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Discussion on the installation quality problems existed in the construction of Electrical Engineering

Author: KongLingJian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 02:35:03 Read:
Abstract: the quality problem of the electric installation engineering is the construction of frequent and prevalent, due to the enormous quantity wide, so the construction engineering quality great harm, is a major obstacle to further improve the quality of the project.On how to strengthen the prevention of quality problems, to further improve the construction quality; put forward some corresponding countermeasures of electrical installation engineering part of low quality control methods.
Keywords: building; electrical; installation; quality control;
1, electrical installation engineering quality low causes
(1) in the electrical installation personnel technique quality difference.
(2) electrical materials market confusion, not strict.Many projects are private contractors, in the interests of drivers, a large number of unqualified materials used in engineering, seriously affect the quality of the project.
(3) the construction enterprises do not pay enough attention to the quality of electrical installation.The internal quality assurance system often "heavy body, light installation", ignore the install link.
(4) the civil, electrical two majors with not enough.Personnel civil construction not according to the requirement of design with the electrician reservation process, resulting in many distribution box installed on the brick, crooked, switch socket is too far away from the door, a room is not in a horizontal line, which is not beautiful and can not meet the use function, to the installation and use are all caused a lot of problems.
2, the low quality of electrical installation engineering examples and Control Countermeasures of

2.1 indoor laying pipe
(1) problems.
The pipeline is not into the box, box or insert box, box length does not meet the specification requirements; orifice burr, tube is not protection, causing pipe blockage; the bending radius is too small, flat, concave, crack phenomenon; the external pipe cement mortar protective layer is too thin, resulting in ground along the pipeline wall cracks; the tube bending and welding no embalming; the box, box of any hole, not neat; after the installation of electrical boxes, garbage is not eliminated; (7) pipe laying too long and curved areas too much, exceed the specification requirements.
(2) prevention and control measures.
The pipeline must be into the box, box, not leaving gaps, and in the case of internal and external nut lock, such as a tube into the box of different lengths, application of steel saw qi.Construction personnel in pipe cutting, must promptly with round the nozzle file bell, installation of pipeline, in time to block the nozzle or paper with a thick cloth wrapping mouth, avoid the mortar in the civil engineering construction, pipeline blockage.The elbow, with setting pipe bender, tube weld on the medial or lateral bending, gradually moving backward bending device for pipe diameter, above 25mm, should use the separate hydraulic simmer pipe machine, sand filling fire simmer or directly use stereotypes elbow, pipe, the pipe should be the minimum bending radius is 6 times the diameter of the.To strengthen the joint review of the drawings, the pipeline crossing laying down to the maximum, concealed pipe surface to protect concrete above 15mm, cracks to prevent.Strengthen the inspection, the timely treatment of metal wire pipe.The box, the box opening must use the opening machine, cutting holes shall not be welded arbitrary, timely elimination of box, box of dirt, and junction box, box the box cover to be temporary, civil construction is finished, remove the cover, the installation of electrical equipment.The pipeline length of more than the following, the intermediate should install wiring box.
3, qualification of construction and project scope
3.1 problems in
Part of the works (especially the smaller Engineering) do not follow the construction procedures, the qualification grade of private employment does not meet the design requirements and construction units (or individual) design or engineering contracting.Because of the design and the technical level of the construction personnel Co., causing some installation projects amounted to less than the prescribed requirements.

3.2 preventive measures
Electrical installation is a highly professional work.Generally speaking, 10kV and above power transmission, power supply project by the construction unit general contracting, special ceded by local power supply bureau contract.Power engineering 10kV following installation subcontractor for hydropower units.To ensure the construction quality, supervision departments shall assist the construction unit carefully review the contract and subcontract unit qualification, put forward examination opinions, according to the principle of fair competition, choosing construction unit.4, common electrical equipments and materials of
4.1 quality problems of
No product certificate, production license, technical specifications and test report and other documents; the wire of high resistivity, low melting point, poor mechanical properties, section is less than the nominal value, poor insulation, temperature coefficient, size (length per volume) are not enough; the cable voltage low, small resistance, insulation resistance corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance.The inner joint, the insulating layer and the core bad tightness; power, lighting, socket poor appearance, size is not up to the requirements, plate, shell thickness is not enough, influence body strength, corrosion resistance is not up to the requirements; the switch, socket conductive and nominal values do not match, the conductive metal sheets elastic is not strong, contact is not good, easy to heat, not up to the requirements for safety, plastic products, flame retardant low temperature resistance, poor safety performance; crudely made the lamp, light source, poor mechanical strength, rust and corrosion performance, short service life; the wire and tube wall is thin, poor strength, the quality of coating not to meet the requirements, folding resistance etc..

4.2 preventive measures
(1) emphasis on leadership, supervision of personnel, procurement staff should be good quality.Through the examination, directly to a certain scale of production, good reputation, excellent products manufacturers purchase, reduce intermediate links.
(2) electrical equipment, materials into the construction site, the storekeeper cooperative supervision engineer, first check whether the goods meet the standard requirements, check equipment, material type, specifications, performance parameters and design.
(3) the main material, should have the certificate or certificate of quality.The material quality of doubt, the site should be sealed, promptly to the inspection departments qualified local to inspection, qualified rear can enter the field put into use.
5, lightning protection and grounding does not meet the requirements of
5.1 problems in
downlead, equalizing ring, lightning with joint slag, weld, weld defects such as not full.The welding slag, don't knock ground belt welding not brush anti-rust paint.The thread steel instead of round steel as lap steel.The main reinforced the direct use of butt welding for lightning protection downlead.
The 5.2 reason analysis of
The operating personnel responsibility heart is not strong, the welding technology of unskilled, most of them are versatile electrician class welders, welding operation skill difference between.The site administrator of the national code for construction and acceptance of GB50169 2 "grounding" relevant provisions is not enough.

5.3 preventive measures
The strengthening of the welder training, requires welding weld full, smooth, especially training, invert welding welding welding opposition of higher degree of.Enhanced management personnel and the welder's responsibility, timely repair weld unqualified, and promptly knocked off the welding slag, brushed with antirust paint.According to the GB50169 2 "electric equipment installation engineering code for construction and acceptance of grounding device" provisions, lightning downlead connection for lap welding, lap length is 6 times the diameter of round steel, therefore, do not allow the use of thread steel instead of round steel as lap steel.In addition, as the main reinforced civil downlead the head-on collision of welding, welding should be in place in accordance with the provisions of compensation a lap bar.

6, measures and suggestions
(1) strictly grasp the key points of construction engineering building electric installation.Should be based on the position of electrical equipment, determine the pipeline direction, elevation and switch, socket position.The power line wiring, the wire cross-sectional area should meet with the maximum power output device.The dark line laying must piping.When the pipeline length of more than 15m or two right-angle bend, should add the cable box.The same circuit wire should be penetrated into the same root canal, but the canal total root number should not exceed 8, wire cross-sectional area (including the insulating sheath) should not exceed the pipe cross-sectional area of 40%.The power line communication lines and not into the same root canal.The horizontal distance between the power line and a socket and cable and plug shall not be less than 500mm.Parallel distance between the wire and the heating, hot water, gas pipe shall not be less than 300mm, cross the distance shall not be less than 100mm.Joint into the piping wires to be located in the junction box, joint overlapping should be firm, insulating tape wrapping should be uniform and compact.The installation of the power socket, the socket on the left side should be zero line (N), the right should be the phase (L), intermediate above should be ground protection (PE). when chandelier weight of 3kg and above, should be first installed in the roof of embedded parts, and then fixed lamps in the post embedment.Is prohibited in the installation of wedge block.The B11 connection open
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