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Current situation and Development Countermeasures of information construction of the medicine circulation enterprises

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Author: Lin Yongliang Deng Yuanni Yang Yongcheng

Keywords: pharmaceutical information construction enterprise development circulation enterprises
Abstract: with the development of science and technology, the arrival of the information society and the market economy competition, pharmaceutical enterprises informatization not only become the key to the development of pharmaceutical enterprises management and increased, but also is a necessary tool of enterprise modernization management, therefore more and more pharmaceutical circulation enterprises strengthen the informatization construction of the attention, pharmaceutical enterprises informatization has become the development trend of modern medicine circulation enterprise.Through the understanding of the pharmaceutical enterprises informatization, expounds the present situation of information construction of medicine circulation enterprises, and benefit analysis and Development Countermeasures of informatization construction to the enterprise with M.
With the development of science and technology, the arrival of the information society and the market economy competition, the medicine circulation enterprise informatization not only become the key to the development of pharmaceutical enterprise management and improve, but also is a necessary tool of enterprise modernization management, therefore, more and more pharmaceutical circulation enterprises to strengthen the informatization construction of attention.In order to realize the medicine circulation enterprise informatization, it is necessary to establish the medicine circulation enterprise information system construction.Each enterprise according to their own situation, in line with the development of informationization development plan is consistent with the business objectives, in response to the national "drive industrialization with informatization" strategy, strengthen the innovation of management mechanism and management model innovation, comprehensively enhance the pharmaceutical enterprises with WT.After the competition, is suspends in front of pharmaceutical enterprises a brook no delay task.
1 our country at present the characteristics of pharmaceutical industry and informatization construction of
China's pharmaceutical enterprises in the planned economy period, to distinguish between the national level medicine procurement and supply station, two in pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises, county (city) level three wholesale units and each drug retail units.After the reform and opening-up policy, the gradual transfer of supply system is destroyed, replaced by multiple channels, a small link in the medicine purchase and sale system, and competitive.So far China's existing pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises 1. 2 retail enterprises 11.5, but the coverage of the very few national companies, act of one's own free will, decentralized management, the scale is insufficient, network is not enough, "many, small, scattered, chaotic" pattern.
1. 1 pharmaceutical circulation organization structure is not reasonable.Because the pharmaceutical trading enterprises, enterprise scale is generally small, according to statistics of the pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises annual turnover of up to about 6000000000 yuan, and annual sales volume reached 500000000 yuan at wholesale enterprises less than 100.Moreover, the distribution network in urban and rural areas and between developed and backward areas the proportion is unreasonable.
1. 2 medical market circulation order more chaotic, disorderly competition, excessive competition phenomenon is serious, mainly in some enterprises illegal operation, some local open or covert pharmaceutical market, drug transaction behavior was not standardized, in medical market area blockade.
1. 3 most enterprise market development ability and market service ability.The high cost of enterprise management, informationization level is low, low circulation efficiency, resulting in poor economic benefit.According to statistics, the average cost of circulation rate is 12.56% , sales profit rate "1 % and foreign Medicines Co general annual sales amount of more than $2000000000 in the United States, the medicine zero at enterprises through mergers, after the baptism, the formation of Rite-Aid, Walgreen, CVS three monopoly status, retail sales in the 3 a company's total retail medicine across the country accounted for 600; wholesale business is mainly composed of Mckesson and Cardinal two, Health led.The wholesaler average gross margin of 4.5%, rate of only 2:9% average cost, because the agent distribution system, the implementation of scientific management, the efficiency is high, the overall strength of "fifteen project" since, our country put forward "drive industrialization with informatization, give full play to its advantages, strategic task to realize the great-leap-forward development of social productivity" the.At the same time, many pharmaceutical circulation enterprises recognize the importance of information on the future development of enterprises, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou leading pharmaceutical medicine "Ley's" pharmaceutical, Chongqing Huabo medicine enterprises have carried out different levels of information construction of enterprises.2 the medicine circulation enterprise information construction at present, the problems of
2. understanding the problem 1 medicine circulation enterprise internal staff on the existing information construction is the first, no awareness is not possible positive action, will be impossible to achieve good results.Many people don't realize the information system can be the medicine circulation enterprise management must be arranged in good order, can put forward to aid decision information is valuable for the leadership, but also in speed and accuracy than people do better.Some better condition of the medicine circulation enterprises to meet the situation, do not think that improve the informatization construction, enterprises can do a good job, so therefore, information construction of enterprises is not enough.
2. information system of low level application of 2 information technology and application of unsaturated medicine circulation enterprises because of the need of application on the one hand and the purchase of a set of function everything is contained therein., but due to the development of its use can not keep up the level of information technology, information system function has not been using this situation is sometimes not as blind purchase enterprise, but probably because there is little room for choice for enterprises, or enterprises for prospective consideration.The problem is that any of those unused functions are in the rapid devaluation of state or have already become a sunk cost.
3, accelerate the construction of informationization medicine circulation enterprises
3. strategy category 1 informatization application should people throughout the organization, research methods, management theory and its application in information system, including economic, management is the basis of enterprise informatization, talent is the key of enterprise informatization.The current and long-term task is the popular enterprise information consciousness, improve the level of enterprise information, enterprise information talents cultivation.
3. 2 to the construction of medicine circulation enterprises good information operation mechanism, enterprises should spend big effort, in view of the difficulties and problems, formulate corresponding measures, to promote enterprise informatization construction.The first thing to do to raise awareness, strengthen a project, the medicine circulation enterprise leaders should be fully aware of the information construction of enterprises is the management mode, organization structure mode of thinking of flying in a "top-down" innovation and change.That experience and practice: leadership led and participated in the informatization construction is the prime condition of success, is the key to the success of enterprise informatization starts with
3. 3 improve the information construction of preparatory work, the implementation of informatization construction fund 80% pharmaceutical distribution companies that lack of funds is the most important factor restricting enterprise informationization, and informationization is a greater investment in comprehensive engineering, therefore, in the construction of information must include feasibility study of technical, economic, financial and other aspects of it, make a detailed investment budget, the establishment of enterprise informatization construction funds, the implementation of multi-channel, full range of financing to enable the funds in place, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of enterprise informationization.
3. 4 to establish an own high-quality information technology talent is the key, the medicine circulation enterprise information need a know technology, and to understand the management, technical personnel reasonable knowledge structure, strong technical "composite" information team, which requires enterprises through strengthening personnel training, technical exchanges and cooperation to train a large number of proficient in professional knowledge, high-level specialized talents with strong innovative spirit and practical ability, to promote enterprise informatization construction.
information construction of the medicine circulation enterprises is a system engineering, design, implementation, product prices and other related conditions, comprehensive consideration of these factors.Various factors coordinate, to achieve the overall benefit maximization, strategic information construction development.The information system of enterprise is the comprehensive embodiment of the enterprise management, and enterprise management mode must be consistent with the management and development strategy of modern enterprises.Therefore, the general requirements of information system to meet the development of business strategy, enterprise strategy, improve the monitoring well reflect the status of implementation.Management and mode of enterprises
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