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Analysis and suggestion of subjective factors on affecting the development of school education informationization

Author: GuChuangYe WangChunFeng From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-23 22:01:56 Read:

Abstract: information technology is developing rapidly. The education informatization makes Chinese education towards modernization education ranks ahead.Can not be denied. In the course of 10 years of education informatization, we walked many detours.Even today, some key schools are still not through eating, development of uncertain information education. In the process of how to carry out the education informationization is still feeling stone to cross a river.Analysis of the needs of teachers and difficult process of education informatization, points out the influence of teaching resources, environment and platform of teachers, and puts forward concrete suggestions.
Keywords: the education information; demand analysis; teaching resources; environment and platform of
The problem of 1
Along with the school education informatization, discussed and reconsidered widely factors for people from different angles, different levels of information process, and to reach a consensus.It is generally believed that, information literacy and ability of teachers is the key to education informationization.The school is a common practice, through a variety of technical training, the teachers' information technology literacy is improved, the teachers engaged in quality of psychological quality, technology should have information technology education gets bigger adjustment, in order to meet the requirements of school education informationization.But the problem is. Teachers bear the heavy burden and the huge pressure, the teachers felt tired.The teacher is unable to change the status quo, helpless perfunctory response.
The author found in the discussion of multimedia teaching and teachers, teachers on the multimedia teaching not interested.Analysis of reasons, teachers in order to do a good job of multimedia courseware, multimedia technology must participate in the training, to make multimedia courseware by multimedia technology have a superficial knowledge of, very time-consuming, and even affect their professional and teaching learning and research, but in order to reach the requirements of the school, have great strength together.
For the courseware, together with the multimedia teaching, school managers think, this is the teacher's "lazy, not diligent", even is not hard work performance; to formulate relevant regulations, supervision, requiring teachers to whatever way must make multimedia courseware.
Analysis of 2 questions and summary of
Appear this kind of circumstance, as a teaching management not only that the problem is caused by the quality of teachers is not high by.To adapt to the current system of school teachers, they work very hard, on behalf of the school management requirements, but most do not adapt to the current management system of school teachers, they can not always be the school teachers.A good teacher is the current management of manufacturing is very good, but if the manager from another angle, analysis of most of the demand for teachers, the innovation of management system, make the most of the teachers are able to adapt, believe schools can create more excellent teachers, so as to promote the rapid development of school education.
Based on the above analysis, we discover not hard, the change of the angle, can make the analysis of the problem more clearly, with an open mind.For the development of school education informationization in question. We don't analyze the teacher should do, but from the teachers need what, how should school management innovation point of view, the key to find the problem.
multimedia teaching standard 2.1 school
What is the multimedia teaching, how to use multimedia teaching, many schools are fuzzy in understanding.Some even think, multimedia teaching is the use of multimedia equipment based on tradition teaching.For the higher education of teachers.This is a simple question.For how to make the multimedia class, school believes that quality is the multimedia teaching courseware evaluation standard, but in the evaluation is also very vague.In the absence of standard case management, school blindly. Requires teachers to use the multimedia teaching, resulting in the waste of resources and multimedia teaching management confusion.
2.2 schools to neglect their difficulties and needs.Too much emphasis on Teachers' information literacy and the ability of
In the process of education informatization, school administrators, blindly emphasized the importance of the multimedia teaching, at the same time forced the development situation of the information technology education, blindly pressure on teachers, for teachers to rely on their own efforts to create value.As for the difficulties and needs of teachers, the school did not effectively to solve.
2.3 the school administration weakened itself should provide resources for teachers to create the environment, service and innovation management functions of the
The need for managers to develop information technology in education has a clearer understanding. Need more management difficulties and development of teachers according to the demand, the innovation of management system, build the teaching resources database, provide teachers with the required technical support platform and policy environment.But many schools on this work did not go far enough.
3 system view of education informationization development of subjective factors involved in
The 3.1 main factors of the connotation of
What are the main factors? We can put the development of education informatization is a systems engineering.In this system, teaching staff, teaching resources, policy environment and technology platform are 3 key components. They are the main factors influencing the development of information technology education.As shown in figure 1:

In the development of information technology education system, personnel factors are the most basic education informatization, they are executed, the personnel including administrators and teachers.In addition to personnel factors, system development requires the establishment of corresponding educational hardware and software resources, software resources plays a key role in the process of development.In addition, with the establishment of the policy environment and the technical support platform, the school actual situation for the teachers in information technology education is to promote the rapid development of educational informationization impetus.
3.2 main factors influence on the development of education information system
At present, due to lack of understanding on the multimedia teaching in schools, school administrators neglect teaching resources, policy environment and technical support platform, emphasize the teacher's role.The teaching resources and environment, the platform even teachers difficulties are to pay no heed. The situation of teachers in support of the development of information technology in education, teachers under great pressure.As shown in figure 2.

Subjectivity education information system 3.3 under normal operation state of the relations between
As a functioning system, with each factor in the system a key role to play. And the factors having influence each other and information feedback.
As the system's implementation, management has a strong impact on teachers, but the main effect of the influence relation not relationships in the system.Management personnel based on Teachers' information feedback, the policy, the formation of information teaching resources, teachers create environmental needs and the platform of teaching behaviors of teachers, is an important system in relation to.The different effects of the education management system is composed of a closed loop, and jointly promote the development of education informatization.
Teachers in the education informationization process of 4
Teachers in the teaching process of teaching resources, policy environment and technical support platform with strong demand, and even difficult, summarized as follows:
(1) the teacher has a strong demand for software, teaching resources such as course teaching method and experience, multimedia materials and electronic lesson plans.Because the teachers.Gets or making these resources to rely solely on the teacher's strength is more difficult.
(2) the teacher have a strong demand for suitable training methods and content.On the training method, many school approach is the use of spare time to.This creates difficulties for many teachers, they hope to receive training and learning opportunities, but often because of personal or work on other matters not systematic study and training content.In the training content, organization of school is more courseware.According to the teachers' reflection. They are very serious about learning some production technology, but because the courseware technology involved too much, making multimedia courseware is laborious and time consuming, so they could not make out good, but due to various reasons, teachers and not very in-depth, systematic study and master the courseware system
As technology.
(3) the teacher's difficulties.The teacher should consider teaching professional learning and research.Would also like to take some time devoted to learning difficult technology courseware to make courseware. The dispersion of teacher effort to a certain extent.Teachers help and support they expect the school multimedia technology special service agencies to provide technology for. So as to reduce the teachers on the multimedia technology, fear and stress.
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