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Discussion on the informatization construction of archives management

Author: YiLin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 02:41:28 Read:
Keywords: archive file management information
Abstract: in the era of knowledge economy, the archives management as a knowledge management has a more important role in the development of the society.Nowadays, information technology also provides technical support for the development of archives management.This article from the importance of informatization construction of archives management point of view, discusses its some paths for strengthening the information construction.
1 files and archives management status of
files are national institutions, social organizations and individuals to form in the social activities, the original text, image, voice record keeping and other forms of.Mainly divided into the archives, archives, archives, archives, judicial accounting personnel archives, archives, art of teaching archives and diplomatic archives.
file management mainly includes two aspects: one is on archives management, also known as the archive management. Two is to contain the information of archives management, the archives information organization called.Archive management including file collection, collation, identification, storage and other content, to establish scientific and reasonable collection system through the construction of archival resources for modern management of archives, a thin.Archives management activities and other document management activities, including the information input, storage, processing, output of such a process of information transmission, is a kind of information control system.

With the development of archives management attention is greatly improved and the progress of technology, the archives management facilities constantly improve, update, in practical work, archives management and the progress of the society, requirement, there is still a big problem, the quality of personnel archives work in two low, poor treatment, procession is not steady; not enough emphasis on leadership archives consciousness not strong lack of funds, equipment is not complete, and hardware conditions, management model of rigid and ineffective publicity, public participation consciousness is weak,
2 file management information construction of the importance of
archives information system from the infrastructure construction, the construction of archival information resources, the application system construction, standard specification and team construction consists of five aspects, among which the most important is the infrastructure construction and the construction of archival information resources two contents.The importance of information construction of archives management is mainly reflected in the following
(L) file management information can effectively improve the file management work; (2) making timely and correct management measures properly, rely on complete, reliable information and quick ability of comprehensive analysis to ensure that, (3) file management information can provide intelligent service for the scientific research and knowledge popularity.
Restriction factors of
3 file management information construction
since the implementation of "the people's Republic of China Archives", "archives law according to the majority of workers", file the rule of law, made great achievements, with the information technology unceasing enhancement, the construction in the file management also encountered many obstacles.
(1) low quality of the staff, poor treatment, using hinders advanced technician in the file management.On the archives management personnel professional skills are also required both to understand the file management, compound talents who master modern information technology, and China's archives management personnel, especially in the grassroots archives, extreme lack of compound talents system master file management, information technology, which makes the quality of personnel has become an important factor restricting the advanced technology application.
(2) the safety problem of archives information system has become an important factor of informationization construction smooth development of archives of shanxi.Female good letter full file system is mainly reflected in the archives information security, electronic documents and electronic records data in security, electronic files ax: medium used in network security, has probably influenced by human factors or storage medium and produce a series of problems, directly affect the enterprise informatization and enterprise archives information in the process of.
(3) now the development and utilization of archives information under the condition of insufficient greatly hindered the use value of archives information.The development of modern science and technology and production has led to the explosive growth of archival information, at the same time by dry archive information is cumulative, the reasons for the formation of the massive archive information data now.But the utilization of archives in our country mostly is still in the initial stage just query examination simple vegetarian, not for the development and utilization of deep of archive information, thus carrying the archival information resources need to be further mining. (4) in the construction of archives informatization management, not enough attention to the leadership.In the new period, taking economic construction as the center, not the leaders at all levels of the construction of informationization of archives work seriously, archives consciousness, not to treat the economic construction as the effort to catch the informatization construction in archives work.
The specific way of 4 file management information construction
(1) adjust knowledge structure, archives management, make great efforts to improve the quality of the staff.In the current situation, the archives management in China through the introduction and cultivation of knowledge structure and the way of combining the adjustment of archives management personnel to the introduction of talents and high-end talent, to train the existing management talents through training, on-the-job self-study mode, build public a master file management and information technology, reasonable knowledge structure the compound archives management personnel, to meet the requirements of the development of archives management, effectively solve the problem of development and utilization of the archives information shortage problem.
(2) to ensure the security and integrity of the file information and information security management is a core element of enterprise archives management.The file information security, including the file management system of hardware and software for their own safety, also includes archival information communication security, namely information are not allowed to be known, was.
first, to the safety management system should be room management, software management, operation, supervision and other aspects, in order to protect the physical security of computer systems.Hardware problems can use technology to segment to solve, in the selection, design of records management system should give full consideration to the system of Anne it as an important index: second, closed network archival information management of large and medium-sized enterprises should be used only for internal staff to use when it should be implemented in physics isolation, with basic security network.But also through the database encryption, user classification, data backup method to protect the computer data security in the air, in the informatization construction of enterprise archives to archives. Methods the level of protection to implement information system, through the enterprise logistics, information flow, the importance of integrity, confidentiality and that this property after disappearing may result in losses, determine the level of security and information security requirements, then according to the information security requirements of information system is divided in allowable range, to prevent unauthorized illegal operations.
(3) pay attention to archive business process reengineering.Informatization construction of archives management is under the network environment, the application of the computer technology and modern network technology in the file management, change the original manual operation management pattern for automation integrated management mode, in this transformation, heavy group file business process has its necessity:
first, archives information collection, change management.Data processing is done in the document processing stage, the organic combination of official document processing and archives management, statistical work to achieve document integration can automatically complete all kinds of files, draw all kinds of statistics second, archives information retrieval and changes in the way of using.Under the environment of network will realize the automatic classification, automatic indexing, automatic cataloging and retrieval work, the majority of archival resources can access and provide service third through the computer network, the archives compilation guidance, under the transformation from physical to virtual network entity.Running environment information technology reconstruction of archives management and operation environment, the traditional file organization, business processes, management system is more and more difficult to adapt to the trend of informatization of archives management, it is necessary from the management philosophy to the organization, from business to business processes are effective restructuring, to meet the demand of reform of

To sum up, in the new environment, archives personnel in addition to the archives information resources collection and storage, the more we understand the needs of users, expand service content, information technology all-round display staff resources to achieve real information of file management to the company by the.
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