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Knowledge transfer on knowledge management and safeguard measures

Author: LiShuPing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 02:00:59 Read:
Keywords: knowledge management     explicit knowledge; tacit knowledge;
knowledge conversion
Abstract: knowledge transformation is the core content of knowledge management, through the analysis of the contents and the significance of knowledge conversion, three forms of knowledge transfer is proposed, and discusses the implementation of safeguard measures of knowledge conversion.
With the rise of knowledge economy, knowledge economy is a kind of new management idea, knowledge management has attracted widespread attention.Knowledge management consists of a series of new management methods and ideas of management, has become the various organizations to meet the power source of knowledge economy.Research shows that, knowledge management is not just technical issues, but also is the process of combination of information and technology, people-oriented.The core is to form a tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge interactive platform within the organization, through externalization of tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge, accumulated, complete the conversion between tacit and explicit knowledge, to meet the organization requirements in various aspects, the organization's core competitive ability and maintain.The social information environment provides the information basis better to us, also provides the best opportunity for the implementation of knowledge management.
1 knowledge transfer in knowledge management content and significance of
Knowledge conversion, conversion is the short of explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge.The so-called explicit knowledge, is able to use formal language express clearly and can spread in interpersonal knowledge, it exists in all kinds of literature, such as reports, articles, images, software, people can through various carrier get it, learn it, use it.Tacit knowledge is buried in the mind of the individual's knowledge, such as personal beliefs, assessment, opinions, experience, owner of tacit knowledge and knowledge is not isolated, more subjective and personality, more difficult to communicate.The explicit knowledge management, is through technical knowledge encoded in details, and stored in the database, any person within the organization can be called directly by computer network.This mode of knowledge can be rapidly, unlimited time by internal personnel repeated use, not only save time, but also reduce the communication cost, to obtain good economic benefits.On the management of tacit knowledge, knowledge is the owner did not put their knowledge appeared, people can only get the dissemination and sharing through the exchange to dialogue directly.It stressed the investment of human resources, the introduction of a large number of experts and scholars, first-class, spend huge sums of money to encourage them to communicate with the staff, in order to spread their knowledge.The conversion of knowledge is important for knowledge management, if not the conversion of knowledge, there is no knowledge sharing and innovation; without the innovation of knowledge, knowledge management has no meaning.First of all, the conversion of knowledge accelerates the production and accumulation of knowledge.Each person within the organization to tacit knowledge through their own certain carriers appear, then the whole organization knowledge will be a lot of accumulation and rich.If we are not to provide their own organization tacit knowledge, then the knowledge base will be aging, obsolete, they had no way to use the knowledge base to learn.Secondly, it makes knowledge value-added knowledge transformation.The knowledge base needed knowledge constantly updated, people in the process of using the explicit knowledge, to keep the organization tacit knowledge into their own personal knowledge, tacit knowledge is that individual explicit knowledge value-added; if the individual then tacit knowledge acquired through their own processing back into explicit knowledge, so the explicit knowledge is not the original explicit knowledge, but a kind of knowledge innovation and value-added.Knowledge management is constantly on the conversion of knowledge management, every time the conversion of knowledge is a knowledge innovation, every innovation of knowledge will provide a new impetus for the development of the organization.
2 knowledge conversion to form
2.1 personal tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge is personal knowledge of
External knowledge is tacit knowledge of member organizations in the mind into their own expression, people can use the explicit knowledge.Tacit knowledge is highly personal knowledge, it not only implied in personal experience, but also personal beliefs, world outlook, values and other factors involved, so it is difficult to standardize, is not easy to pass it to others.So the process of individual tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge is very difficult, it is not easy to dominance, so in the tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge, the need to create a new dominant concept, to express their own the meaning of implicit knowledge and explicit concept, once generated will be modeled, it is created new knowledge, this new knowledge into a new content for the organization system knowledge base.This conversion is the externalization of knowledge, and knowledge is the key of knowledge creation.
2.2 the organization of explicit knowledge into individual tacit knowledge is the knowledge of the fission of

Knowledge of the fission is the root of knowledge creation.The knowledge base organization is the organization system of explicit knowledge is codified knowledge, this knowledge can be shared by all the staff of the organization within the system.Some members may be solved for many years and through external to the knowledge conflict problems, may have their own knowledge structure remodeling, some may create new knowledge.This knowledge of fission, will create more new knowledge for the organization.Organization tacit knowledge repository of knowledge is not automatically fission, but due to various members of the organization of the required, a kind of knowledge may be split into many different knowledge, only through the knowledge of fission, will enable the organization within the dominant knowledge to play its due role.
2.3 personal tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge is organized knowledge fusion
Knowledge fusion is the essence of knowledge management.Personal explicit knowledge only as part of a knowledge base system, will enable the organization within the dominant knowledge continuously accumulate, will enable the individual explicit knowledge become valuable.If the recessive knowledge of each individual into explicit knowledge but not for other members of the organization of the study, this conversion is also no real significance.More organizations within the system of explicit knowledge increased, that individual tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge more.The more knowledge, the more conducive to make use of members of the organization, this is the knowledge sharing and creation provides basic conditions.3 the realization of knowledge management measure of
3.1 to establish a flexible organization structure of
The organizational structure is an important form of capital organization, the establishment of organizational structure can effectively achieve organizational function is the primary guarantee measures.In the current information environment, organization structure should reflect the stability, but also embody the flexibility.The research results, the author thinks that to build a suitable organization structure form, must implement the organizational structure from single to dual mode, from the structured sector to the dream team, from Pyramid to Pyramid, from the transformation of linear correlation to the web of interconnected.The first change is the foundation, it reflects such an idea, that is the design of the organizational structure of a hand to function for constructing a stable foundation organization unit based on, providing management support for the daily management activities; on the other hand, is a dynamic construction services team task variable, multiple tasks, multiple function based on, reflect more temporary and virtual nature, mainly used in key management tasks.The establishment of dual mode structure, which can guarantee the stability of the organization, and can make the organization maintain sufficient flexibility in dealing with problems, is an important means to completely change the past division, Department of act of one's own free will.Only when this transformation, the three transformation can other possible.
3.2 to develop the management system of
In the management system is formulated in terms of, first of all should realize the transformation from the heavy management to the basic concept of people management.People-oriented management concept should be changed in the following three aspects: the transition from management to trust each other, from the supervision work to actively support the change, change from the task allocation to fair competition.In the construction of management system of concrete, which can be constructed from the following aspects: (1) building the organizational structure management system, realize from the basic structure of the management based on the comprehensive factors based management, management from the formal organization management based on the diversification of the structure based on the cluster, based on stable structure of management to the management of change based on.(2) building management system, from process management based on results based management, from the standard parts based management based on market management, from management to change based on gap based on dialogue management.(3) human resources management system, to achieve from the personnel evaluation management based on the management of intellectual capital based on culture, from the departments and posts based management based on the team and project management, from the division of labor and the command of the management based on the cooperation and participation in the management that is based on the.
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