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Reflections on strengthening agricultural information publicity

Author: DiYong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 05:37:44 Read:
Keywords paper: agricultural information publicity the importance of     ; problems; Countermeasures
Abstract: discusses the importance of strengthening the agricultural information publicity, analyzes the existing agricultural informatization in Zibo City, and puts forward some countermeasures, in order to provide the reference for strengthening the agricultural information and propaganda work.
Agricultural informatization is the important content of agricultural mechanization propaganda work.How to better strengthen agricultural information and propaganda work under the new situation, give full play to the role of media publicity guide, incentive, supervision and other functions, help the party and the government the work of agricultural mechanization policy timely and accurately implemented to the grassroots, farmers; contribute to the dissemination of advanced agricultural technology, arch 1 guide and promote agricultural structural adjustment, promote the development of agricultural machinery industry; communication and learning, help to strengthen agricultural departments complement each other, mutual inspiration, learn from each other, to promote the work of agricultural mechanization development; help with all social 1'] communication, improve the work of agricultural mechanization status.
Zibo city attaches great importance to the agricultural informatization, at present the city's agricultural information websites have been set up, all kinds of information submitted to the rules and regulations have been formulated, information report further standardized, website content is also increasingly rich, report the information submitted by e-mail, cogent accomplish the information timely and accurately, so that the city's agricultural mechanization information submitted to the gradually institutionalization, standardization.
The importance of the 1 agricultural information publicity
Agricultural informatization is the important content of 1.I propaganda work of agricultural mechanization.
Informationization is the trend of the economic and social development, it is also an important symbol of modernization.Information is an important and unique role in promoting economic development, promoting democratic politics, social services, people's livelihood.In the information age, information is knowledge, information resource, information is wealth.Agricultural information publicity is a relationship to the global, agricultural development affect social public opinion environment important work.Practice has proved, agricultural information propaganda work in the propaganda of agricultural policy, agricultural mechanization development achievements show, unite all forces, communication, leadership and Grass-roots Service agricultural decision-making, promote openness in government affairs, establish the image of the Department plays an important role.Agricultural informatization propaganda work, success and failure, gain and loss. In relation to the society from all walks of life to the work of agricultural mechanization level and cognitive level of support, agricultural industry social image and social status, agricultural industry of the cohesion and combat effectiveness, agricultural mechanization development speed, quality and efficiency.Further strengthen agricultural information and propaganda work, the important task of administrative ability construction machinery management department is in the new era, and is an important public opinion guarantee of promoting the reform and development of agricultural mechanization.
1.2 agricultural information publicity is the need to promote agricultural mechanization, the construction of modern agriculture
Need strong support of public opinion in any one period of economic and social development.The power of the press, is also an important driving force for the development of agricultural mechanization.The attention of the whole society, build agricultural support agricultural atmosphere of public opinion, is the important guarantee to realize the agricultural mechanization development.Through the promotion of agricultural mechanization development achievements, effectively promote the agricultural sector and social status, to improve the general understanding of the importance of agricultural workers work on the farm machinery to do the work of agricultural mechanization, and further enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency.An important role through the promotion of agricultural mechanization, and create a favorable external environment for the development of agricultural mechanization, and fully mobilize and motivate farmers, machine hand and agricultural social service organization in the development of rural productivity enthusiasm and creativity.Through the typical experience of propaganda work of agricultural mechanization, to promote the agricultural system work exchanges, encourage advanced spur lagging behind, to promote the change, working methods, working mechanism and working style.Through the agricultural practical technology new propaganda. Not only the rich information imparted to the majority of farmers, can also use the market information, the leading agricultural products entering the market into commodities.Agricultural machinery management department can also use information technology, implementation of e-government, improve work efficiency, reduce administrative cost, improve the service level of agricultural machinery management.
1-3 strengthen agricultural information publicity is the urgent requirement of the majority of farmers
In recent years, along with the central provinces and the purchase of agricultural machinery subsidies Huinong policies, accelerate the pace of development of agricultural mechanization.Farmers have to enjoy the modern social material civilization and spiritual civilization achievements.But there are some new requirements attendant.For example: some farmers in new machinery and new technology, focus on the promotion of agricultural machinery (corn combine harvester and wheat no-tillage planter etc.), are not familiar with, do not use, also need to the agricultural sector provides technical information service network; there still exist some restricting agricultural development factors and some tendentious, the symptoms of the problems (such as new technology is not mature, the land is not suitable for small work machine), different extent dampened the enthusiasm of farmers, the development of agricultural mechanization, need through the channel of information in a timely manner to reflect, to appeal, to promote the early settlement.All of the agricultural information service requests.
There are 2 Zibo City Agricultural Problems in informatization construction
It is thought understanding is not in place, the importance of agricultural management information system construction of agricultural work, information not included in the important work schedule; two is the insufficient investment, the slow development of agricultural information network construction; three is the information network management team is not stable, professional quality is poor, can not meet the need of information work; four is the information service level is low, the development of agricultural information service the lack of market research. Many information resources have not been fully developed and utilized; five is the information collection, processing system is relatively backward, information dissemination, transmission delay.
3 Countermeasures
3.1, deepen understanding.To strengthen the leadership
To accelerate agricultural informatization construction is not simply the traditional management things onto the computer network, but the use of information technology, the realization of the government work process integration and optimization of recombinant, break the separation space and Department of limited band, and effectively improve the quality of work and efficiency.Therefore, in the agricultural informatization construction need to unify the understanding, the work place, strengthen the support, to support the information construction, and vigorously promote the development of the results, which should be used for production, turned into practical productive forces.Through the industrial informationization, modernization of management, scientific decision-making, management intensive advance information construction, give full play to the government overall planning, organization and coordination, strengthen management, to create a mechanism, to constantly optimize the agricultural structure, to adapt to the adjustment of agriculture industrial structure, to extend the antenatal, production, postpartum link, provide detailed information, do "five in place", namely ideological understanding, leadership in place, staff in place, funding, organization and coordination in place.
3.2, strengthen the construction of.To promote agricultural informatization
Any system in normal operation, the soft, hardware facilities is inseparable from the support it.Agricultural informatization construction, talent is the key.According to the current situation of the agricultural information system of talent shortage, take the bow into the 1 and simultaneously, strengthen the construction of various types, various levels of information talents, strengthening human resources development, in order to meet the needs of agricultural informatization construction.At the same time, to strengthen existing agricultural mechanization information staff training, in order to meet the needs of agricultural mechanization management work, so as to make better use of the information technology fast, convenient, practical, the advantages of the Internet, provides the high quality, high standard of information for agricultural mechanization and modernization of Agriculture development, and gradually formed the transverse, longitudinal,. Comprehensive agricultural mechanization information system [31.The establishment and improvement of agricultural information network system from top to bottom as soon as possible, increasing government investment, form a diversified investment mechanism.The application of information technology will greatly promote the agricultural business management mode and enterprise organization, in order to speed up the pace of agricultural informatization construction.
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