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