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Management and implementation project of science and technology in Enterprises

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Abstract: General rules of implementation science and technology project research enterprise, display enterprise science and technology project work flow, reveals the common problems existing, puts forward improving measures.In the combination of theory and practice, to correctly understand and grasp the management and implementation of enterprise technology projects, so as to improve the economic benefit of service enterprises.
Keywords: enterprise; technology project; management and implementation of the
Enterprise science and technology project is the carrier of science and technology innovation, refinement but also the development of science and technology innovation.It is further enhance scientific and technological content, improve labor productivity, cost effective means of reducing.It is vital to enterprise management and production department in charge of science and technology research and implementation.

A, the implementation process of enterprise technology project
(a) the enterprise science and technology project content
1 major technical transformation projects;

2 new technology, new technology, new materials enterprises in the promotion and application of
There are 3 major improvement of enterprise safety production, civilized construction, the environmental protection projects;

4 energy saving, consumption, product quality improvement projects;

5 to raise the level of science and technology for research and technological achievements;

6 to improve the enterprise management and operation, improve work efficiency, promote economic development, has made remarkable achievements, there is a significant improvement project.
In the enterprise, science and technology projects are generally divided into three classes:
Company level project;

Group project.
(two) organize the implementation of technology projects,
The 1 basic units or projects, project application, research and implementation, to accept the examination and identification of organization, implementation, completion of the project: research and development have the responsibility.
With 2 experts or the Department in charge of science and technology: decided to project, after the completion of the review, assessment responsibility.
3 enterprises of science and technology department is in charge of the daily work of the project management unit, responsible for the organization of work, reporting, evaluation work, has the responsibility of the organization.
4 enterprise science and technology leader, general is the chief engineer, responsible for the coordination, organization of the project, is the leadership of project work, has the responsibility of leadership.
5 the enterprise leadership (Manager) decided to project, capital, reward, is the decision-making level.
(three) science and technology project implementation process of
1 to declare and project
Science and technology project in general at the end of last year, the basic unit or project undertaker, put forward according to the enterprise technology innovation, technology transformation tasks and task of enterprise production.First of all, to report to the declaration of materials, this is to declare.
The Department in charge of the enterprise technology received to declare, puts forward some opinions, responsible for the chief engineer of the jury approval.It is composed of experts and authoritative institutions, they evaluate affirm, project intention.Finally, approved by the enterprise managers.

2 process management
(a) project to determine the future at the end of each month, held by chief engineer project leader and relevant departments responsible persons to participate in science and technology project technical meeting.Report of progress, problem solving.The meeting also on the next month, the project schedule, make unified arrangements.
(two), control
Approved by the project of the science and technology innovation project, the project people fill out the "book" plan, indicating the man responsible for the project, schedule, technical level, economic estimate to date, etc..Based on the above factors, the project undertaker in science and technology and the Department in charge of system control, the implementation of the project development, development and transformation.
3 Evaluation Management
After the completion of the project (project for a period of one year), who is in charge of the project to fill "project completion report", and fill out the "application form to complete acceptance of technology innovation project".By the Department in charge of science and technology and expert review, confirm its authenticity, advanced.
Science and technology project committee review.Discussion of authorities and expert advice, this bonus and preliminary views.
Finally, approved by the enterprise managers.
The enterprise of science and technology project must be carefully, on the general project, must be approved by the use of three months test; major projects must be approved by the use of six months test, in the formal acceptance and identification of rear can reward.

4 Awards
Company a year to convene a meeting of science and technology in recognition of the general assembly, in recognition of the advanced collectives and individuals, to give spiritual encouragement, give concessions in the promotion, upgrade.In addition, given the considerable material rewards.The company where the author works, a special incentive funds in the 40-50 million.
The project management process:
The project to declare, expert evaluation, determine the project and process management, evaluation management, reward
Two, the enterprise of science and technology project management and implementation of the existing problems of
Through years of work experience, the author summarizes the following problems:
(a) project to establish links of
One is the project option is not science, grade is not high.The declaration unit does not have the overall situation in mind, not to seize the main contradiction influencing, restricting the development of enterprises, there is a general tendency of level of science and technology project.
The two is approved not strict, have "refuse nobody" phenomenon, there is tendency to pretend to play the yu.
(two) the implementation of the project of
First of all, responsibility is not in place, the lack of effective control system for long time, the role of science and technology departments are not brought into full play, has a natural maturity phenomenon.
Secondly, responsibility control policy is not in place.The project undertaker of the sense of responsibility is not strong, weak force, executive force.Specific performance: the project implementation process are loose, liberalism, there is a certain randomness in time, the target.
Again, review stage requirements is not high, especially in the advanced grasp, also have low standard phenomenon.
(three) bonus link
Is long-term, policy is lack of continuity and stability.At the beginning of the year set and release policy, to the end of the year honor, change, affecting the enthusiasm of scientific and technical personnel.
All this.In different enterprises, focusing on science and technology projects, there exist many problems, which hinder the development of science and technology innovation work, through effective measures, solve the problems as soon as possible.
Three, enterprise science and technology project management measures of
(a) improvement of the science and technology project management organization network, form the system of
The target of project management as a man, but also contains the science and technology, therefore, must have the necessary organizational guarantee.
One is to improve the science and technology department in charge of the project, the author of this work by the Association for science and technology unit responsible for the whole process, association of science and technology, science and technology project management personnel in place, management duties in place.
Two is a project undertaker and his team in place.They are the project, only the sound organization, personnel in place, in order to ensure the project of science and technology rapid development and success.
The three is to have overall project.From the company of a responsible person, organization and coordination of the work.
(two) the formulation mechanism, active policies on science and technology innovation, implementation of standardized
Mainly focused on two aspects:
A general scheme is formulated to carry out science and technology projects, namely the method, steps and responsibility.To be scientific, clear and specific, operable.
Two is the reward policy, as early as prescribed, stability, and cash.
(three) to strengthen the inspection, examination and evaluation work, realize the standardization of
Project Management
1 strengthen examination and supervision of the daily.Mainly through on-site inspections, reports, media and other means, the implementation of effective control.
2 to strengthen the project examination, appraisal and assessment work to process the end.
3 organization of expert evaluation and technology department in charge of the review.
More than three items of inspection, assessment and evaluation, require a high standard, strict requirement, only in this way, can realize the science and technology project management standardization.
Science and technology project is an inexhaustible motive force to promote enterprise development, which reflects the enterprise's personnel strength, management and economic strength, do this work for the development of enterprises, has the important practical significance.
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