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The successful implementation of ERP strategy of the small and medium-sized enterprises

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Keywords: ERP small and medium-sized enterprise informatization in
Abstract: in this paper, from the current situation of small and medium enterprises, analyzed the reason of small and medium enterprises informationization backward, puts forward eight strategies for the successful implementation of ERP in small and medium-sized enterprises.
1 our country small and medium-sized enterprise informationization present situation is not optimistic
Sixteen big reports pointed out: "the information is the inevitable choice to realize industrialization and modernization of our country.Insist on using informationization to promote industrialization, promote the informationization with industrialization, information technology is widely used in the national economic and social fields."Enterprise informatization of national economy informatization is the basis of the work, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the core content of enterprise informatization, it covers the production, supply, sales each link and the allocation of human and financial resources of the entire process, is the enterprise development strategy, market analysis, planning, procurement of raw materials the production process, after sale service, and other aspects of the organic connection and highly integrated.In China, 60% of GDP, industrial profits of 4%, export 6% is small and medium-sized enterprise contribution, small and medium-sized enterprises to provide about 75% jobs, accounting for the number of new jobs in 9%, small and medium-sized enterprises to speed up the construction of information, improve the management level, improve economic efficiency relates to the overall situation, the people's livelihood.Small and medium-sized enterprise informationization level is very low, the survey shows: the proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises informatization in Europe and the United States is 60%, while China is only 3%, registered in the business sector 1 0 of thousands of small and medium enterprises, only 10% enterprises with modern information means certain.Visible enterprise informatization in China still can not meet the information requirement of the economic development, level of development lags behind in science and technology.
The 2 reason analysis of
Fund 2.1 capital constraints of small and medium enterprises tension in China is an indisputable fact, the limited funds are used to increase the equipment, materials and personnel, to "aeriality" ERP, the small and medium-sized enterprise is very difficult to make the investment decision.
Constraint 2.2 talent is talent problem generally faced with the problem of small and medium enterprises, lack of compound understand technology, management and information technology talents in the small and medium-sized enterprises, no professional and technical personnel specializing in enterprise informationization, and it is hard to keep TI professionals.
2.3 main offset business is the information of the subject, in the ERP implementation, enterprise should be in the initiative position and the main trend.However, for a long time, by software vendors to dominate the ERP market, ignoring the enterprise's main body, lack of knowledge on the subject status of enterprises in the implementation of ERP, some software companies even with the concept of "deceptive business process will be".
2.4 software are not targeted IT 168 in a few years time collected about 01 more than 0 copies of ERP scheme, after experts to nearly 1000 program reviews and studies have shown: functional deficiencies, insufficient security, scalability is not guaranteed.On the module stacking, graphic bluffing scheme accounted for nearly four into.Software developers have not or are not willing to do "market adaptability" work, many ERP enterprises can not buy a really suitable for their own products.
2.5 obstacles in the implementation of organizational structure of implementation of ERP, to streamline the organization, created the conditions for the implementation of flat management structure, but old in its conflict seriously, and these institutions can also cause personnel turbulence, and even affect the company's management order and business development.
The successful implementation of the EPR strategy of
3 small and medium-sized enterprises
Enterprise informatization is a systems engineering, involves all aspects of the business, whether the combination of work and business, in relation to the success or failure of the enterprise information work.I have the honor to participate in the ERP project of Nanjing Dahua special belt manufacturing Co. Ltd., implementation, combined with the implementation of the project, the author thinks that in the small and medium-sized enterprises to implement ERP project, in addition to selection often mentioned and the "one project", the following strategy is the key to success.3.1 moderate price, economical and practical.Small and medium-sized enterprise scale is small, less funding, hundreds, thousands of ERP software for small and medium enterprises dare not expect, CCW (CCW Res era CH) study shows that, up to 69% of users think, ERP product prices should be controlled to within 50000, and small and medium-sized enterprises expectations for the ERP product price is lower.Fortunately, the ERP market in 2005 seems to meet this demand, including UF, Kingdee, domestic management software enterprises began to throw out low price, short implementation cycle low-priced products, UFIDA even dished out at only 20000 yuan products, C and to the industry put forward the "E R P Popularization" slogan.
3.2, pay attention to meet the demand.Small and medium-sized enterprises implement ERP project and factors to consider: whether it is useful to business.Small and medium-sized enterprises pay more attention to the short-term benefit to get instant results, requirements of ERP project implementation time is short, can rapidly improve the level of management, create economic benefits.The enterprise internal and recognize the role of ERP, is the best time to implementing ERP project.
3.3 fastening process, optimizing management.ERP software company is "universal", but the small and medium-sized enterprise industry diversity, different flow, ERP software is used to buy will not work.According to the business process customization and modification of ERP software is the most reasonable approach, but the high price often let the small and medium-sized enterprises.
3.4 breakdown products, establish the standard.The premise of information work is the information standardization.To classify the enterprise various product categories, preparation of product catalog, the definition of product color, specifications, style and various physical characteristics or chemical characteristics, product specification information standards, to facilitate internal and external information communication enterprises, so that enterprises in the acceptance of the order, material requirements planning and procurement plans have been generated automatically.
3.5 job analysis, determine the responsibilities.It is based on the work of the implementation of ERP process.To identify processes based on work analysis, information flow oriented, analysis of each process, the work content, division of responsibilities, work flow diagram, and then determine the process module, is essential to the successful implementation of ERP.
3.6 classification training, easy to understand.Training is generally divided into 2 times, 2 times the training content, object, purpose and methods are quite different.The first training ERP training, held to start early in the project, for the top leadership, business backbone enterprises, the number of participants less.The second training is training, in the ERP system installation and debugging period for enterprise application development, every link operation personnel, due to the operation of ERP involves square respect area, so the Department, post to targeted training, training combined with computer operation, detailed introduces correlation window, function buttons, fields, meaning the report content, longer duration.
3.7 to establish rules and regulations, strict implementation.Rules and regulations of ERP project can be a key success factor.People in the face of a new management change, often can't adapt themselves to and even conflict, the rules and regulations and require employees to strictly follow the rules is a change smoothly to ensure.ERP is a systematic project, require employees according to specification of correct use, we must establish the system.The establishment of rules and regulations and specific and complicated, need to spend a lot of time and energy.
3.8 personal service, timely and orderly.ERP after the implementation of the project, enterprises and software providers, close cooperation, jointly solve the operation problem, the problem in the process, software design and other problems, to do a timely service, safeguard the normal production and operation of enterprises.
Only the software company to provide customized services for process, small and medium-sized enterprises; give priority to with me, for application, attention to detail, to realize win-win, welcome the Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises ER the popularity of the P tide.
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