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Virtual drive -- a new network management solutions with the book CD

Author: WuYuJian TanZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 01:13:55 Read:
Abstract: This paper proposes to use the virtual drive on the solution of network management of CD attached with the books: virtual drive.We recommended a virtual drive software, and introduces the installation and use of.
Keywords: CD with the book; a virtual drive; Alcohol
Abstract:We introduce a new solution for book-accompanying CD-ROM: virtual drive.A type of virtual drive is recommended, and its installation, compilation and usage is introduced.

Keywords:Book-accompanying CD-ROM; Virtual drive; Alcohol
For the CD with the book, the CD content full disk compression and available for download.But we found, there are still a few CD with the book does not apply to this scheme: such as some computer professional books, setup they provide disc may contain computer programs or applications, this procedure requires run directly from cd.
In this case, it is not suitable for compression for download scheme using our original tells the whole disc content.As the reader may not easily in the unzipped directory to find necessary executable files, and had to be after the content into discs can be used normally, caused great inconvenience.In fact, we use a virtual drive can solve this problem.Because the virtual CD-ROM can be used as a file on your hard disk as a CD drive, can realize the functions such as CD-ROM to start.
Virtual CD has the following four characteristics:
Reading speed: 1 high-speed drive virtual drive can be run directly on the hard drive, faster than the physical drive, up to 200X;

2 convenient CD copy function: virtual CD-ROM disc replication is not in the CD-ROM will be hundreds of thousands of files to copy to the hard disk, but produced only a corresponding virtual disk file, not much capacity;

3 powerful compression tools: virtual drive compression and general use professional real-time decompression algorithms, for some not compressed files, compression rate can reach above 50%;

4 can be run more than one CD-ROM: CD-ROM can run multiple virtual different CD software at the same time, we will be able to Windows 2000 operating system on a CD-ROM, Office 2003 office automation software on a CD-ROM, you can also play CD music on a drive, this kind of requirement in any case can not do in the real computer is only one drive.
Virtual drive application system is currently the more common are: Daemon Tools, Virtual Drive, Alcohol and so on, they are generated by the disk image file format is *.vcd, *.iso, *.mdf etc..
We recommend a freely available software: Alcohol 120%, its default disk image format is *.mdf.Alcohol is intended to "alcohol", so the software version number also appears to be in imitation of alcohol "," degree "degree" which represents the new version is higher.
The following Alcohol usage:
First of all to have the correct configuration, can be installed in the end, a number of virtual drive, specify the virtual drive letter and the specified image file format; the configuration can also be carried out after the installation is completed in the main Alcohol interface, click on the main interface of the "Option (option)", "Virtual Drive (virtual CD-ROM)", can appear in "Option" dialog box, configuration.In the option to specify the image file formats, including the default MDF format and ISO, cue, CDI, CCD format.
When the mirror, the source CD into the physical drive, and then select "Image Making Wizard in the main Alcohol interface (image making wizard)", specifies the name of the image file stored on the hard disk of the path and the image file, easy CD image file management.After the completion of the specified path will increase two suffixes are respectively MDF and MDS files.The former is the image data file, which contains the data contents of the disc, and the latter is the index file, by using Alcohol program to identify the image file.Here is another option, can decide whether to compress, if selected, then the CD content is compressed storage, so that the compression rate can reach about 50% about.
The mirror after the production, not only can be used in this machine, also can be passed to the other machine through the network.This system has the correct installation of the Alcohol program, you can load the CD mirror is used.There are two ways: one is in the Windows Explorer into the mirror directory, right click on the MDF file, select "Mount Data (loading data)"; two is on the mirror in the main interface of Alcohol right, select "Mount on Device (loading equipment)".The letter will correspond to the virtual drive it in front of the mirror to see the CD label corresponding to be loaded.However, the use of virtual drive that requires users to install a virtual drive application Alcohol, then download the image loading can be used.And the virtual CD image must be stored on the local hard disk, to occupy the space of hundreds of M.But the use of local image can obtain read speed, whether to guarantee the speed of reading or hard disk space, it requires the user to trade-off according to specific circumstances.There are other software, such as Virtual Drive Network (VDN) can be directly through the network to use the other hosts on the virtual CD-ROM.The use of such software can undoubtedly save local hard disk space, but reading speed is mainly depends on the speed of.If the network bandwidth for 100Mbps, empirical data shows, the actual transmission rate up to 50-60Mbps 100M LAN.This is 6-7MB/s, and the transfer rate of the 3.5MB/s[1] 24X drive belongs to the same order of magnitude.We can in the public computer (such as in the electronic reading room) store several statistical usage rates of several CD mirror the highest, so it can avoid repeat user downloads the mirror.As for the mirror other use rate is low, we use the VDN transmission through the network to provide service.
In addition to the use Alcohol some small fault -- in the uninstall Alcohol  120%; 120% will find virtual CD-ROM has not disappeared, and view the "device manager" will find it does not conflict with the physical drive, we usually use this dubbed the "alcohol poisoning".The solution is as follows:
In the "device manager", can be seen in the virtual drive, and the new "SCSI and RAID controller" a start "AXWHISKY SCSI Controller (virtual drive interface and disk array service)".Click on the "attributes shown in / detail information" tab to view the right-click menu information, we can judge, "AXWHISKY" is most likely to be used as a background program file name.So in the hard disk search to only a name of the executable file system (windowssystem32drivers directory) and delete, and then to the device manager to disable, uninstall the virtual CD-ROM with service controller can.
For the CD attached with the books online is a violation of the copyright problem, according to the State Council in December 20, 2001 by the new "Regulations for the protection of computer software" seventeenth stipulation: the legal copy software products all people "to design and study the software embedded and principles, through the installation of the display, transmission or storage software, the use of software without permission, the software copyright owner, without payment of remuneration to."; "the people's Republic of China Copyright Law" will be "computer software" into "works" category, while in the twenty-second article "for private study, research or use the works appreciation, use of a published work of others" situation, can not read the copyright permission, not to
The payment of remuneration."The library or school as" legal copy software products of all people, service object is within a certain range of readers, the service is designed to meet the learning needs of readers, the use value and give full play to the library literature resources, belonging to the non-profit nature, therefore does not constitute a violation of the copyright of the author.We also can use various ways to limit the reader resources, avoid the occurrence of the illegal use of copyright disputes.
The use of virtual drive, for audio and video discs, there is way more convenient.So, as long as the dummy mirror CD multimedia CD-ROM is made, as the original CD-ROM, you can automatically play, also do not have special treatment of the various circumstances -- the audio CD into MP3, save the video disc media files.
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Author introduction:
Wu Yujian (1974-) female, engineer, Shandong province product quality supervision and inspection institute.
Tan Rong (1973-) male, librarian, Shandong University library.
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