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Discussion on the construction of Mudanjiang local transmission network of China Unicom

Author: ZhengJunHe From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 02:36:29 Read:
Abstract: through the years in the local transmission network construction and maintenance work experience, has carried on the analysis to the Mudanjiang local network construction and maintenance problems, makes a study of future network planning and construction.
Keywords: China Unicom; local transmission network; network structure; construction of
After nearly 10 years of development, Mudanjiang branch of China Unicom local transmission network has begun to take shape.Transmission network of the original mainly as GSM network engineering project construction, business investment has great influence, the main purpose is to meet the access of mobile business, transmission equipment in the network construction of large optical cable using microwave equipment.With the rapid expansion of Internet data and business needs, the existing network scale has been overwhelmed, only to meet the business access, network security, rationality is not guaranteed, the low rate of circuits using the network optimization, increase the difficulty, cause the passive situation of transmission network years, month, day into upgrading cutover, the repeated investment scale but increase.Transmission network structure is not too clear, effect of the whole network planning and development strategy.
China Unicom Mudanjiang branch has a clear understanding of the importance of local transmission network construction, and began to explore the construction of comprehensive transport platform a meet the mobile, data, Internet and other business needs from 2003.
Especially on national communications industry after the reorganization, China Unicom and China Netcom merger, to form the new China Unicom, the former China Unicom transmission network and China Netcom transmission network resources to provide a great help complementary mutual benefit.
The following is the author with many years of experience in the construction planning and Mudanjiang Unicom transmission network project experience, discusses the construction of network planning in Mudanjiang Unicom local transmission network, the next step.
1, the network structure construction idea of
China Unicom Mudanjiang local transmission network including MSC, BSC, gateway, data exchange center (station), the Central Bureau also includes a variety of base station, PoP data and user access, involves the Bureau (station) the number of each bureau (station), the effect of each are not identical, business flow is not the same.Therefore, the Mudanjiang local transmission network construction can be layered transmission system in accordance with the various business network organization, can be stratified standard recommendation ITU-T segmentation method.
1.1 core layer
Metro MSC, BSC, gateway, the gateway, the transmission level between long-distance exchange, data exchange center core node, the circuit demand this level is relatively large, more types of circuit, is the core node of local network.The core layer as a multi-service transmission platform, the number of nodes is less, the circuit of high demand, circuit with high security requirement.Therefore, the core layer in the initial stage of network construction, the ring structure, along with the increase of business, can be a gradual transition to the network structure, transmission system, but the SDH self-healing ring technology commonly used by way of intersecting, polycyclic.
1.2 layer
Due to the city's base, data service access point PoP, if all these nodes directly to the central office, is bound to complex network, and is not easy to management.Therefore, according to the access point distribution of all kinds of business, choose some room conditions, business development potential, radiation and other nodes is convenient, as the other node business focal point, focus on subregional sink sink to the base station, called the convergence layer.
The convergence layer node is mainly used to partition collection circuit number of base station and PoP service access point, and they will be transferred to the nodes in the core layer.As mentioned before, whether it is voice or data service, the convergence layer Bureau (station) business types are convergent, therefore, the convergence layer is suitable for the sub network connection protection (SNCP) ring.The convergence layer nodes should choose room conditions (including room area, power, wiring, cable access station) of the Bureau (station), the base station or PoP room, need room should be considering the development.The convergence layer node should be decentralized, with convenient access and edge nodes, each rendezvous point with base station should belong to the same BSC or data center, in order to ensure the safety of business network, the number of SDH ring of each focal point of the focused in general should be 3~5, convergence of the edge nodes quantity should be less than 40.Every convergent ring core layer node should be connected directly with the related, to avoid excessive transannular business, ring interconnection node is the best of 2.
Large scattered individual counties and business development potential or business access, can consider setting up some convergence layer nodes first partition the converged, and then transfer to the core node.
The 1.3 edge layer
Service access point (such as the general base station, PoP) transmission system to the core node or sink node is called the boundary layer.Bearing edge layer transmission system business basically are convergent, can use SNCP protection ring.
The marginal layer ring should be in accordance with the principle of distance as short as possible, the base station belonging to the same node of each ring, should not be too much, the fiber resources permitting, the number of nodes on the general ring should not be more than 10, if the number of nodes in a physical routing on too much, can be more than an organization the marginal layer ring network.Join edge layer ring and the convergence layer and core layer can be selected according to the single or dual node interconnection network, we are not required to take the dni.
The effect of area and field base station of the terrain is complex, the individual node isolation, form a ring network investment is large, you can consider using a chain type structure as a supplement.Because the chain structure without protection, not the number of nodes in each link too much (usually 3 below), otherwise, the front fault link can cause base station communication interrupt all chain, resulting in a large area of network paralysis, influence.

1.4 access layer
Local transmission network also includes from the edge nodes to access the user end, this part generally referred to as the user access layer.
At present, the user access layer is mainly from the user to the PoP data access.If the PoP and the user in the same building, can use cable connected directly, or the need to consider the transmission from the PoP to the user, generally using optical fiber is safe and reliable, if cable construction cost is too high, can also consider the use of wireless access way.Access layer typically uses linear or star access mode.
In short, China Unicom local transmission network construction of Mudanjiang can be divided into the core layer, convergence layer, edge layer and access layer, the implementation of specific projects, according to city size, node determines how many levels.Should try to avoid too many layers, resulting in different levels of switching frequency, network efficiency is low.Select the network topology according to the transmission capacity, security requirements, the investment cost, convenient management, mature technology and other aspects of comprehensive consideration.Local transmission network should become the public transmission platform to support multi-service access.
2, optical fiber cable line construction
As the transmission medium, optical fiber with its cheap price, transmission performance, large capacity and other advantages is widely used in the field of wireless transmission; with the advantage of convenient installation, good environment adaptability in small volume, complex terrain area application of comparative economic; after nearly two years of construction, China Unicom Mudanjiang local network gradually from the microwave transmission period to optical fiber transmission orientated.Optical cable line construction can take a variety of ways, such as follow the municipal construction planning, strive for the construction of pipeline in road construction at the same time; the other operators to build, to reduce the construction cost, saving investment.
2.1 new cable line construction
Optical cable line construction of China Unicom local transmission network in urban Mudanjiang to from a security point of view, should be used in pipeline construction, cable suburban edge layer can be considered a buried, overhead, pipeline and other construction method.Recommendations for the construction of optical cable line according to the following principles:
A) cable core layer must use the pipeline construction, in the conditions allow the core layer cable and edge and the user access layer by layer and the construction principle considering cable.
B) cable city and bustling Township in the pipeline construction.
C) using fiber optic cable buried way, should be in important sections or pass through the township road reservation interface, in order to solve the service access.Buried cable should consider the backbone layer and access layer core layer, avoid opening caused by too much backbone layer core loss is too large.
2.2 overhead line construction
China Mudanjiang branch due to years of construction investment restrictions, in the early stage of optical cable line engineering construction
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