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Thoughts and suggestions on technical supervision information code construction

Author: ZhaoJunLing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 00:00:42 Read:
Abstract: This paper analyzes the principles, methods, structure information code and role in the construction of technical supervision areas in the information, so as to make people realize the unified information code is the enterprise to improve the management level, promote the key scientific modern management, the.
Keywords: Code; information technology; application; the unified
The so-called encoding is the thing or concept endowed with certain regularity to human or computer identification and processing of symbols, graphics, color, cut the text and so on, is a kind of technical means to unify understanding, unified view, the exchange of information.Code already as a form of information people use and development, its form is varied, such as electrical industry association (EIA) recognized resistor color ring code, is a different color ring to distinguish different resistance.The blind man of letters is a symbol system designed for the blind.63 letters and symbols of this system represents a set of projections respectively with big ideas and ideas expressed, international Morse code is combined with dots and short transverse to said English letters and symbols.
One, information code in the construction field informationization technology supervision function of
Information construction must be carried out in accordance with the "five principles of unity unified planning, unified standards, unified investment, unified development, unified management".Unified information coding is one of the main content of information standardization is the basic work of informatization construction, technical supervision, the system integration, information sharing, data exchange guarantee.
The accuracy and uniqueness, invariance and related data code is to ensure that the code in the three elements of the successful application of the system.With the code information in the extended application of the system, the code data "three elements" of increasingly high demand, changed from the original "distributed coding" to "global network coding", is completely solve the weight code and an effective means to improve the dynamic data, is to expand the code the application domain, and must be taken to improve application performance management mode.
The implementation of information classification and coding standard in informationization construction, to make relevant personnel of information collection, storage, processing, transmission, and display the implementation of automated processing, so as to meet the requirements of the overall system, and meet the requirements of information system of information processing, to reduce duplication of information acquisition, processing and memory, the maximum to avoid caused by inconsistent naming, information on the description, classification and coding of misunderstanding and ambiguity reduction, such as having different code confusion a matter, a matter more, to classify and describe the same name is different, and the same information content, make things (or concept) name and the term unification, standardization, and establish and things (or concept) one one correspondence between, in order to guarantee information reliability, comparability and applicability, make it really become the link technology supervision departments network interworking, connecting the information system.
Two, the basic principle of
information coding
Encoding is convenient to use, so the coding in consideration of computer information processing is convenient to use while also taking into account the manual processing of information needs.The basic principle of code should follow the following.
(1) only.(2) scalability.(3) short.(4) stability.(5) identification.(6) operation.(7) test of.
The above principles, some principles are in conflict with each other, such as: a coding structure in order to extensibility must, must have enough spare code, and have a spare yards short enough, in a certain extent will sacrifice code, the meaning of the code, more stronger, short then the code must be certain negative influence.Therefore, we must consider in order to code design optimization results design code.
Three basic methods, information coding and
(1) the system design in the enterprise information construction, the overall design must be code system by using system engineering point of view, the development of one by one based on the overall system design code.(2) the standard code is designed to be incorporated into the standardized track.Any code standards are in a certain range, after a number of departments or units consultation, achieve consistent point of view and consistent identification of certain information or data.(3) groups of code compatible code design should take into account the inherent relation with other information code, do the relevant code, in order to achieve the comprehensive utilization of system data.(4) make use of general information general information refers to any department in the system is the same as the information.(5) the exchange of information the need for exchange of information system, also need to code, set up a unified logo, so that the system of information exchange in.(6) determine the code using a range of code using a range of setting, the code implementation has the significant influence, in large enterprises, should implement level management, functional management.Four, the code structure design of
(1) the code structure design should meet the following requirements:
A) in logic to meet the needs of users, in the structure must be method and information processing methods, consistent.To plan, statistics using the code, in order to improve the efficiency of the computer data processing, facilitate data summation, summary, often using hierarchical code structure, also can use complex code structure.But the only identifies the role of organization code, such as staff ticket code often uses the sequence code, or a series of sequential code, if you want to master all of the information, a comprehensive attributes or features, using the combination code more appropriate.
B) design to system: design code structure should be as far as possible and the system of the relevant aspects of the code consistent in structure, in order to ensure the coordinated operation of the code in the system, so as to exert the overall efficiency of the system.
C) to coordinate the format specification to ensure and document: design code structure must take into account the file format specification, and specification file format consistent.
D) coordinated with the relevant standards: to be considered in the design code structure compatible with the same standard, and the lower the standard connection and conversion, but also to consider the coordination and related standards.
E) which is easy to extend, delete, modify the code structure: design must consider the future to add, delete and change the convenient.
(2) the length of the code shall meet the following requirements:
A): Design of short code length to in order to meet the various requirements, as brief as possible, in order to save computer storage space and data processing, delivery time, which is convenient for people to use and master, but must guarantee the optimal capacity of users.
Length: b) use the fixed length code to be more convenient than the fixed length code, more reliable.So usually fixed code length.
C) Extensible: code designed to leave a spare code enough, to meet the needs of increasing and expanding.
D) segment: to record reliable, easy to read and memory, for the four character code above, often divided into short said, the * * * - * * * * instead of x x x x x X X.
(3) the type code character set
There are two types of digital, alphabet coded character.The type of code character by character can be divided into the following three types: code letter (the letter code), digital code (i.e., digital code), letters, digital hybrid code (i.e. mixed code).
A) digital code is represented by one or a plurality of Arabia digital code.It is simple in structure, convenient use, easy to sort and easy popularization.But the code description of the object is not intuitive enough.Digital code is a code form widely adopted at home and abroad.
B) letter code is represented by one or a plurality of alphabet code.Letter code than the same number of digital code much larger capacity.Such as: a digital only 10 categories (0 ~ 9), a letter code can be expressed in 26 categories (A ~ Z).While the two digit code represents only 100 categories (00 ~ 99), the two letter code can be expressed in 676 categories.At the same time, the letter code sometimes can also provide for people to recognize the information.But the letter code is not convenient for machine processing.
C hybrid code is composed of numbers, letters or numbers, letters, and special characters combination code.It combines the digital code, the letter code, tight structure, good intuition and expression, but the code in the form of complex, also has some defects, computer input inconvenience, input low efficiency, high error rate.
The hybrid code, there should be some control.The same type of character to be concentrated, together, to be more reliable than scattered throughout the code, code generation low error probability.Such as: five characters mixed code AB001 than A00Bl, A0B0l......Reliable.Also avoid sound similar,
A similar shape characters appear in the same code, in order to avoid misunderstanding.Such as the shape similar to the number 1 and the letters I, the numbers 0 and the letters O, the numbers 2 and the letter Z; should follow the agreement among the people have been accustomed to.
Five, the code function of
The code is a product of the information coding, it is one or a set of ordered arrangement of the symbol, is a representation of the data element of modern information management system, is the expression of a person to machine language.
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