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The new industrialization of information to promote the manufacturing industry of our country

Author: LiShiChun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 06:01:52 Read:
Keywords: paper manufacturing industry informatization of independent innovation of new industrialization
Abstract: China is a big manufacturing country? But the manufacturing industry independent innovation ability is still very weak? Seriously restricted the economic growth and international competitiveness.The development of advanced manufacturing industry in the first place? Insist to drive industrialization with informatization, to industrial innovation to promote the transformation of economic growth mode and the independent innovation ability to promote Zhejiang Manufacturing New Asia Road important and realistic choice.
Since the reform and opening up? The economy of our country has made great achievements.2005? China's GDP reached 18232100000000 yuan? Ranks the sixth in the world; manufacturing industry total output value accounts for fourth in the world; the total import and export volume reached US $1422100000000 into the world's third largest trading nation?.But must see soberly? Our economy overall is still in low value-added labor-intensive industries? Still rely on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, management idea, management experience and to improve the level of production and the ability of the stage.
From the development experience of other countries in the world see? The ability of independent innovation is the core competitiveness of the country? Is the most important indicator to measure a country's economic strength and international competition ability.At present? Multi-National Corporation of developed countries and enterprises are actively using the Internet to implement manufacturing technology research and development, product design, production management, marketing and customer service service informationization and globalization? Improve industry and enterprise innovation capacity and international competitiveness.Therefore, to speed up the informatization of manufacturing industry?? in order to enhance the capability of independent innovation as the strategic basis for the development of manufacturing industry and the adjustment of the industrial structure, change the growth mode of the central link? Use of the advantage and realize the great-leap-forward development? To narrow the gap with the advanced countries? Is a significant strategic choice of China's manufacturing industry in the new type industrialization road.
1 of China's manufacturing industry development status of
1.1 the ability of independent innovation and independent intellectual property rights of serious deficiency
According to the State Intellectual Property Office data released by the third quarter of 2006?? China has independent intellectual property rights of enterprises accounted for only 3/10000? Ability of enterprise use of intellectual property rights and to cope with the international intellectual property disputes is weak.At present, our country enterprise? Only 1.1% authorized patents? The patent right for invention for which only 0.17% enterprises; in 2005 130000 invention patents in half from the foreign Multi-National Corporation?.
In the national large and medium-sized enterprises? So far there are 71% enterprises have not set up technology development institutions? Did not carry out the technology development activities of 66% enterprises; in most large companies? Once a year more than innovation activities of enterprises accounted for only 50% of Chinese enterprises? Level weak makes difficult to become the subject of technological innovation.For a long time? Enterprise low labor productivity in China (the equivalent of the United States, Japan and Germany 4% 5% level), value-added products is not high, the ability of independent innovation is weak, the lack of core technology patent (patent number only accounts for the world total 2.4%? Only the United States, Japan and South Korea 1/30, 1/40), these problems seriously restrict the international competitiveness of China's ascension? Enhanced manufacturing White main innovation imminent.
1.2 the low technological level.The core competitive ability is weak
China is a big manufacturing country? But the industry is big but not strong? Industry and the core competitiveness of enterprises is very weak? Such as though China has nearly 200 kinds of products output ranked first in the world? But internationally competitive brands rarely? China's import and export enterprises of various kinds with less than 20% of its own trademark? Less than 10% of export products with independent intellectual property brand,
In heavy equipment industry technical level of manufacturing the manufacturing industry? Due to lack of core technology and independent intellectual property rights? Lack the ability to design and complete sets of CNC machine tools, 70%? 70% of the car industry equipment and textile machinery, 76% of the petroleum and chemical equipment, more than 80% of the integrated circuit chip manufacturing equipment, 100% of the optical fiber manufacturing equipment and large aircraft, large scientific instruments, medical equipment, products of foreign occupation; in communication, semiconductor, biotechnology, medicine and computer industries? Foreign Company authorized patent number accounted for 1 in its "one of the 90% core technology in the hands of the hands of others?."201 years? More than 180 relates to the national economy and national security key large state-owned enterprises to apply for a patent number only 6579? Not beautiful, day, Europe a Multi-National Corporation application number.Research and development of large and medium-sized enterprises in the experiment (R& D) funds 95440000000 yuan? Investment intensity of 0.71%, above-scale industrial enterprises R& D investment intensity is only 0.56%? A huge gap between this ratio and the developed countries.
So? Although China's manufacturing industry and manufacturing ability quite strong? But in the international economic division of labor has been at a relatively low? Only subcontract production and processing? Manufacturing is of low value and high input of resources and high energy consumption products? Can only earn a small amount of service fee "wage earners".Technical equipment of the high degree of dependence on external? Equipment and technology makes our country must continue to import foreign? More high-tech equipment is more dependent on imports? In "Introduction - backward - introduce again, again behind the vicious spiral?.According to statistics? At present Chinese foreign technology dependence up to 54%? Technology to economic contribution rate is 39%; and more than 20 worldwide innovation country the United States, Japan, Finland and so on? The foreign technology dependence below 30%? But technology the economic contribution rate is higher than 70%.
1.3 follow the traditional extensive growth mode
International experience shows that the per capita CDP? Is a country's economic growth accelerated in 1000 stages of a $3000? Is the energy, resource consumption increased numbers of stage.The basic conditions of our country is: the ownership of resources per capita is low, energy consumption per unit of output is high (about 20% higher than the international average level), serious destruction of ecological environment? The current carrying capacity of resources and environment has not been allowed to adopt the "high consumption, high energy consumption, high pollution" of the traditional model of economic growth.For example, the energy consumption of iron and steel industry? Only one of China's national energy consumption accounts for 1/ beat? Half of iron ore imports? Buy energy, raw materials of foreign exchange payment pressure is very heavy; China's export 800000000 shirts profits in order to buy one Airbus A380 aircraft.
Weak capacity of independent innovation is bound to lead to enterprise resource utilization is low, serious environmental pollution? Economic growth is facing significant constraints of resources and environment capacity.2004? China's GDP accounted for about 4% of global? But one-time energy actually consumed about 12% of the world's freshwater? Which accounted for 15%, alumina accounted for 25%, accounted for 28%, accounting for 50% of steel and cement.So far in 2004? Raw materials, energy, labor, land and other factors of production prices rise? "Made in China" has been reduced profit space? "The main base of" made in China "in the Pearl River Delta as an example? The average profit of the companies in the region in the processing trade was only about 3%-5% and significant cost? The rise will make the enterprise profit space consumed in 3 to 5 years.
We can't reflect? Depending on the massive consumption of energy and raw materials processing and manufacturing the products of others? Is the serious resources and environmental costs of maintaining the quantity expansion?? will the extensive economic growth mode to China where? Apparently? This lack of its own core technology and intellectual property rights on? Resource consumption to maintain economic growth is not sustainable, not feasible? Change the growth way? Take an intensive, innovative, resource-conserving development path brook no delay.
2 information is the fundamental way out for to upgrade the manufacturing industry in China
Manufacturing industry in our country is in the center of industry status? Importance in the national economy no matter how rate is not excessive.The development of advanced manufacturing industry in the first place? Insist to drive industrialization with informatization.Wide application of high technology and advanced applicable technologies to upgrade traditional manufacturing industry? The formation of more with independent intellectual property rights of the well-known brand is a pressing matter of the moment development in the new period of manufacturing industry.
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