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Brief description of the public human resource management system

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Abstract: This article briefly describes the public human resource management system, pointed out the significance of scientific knowledge and the rapid economic and social development, strengthen institutional building.
Keywords: Public Sector; human resources; management system
The so-called public human resource management system, the public sector refers to the use of public power in accordance with the law or quasi-public authority institutionalized mode of public human resources management. Including pure public sector-governmental organizations, human resources management system and the third sector human resource management system. Our public human resource management model, there are four basic types of public personnel management system, the political appointment system, the civil service system, the system of protection of vulnerable groups, and non-permanent (elastic) the employment system. Among them, the political appointment system and the civil service is a the mainstream public human resource management system. In-depth study of public human resource management system, and so has a great significance to improve the quality of public officers to implement the Party's basic line, to fulfill the functions of the management of public affairs.
1, the system of political appointments
The so-called political appointment system, public sector leadership positions exercised directly by the Party committees at all levels of the Communist Party of China and the organs of state power of the personnel management system. The essence of the political appointment system is responsible for important national public officials of the state power, their mission is not only to fulfill the management functions of the Public Affairs is responsible for state power exists, that is responsible for the political goals. Political appointment system is of great significance for the improvement of the public human resources management system, and public officials to improve the political and business level.
1.1 political appointment system is conducive to consolidating the party's ruling status, so that the stability of state power to consolidate
Leadership, adhere to the Party's leadership, adhere to the purpose of the party's candidates must be used in the public sector, an important leadership positions, in order to stabilize and consolidate the ruling status of the Communist Party and state power, the political appointment system at the institutional level guarantee. System as the protection of public sector human resource management on the lack of certainty, will increase the randomness, the party's ruling status, even in the selection, employment and other aspects of state power will not maintain and consolidate. In addition, the political appointment system is to ensure that the public sector to protect the political response to the system of the Communist Party of China in personnel management.
1.2 political appointment system is conducive to the organs of state power to better express the will of the people
In China, the National People's Congress and local People's Congress is the organ of state power, the People's Congress is entitled to dismissal of the staff of the public sector. However, the public sector is really responsible organ of state power, depends critically on public officials and political quality and the ability to work. Political appointment system happens to the control and management of the public officers of the public sector to ensure that organs of state power at the institutional level. Public sector senior leadership cadres Recommended elected not only embodies the authority of the representative institutions representing the will of the people, but also to ensure that the organs of state power to high political quality, the ability to work public officials elected and appointed to public sector to leadership positions.
The 1.3 political appointment system is conducive to cultivate and foster a number of pragmatic and innovative leadership talent
In the new historical conditions, strengthen the construction of public human resource management system is one of the effective measures to respond to the opportunities and challenges. Only public adequate human resources, especially those with a sense of innovation and leadership talent adequate to seize the opportunities and meet the challenges. However, we ask that the public officers of the public sector, especially leading cadres, must not only pragmatic, but must have a sense of innovation. To do that it is only through the political appointment system, innovation and pragmatic unify, selection and management of the public sector, public officials, so as to create and train a group of pragmatic and innovative leader. They led the broad masses of the people with courage, practicality and innovation, China's economic and social development to a new level.
Civil Service
The so-called civil service, refers to the state the staff outside workers and service personnel at all levels of government, in addition to the management system. After the Third Plenum, China began the reform of the management system of national staff to explore. Promulgated the Provisional Regulations of the national civil gradually developed and introduced a number of civil service management regulations, supporting regulations and rules. The establishment and improvement of China's civil service system, get rid of the past, the drawbacks of the cadre and personnel system, promote the personnel management of the civil service and clean government and government agencies, scientific and legal and so important.
2.1 China's civil service system embodies the principles of category management
China's civil service reflects the separation of enterprise and public affairs separate classification principles of the civil service staff to define the exercise of executive powers in the national administration, and administrative functions, which overcome the traditional personnel management kind of national cadres defined too general with The drawbacks to the management, scientific personnel management system in line with the characteristics of China's administrative organs, have a major role for the adjustment of the civil service structure, and improve the political and professional quality of the civil service.
2.2 China's civil service system is conducive to enhance the fairness of personnel management
Always reflect the fairness in the civil service system in China. First, the civil service system to ensure the equal rights of citizens to run for office positions, and not be discriminated against because of family background, ethnicity, religion, gender. Secondly, the civil service system to ensure that the civil service exam, hiring fair. That public examinations, equal competition, strict examination, selecting the best principles. Thirdly, the civil service system to ensure that the civil service examination, promotion fair. Germany, diligence, results of a comprehensive assessment, must adhere to both ability and integrity, and meritocracy. 2.3 China's civil service system is conducive to the legal system to promote the work of personnel management
Management according to law is a basic feature of China's civil service system, the legal system of our personnel management system and an important symbol of the scientific. Personnel management system in the past from the overall point of view, the lack of supporting laws and institutionalized system of norms, with a certain degree of arbitrariness. China's civil service system is established, this situation gradually changed. As mentioned earlier, the civil service, in addition to the total regulations that "Civil Servant Temporarily" outside, there are over 40 individual regulations and implementation rules, so that the formation of a sound regulatory system so that our personnel management work to do a legal basis, in accordance with the law, strictly enforced, violators are prosecuted.
3, the system of protection of vulnerable groups
Protection system of the so-called vulnerable groups, means to ensure that vulnerable groups in society from discrimination in the public sector testing and hiring, training and promotion, or enjoys a certain priority countries through the implementation of a series of institutionalized measures to promote the value of social justice implementations. There are vulnerable groups in our country, and how the implementation of protection of vulnerable groups in the public human resource management system, has an important significance for the realization of social equity value.
3.1 vulnerable groups protection system is conducive to promote the realization of the value of social equity
As mentioned earlier, social, fair value refers to socially vulnerable groups enjoy legal privilege or priority in public office competition. The process of implementation of the system of protection of vulnerable groups in the Public Human Resource Management showed that the process of implementation of this system is to realize the value of social equity; system implementation is the more perfect, the means the degree of social equity value.
3.2 vulnerable groups protection system is conducive to the selection and training of minority cadres to promote national unity, safeguarding the unification
For international hostile forces often use ethnic, religious and human rights issues to interfere in our country, inciting ethnic separatist activities, we must strengthen the training and selection of minority cadres, which is an important task for China's public sector personnel management. Minority areas due to the constraints of the economy, culture, education and science, lagging behind other advanced economies. For this reason, in the public human resource management, it is necessary to implement the system of protection of vulnerable groups, the management of public resources in minority areas according to local conditions, the implementation of a relatively special personnel management policies, fair treatment of the minority areas of potential public human resources, to promote national unity, safeguarding the unification of conscientious, quiet dedication and training of ethnic minority cadres.
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