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Knowledge building - A New Perspective of the field of library and information science

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[Paper Keywords] knowledge construction build knowledge management Library and Information Sciences
[Abstract] knowledge construction as the information to build high-level and application of knowledge management, informative, more emphasis on the needs of the people, pay attention to the knowledge of the balance of the ecosystem. This paper studies the knowledge to build knowledge management optimization, and pointed out that knowledge construction has a role in promoting the development of Library and Information Science, mainly in the multidisciplinary integration, improve the library and information science basic theory and empirical application and technical support of Library and Information Science and so on.
The era of knowledge economy, Library and information science community more and more inclined to the study of knowledge. Zhu from the theory of knowledge comes to knowledge management, are inseparable from the process of knowledge acquisition and mining, organization and dissemination, application and innovation. Knowledge construction is another new term following the information architecture, and quickly became public and scholars to discuss research focus. Knowledge is divided into two parts, the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge explicit knowledge is easy to absorb, conversion and use of tacit knowledge is stored in the human brain, it is difficult to exploit the use, and therefore the knowledge to build the proposed help tacit knowledge explicit.
the , knowledge architecture proposed - from information to build
1. Constructed from information to knowledge construction
Information architecture, English full name InformationArchitecture, referred to IA, initially proposed in 1976 by the American Institute of Architects, Mr. Wallman, was introduced in China in 2001, following the disciplines of knowledge management Library and Information a new perspective. Zhou Xiaoying ... combined with Wallman IA definition, which is defined as the "organization and design information environment, information space or information architecture, to meet the needs of the information needs of an arts and disciplines. Information to build the most important goal is to get a clear expression of objective knowledge and information to help people better identify and manage information, allowing users easy to understand and accept, and ultimately shows a user-convenient form, promote knowledge and information the absorption and integration.
Build information and knowledge management, and information science research as the core library and information science theory - knowledge organization, based on the needs of users, information technology support, and ultimately to better enhance the content management libraries and information agencies work efficiency and service quality, and thus create more value and better services for users.
Information architecture is based on information, and the introduction of knowledge management, it is more important is the construction of knowledge, to achieve the purpose of individual and organizational knowledge innovation has introduced the concept of "knowledge construction (KnowledgeArchitecture), referred to as KA. Follow the information to knowledge and information resources to the evolution of knowledge resources, it is not difficult to see that the IA to the development and progression of KA is inevitable. Conceptually, "information architecture" and "knowledge construction" corresponds to the main information and knowledge, knowledge is part of the information is extracted from a variety of information, both of which correspond to the "knowledge management" and "information management; service system from the point of view, IA and KA correspond to "information service" and "knowledge", "information architecture" and "knowledge building" concept on the service and management system, there is a progressive trends and not just a simple term replacement, which pay more attention to the combination of people and content.
Knowledge Architecture (KA) is based on the IA higher level of knowledge resources to build the system, it fully affirmed the principle of information architecture, including knowledge discovery, knowledge organization, knowledge indexing, knowledge navigation, and knowledge retrieval five core content, with computer network technology to provide users with personalized knowledge service. But it is built with the information, similar to the thought of knowledge management, knowledge building also pay more attention to the needs and the development and utilization of tacit knowledge, more humane, social and intelligent features, the organization successfully mining knowledge, knowledge extraction, and then sharing of knowledge, and provides an effective way to further the spread of knowledge and innovation.
2. Build positive impact on the development of library and information science
Information to build a comprehensive field of study, the basic idea is the information organization and information environment, information space, the design of the information structure, the core of the organization and provide information, the goal is to help users find and manage information and thus meet the user's information demand J. Build information used in libraries and information agencies, with particular emphasis on expression and display of information, and the help of graphic design knowledge, the information express and show more figurative, to provide the user a more clear and understandable information to better services in libraries and information agencies, and thus a variety of activities for the user to provide full information and guidance legible.
The core content - the organization of information, indexing, navigation and retrieval of information architecture occupies a very important position in the field of library and information science. Library and information science research, organization and retrieval of knowledge, the ultimate goal is to provide the information needed for each user. Information to build learn the basic principles and methods of Library and Information Science, and by virtue of the unique advantages derived from the architecture to bring a new dawn for Library and Information Science Research, mainly in the cognitive retrieval, knowledge services ... It is enough to show that the information architecture has a role in promoting the development of Library and Information Science and positive significance. And the information to build a focus on information balance of the ecosystem, emphasizing the interaction between humans and information environment impact, from an ecological point of view to examine the relationship between people and information resources is one of the significant contribution of the IA Library and Information Studies .
Second, the knowledge to build the role of knowledge management
First of all, with respect to the information to build, the knowledge construction increased knowledge, and pay more attention to the needs of users and interface design, not only confined to information organization, creation of information structure, and pay more attention to the effect of a particular construction of knowledge, that knowledge build to achieve the user's knowledge innovation and personalized knowledge service as the ultimate goal. The same time, the knowledge to build saved in the ecological point of view, and on this basis proposed in the case of specific knowledge management applications should focus on the balanced development of the knowledge ecosystem. Knowledge resources management process, it was discovered, access, use or share the knowledge of the behavior depends largely on the use of knowledge resources and the extent of absorption. Knowledge management should be more and more attention to the relationship between people, knowledge, and with knowledge of environmental resources, to fully understand the indispensable knowledge resources management process, and thus improve the relationship of people and knowledge resources from the knowledge ecosystem, and thus play a role in optimizing knowledge management.
Secondly, in the organization, employees are often reluctant to tacit knowledge has been accumulated public, in particular, do not want their knowledge formed understood absorbed in their work and status competition or threat, which resulted in knowledge stagnation and monopoly, hindering the sharing and exchange of knowledge, is not conducive to knowledge innovation. Knowledge management, one of the main ideas that focus on the Exploration and Utilization of tacit knowledge, knowledge construction is proposed, it not only can be applied to improve the knowledge element ontology-based knowledge retrieval technology seized full inspection precision can also be combined knowledge communities and Knowledge Base to play the transfer of tacit knowledge, mining employees within the tacit knowledge and ultimately facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange, to achieve the purpose of knowledge innovation.
Furthermore, in the present state of knowledge management, knowledge retrieval the application keyword search technology, the coverage of the knowledge is not very accurate, impeding the sharing of knowledge and application. Ontology reasoning mechanism built by the knowledge retrieval technology and knowledge retrieval system to retrieve the intelligent agent J, can improve the remaining issues of keyword search technology, not only can take the initiative to retrieve the new document in the early resources based on user preferences, and through processing and knowledge meta-ontology reasoning stored in the domain ontology object library, so that timely access to new knowledge, increasing the knowledge acquisition area.
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