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On construction enterprise logistics information

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Paper Keywords: construction enterprise logistics information
Abstract: Introduction Logistics Management Situation of construction enterprises, construction enterprises to realize the necessity of logistics information on the practice and achievements of the construction enterprise logistics information.
1 Construction Enterprise Logistics Management Analysis
1.1 Construction of the characteristics of enterprises
Construction enterprises is different from other enterprises, its operating target for the building products, manufacture and installation of changes, geographical span; project, professional each with distinct characteristics; construction project cycle, and irreparable and can not be replaced. These features make the construction enterprise production flow, one-piece, long-term enhancement, and easily affected by natural conditions.
1.2 Construction characteristics of enterprise logistics
Characteristics of construction companies determine the characteristics of the construction enterprise logistics management, management personnel need to master the professional knowledge, warehouse relocation frequent, warehouse storage conditions: the place point multi-line construction is a long, complex field conditions, the recipients of the products consumed transport will adversely affect the consumption level is relatively high; multi-disciplinary nature of the construction enterprises caused by the poor standard of the product, the design behind schedule, change more.
1.3 Construction logistics management challenges facing
The project of construction enterprises, the amount of supplies great proportion of about 60% to 80%. Engineering profits, the duration can proceed smoothly, have a great relationship with the materials management. In recent years, the state has increased investment in infrastructure, many of the works in the drawings is not in place to start construction, the product does not stereotypes, variability, increase the difficulty of management. Materials management and schedule, quality, safety, cost, there is a close relationship, is an important part of the project management, restricting the delivery of the final product.
construction enterprises necessity of logistics information
Traditional business processing mode of construction enterprises are generally based on manual operation, from requirements planning, procurement plan, procurement contracts, registration to the material, material acceptance, storage, a library and so require manual entry, this operation caused material to a great amount of work, and the same information in a different form, will re-enter. Although computers and the Internet have been very popular, but did not play the role of the system. The original business process model can achieve the collar material normal operation, but there are still inefficient, the stock can not be immediately apparent, difficulties in coordination between the warehouse, the information can not be shared, error-prone and other defects. These drawbacks are logistics information to solve.
information technology practice
System development, the concept must use the system to look at, start with the global set out to design, not the side of the design while modified. Materials management system designed interface with other departments, such as engineering department, finance department, the only way to play an integral role. Operation menu functions assigned to be reasonable, that some people need the operating functions, some staff need to browse these functions to be separated in order to avoid misuse. The underlying functions necessary to improve the classification of product information, the division of the department, the establishment of supplier information. Because these modules are relevant and specific warehouse operations, these functional modules, such as a bad design, can not play a support role in the operation of the entire system. Before the preparation of the program to have the guidance of theory, in order to make the whole system more scientific, for example, in set material the nuclear price of the rules, the author access to a lot of financial information, and finally the formation of the stock in real terms, by the moving average method nuclear price method.
information technology achievements
4.1 to achieve a multi-user multi-warehouse real-time collaboration
It uses B, S structure, the browser / server architecture, the server is installed on a host, all users accessed through the Internet, set up a different user name and password for different users, multiple users can collaborate with access to the system. The same time, the software implementation of a multi-warehouse operation, flexible materials transceiver between multiple warehouse, for, greatly improving the convenience of working. The software makes use of the Internet to get to play, no matter where, as long as access to the Internet, the operation of the business.
The 4.2 query function expansion
Different business units have different information needs, in this software, as long as the core of accurate data input, you can generate a variety of reports: and out of storage, material inventory balance, send and receive deposit statements, contract information summary etc., and according to the need for extended functionality. For relevant personnel to focus on inventory information in real-time query, high accuracy, arrange production to provide accurate information for the relevant personnel.
4.3 streamline the entire process of materials management
This software is based on the idea of ??the ERP, combined with the company's existing program files, starting from requirements planning, procurement plans, procurement contracts, procurement, storage, sends the material to manage several aspects of materials transceiver. The key point of the system is to achieve a clearer based on the actual supplies out of storage and is based on the separation of financial invoice points to close the program and sends the material, which is different from the previous materials management points to close single use only and sends the material single-mode, so that management . In the invoice is not in place, you can the normal warehouse transceiver material operations in engineering and accounting aspects of nuclear price program, so that accurate imputation of engineering costs incurred in the corresponding engineering.
4.4 limit picking operation
This system, the division of tasks and jobs, can be sub-station partition to mention the reported material requirements, and this demand is the limit; picking from under a task to pick up a quantity by the quantity demanded = Unclaimed number of control, in the limit of the number of unclaimed picking. If you exceed the limit, you need to press the "over-picking" picking.
4.5 to achieve the sharing of information
This software not only to achieve the sharing of all kinds of statements, personnel management, supplier information sharing, warehouse personnel time entry, many people benefit, many benefit.
4.6 implements the interface and financial
Due to the special nature of the financial system, and the use of financial software alone into the system, the system is not deep excavation in the financial function, but to provide an operation of the financial and browsing interface, financial invoice own menu points to close single query, accounts payable reconciliation, financial sends the material single query, the operation is simple.
The software also has inventory, contract warehousing and points to close, retail purchases, also an improvement on the original business model.
5 construction enterprise logistics information Outlook
Although I developed software has been put into use, but because of the special nature of the industry as a whole, limiting the depth of the development of the logistics information, mainly in the following aspects: First, the construction enterprises due to the simplicity of the on-site storage conditions, parts irregularities so a lot of advanced management techniques can not be applied, such as bar codes, radio frequency, many managers have to rely on manual operation. Design reasons, there is no uniform industry standards and the part number, product standards. Third, the concept of a long time since the formation of the logistics information not being taken seriously, especially competent leadership, considered dispensable, a project, if not the support of leaders, almost unable to move. Fourth, the characteristics of the project construction, each project as an independent accounting units, order, procurement, can not form a scale effect, the sharing of information is limited to within the project, the breadth of the information technology deeply affected
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