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On the driving forces analysis of informatization project oil sales enterprise risk

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[Keywords] oil sales enterprise informatization project risk driving factors
[Abstract] based on project life cycle theory, from the information of project startup stage, the project implementation phase of the oil sales enterprise informatization project risk driving factors analysis, risk control to provide the necessary basis.
Facing the great attraction of information project, and craving for the internal management of enterprises and technological innovation, the petroleum sale enterprise informatization project requirement more and more intense.However, the informatization project to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises and market competitiveness at the same time, there are a lot of risk.How to accurately identify risks, driving factors and risk, effective risk control, is a pressing matter of the moment to the informationization construction.This paper aims to analyze the information project of petroleum sales enterprises risk driving factors, to provide the necessary basis for risk control.
Factor analysis driver project startup stage risk information project 1 petroleum sales enterprises
1.1 environmental and resource impact risk driving factors
Development and construction of informatization project of petroleum sales enterprises is inseparable from the good environment and sufficient resources to support, we can explore the environment and resource impact risk driving factors from the following four aspects:
Environmental support.The general situation of the current political and legal environment, social and economic environment, the oil industry is conducive to the development of the informatization project.
Technical support.It projects must consider the current level of technology, the society and the widespread use of a technology, but should not change is new technology in experimental stage considered as basis.
The financial support.The construction of the informatization project of petroleum sales enterprises, there is no sufficient funds as the backing, to ensure the successful completion of the project information.
The infrastructure support.The infrastructure of petroleum sales enterprises, such as the existing level of technology, equipment and facilities, gas station network construction, to be able to meet the requirements of informatization project.
1.2 the internal management system of risk driving factors
The risk of internal management system of driving factors mainly refers to the petroleum sale enterprise's internal management system, such as organization structure, information flow, corporate culture is to prevent or promote the informatization project.
Factors driving 1.3 compatibility risk information system
The driver factor information project system compatibility are: information system of regional informatization projects with the group, if there is a conflict; the information whether the project information system in the group under the operation; internal subsystem of the information system and the enterprise can not compatible; when there is a conflict between the two systems, there is no way to reduce or mitigate this conflict.
The 1.4 gas station operation management risk driving factors
Gas station operation management risk driving factors mainly include two aspects of marketing mode and process.At present our country 80% gas station business rely on oil sales, only 20% of the gas station at the same time, operating convenience stores, in the operation process of most oil sales enterprises adopted to the customer as the center work flow, customer satisfaction is the evaluation of important process is good or bad, after implementing the informatization project, should reflect the customer-oriented, employee satisfaction, listen to customers, provide good service for the purpose, and strive to achieve customer service process reengineering and optimization, to attract customers, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately improve the sales and profits of the enterprise.
1.5 safety management risk driving factors
Combined with the QHSE management system.Information development and construction projects, must be to focus on continuous improvement, focus on accident prevention, based on full participation as the principle, the combination of QHSE management system in petroleum sales enterprises, quality assurance, no accidents, no pollution, occupation harm goal.
The operation stability of the informatization project demand.Gas station operation are all-weather, the stability of the system is the factors of the development project should be considered first, informatization project needs analysis should meet the needs of operation stability.
The reliability of the information of the project.In the oil sales enterprises, gas station production information is the basic information of the main, whether it is business performance analysis, or wage setting, as well as the development of the company's development strategy, must use this basic information, the operation reliability of visible oil sales enterprise informatization project is very important.
The informatization project system reflect speed.The main purpose of establishing information sharing project, is to realize the petroleum sale enterprise internal information flow and capital flow, and to reflect the timely and accurate information, so the information system reflect speed will be an important factor affecting the whole system.
1.6 customer relationship management risk driving factors
Information technology project of petroleum sales enterprises, to show to the customer as the center, standardization, techniques of field service management, including the quality of oil gas station management, equipment management, safety management, environmental management, quality management and personnel management of gas station.Customer relationship management risk driving factors, mainly including two aspects to meet customer service requirements and customer relationship management needs.
The risks of human resource management 1.7 enterprises driven factor
The enterprise staff's quality and ability.We must implement the information-based project in gas station and management center, which will face the most grass-roots staff, such as gas station operators, oil transportation personnel, these people generally do not have too many skills and qualities, the comprehension of new things also need a longer period, so in the analysis of the demand of the construction of informatization the project, it is necessary to fully consider the end user's quality and ability, can not be separated from the basic practical ability.
Employee relationship management.Petroleum sales enterprises pay attention to the human resources planning and performance oriented, establish people-oriented work team, so in the analysis of information needs of the project, to reflect the attention to enterprise culture in the project, make oil sales enterprise training management, salary management, employee relationship management.
1.8 oil product supply chain management risk driving factors
Oil sales enterprise competition, is between supply chain and supply chain competition, is the reaction speed competition.On the one hand, the construction of the enterprise information will improve the refined oil supply chain management status; on the other hand, if you do not understand the basic situation of oil supply chain of petroleum sales enterprises, is not designed to meet the operation of enterprises informatization project.The refined oil supply chain management risk driving factors mainly include the refined oil supply chain satisfaction and supply chain process planning.
Informatization project 2 petroleum sales enterprises implement stage risk driving factors analysis
2.1 the informatization project quality control of risk driving factors
The value management system and financial management system to meet the.Whether the information support project management investment management, WVA, strategic petroleum sales enterprises, the financial will juice, management accounting, and internal coordination and settlement, whether it is perfect integration of these subsystems in the construction phase of the project.
The human resource management and knowledge management system to meet the.Whether the construction of the informatization project for knowledge market, supporting document management, office automation, employee self-service, performance management and the future of enterprise knowledge creation and dissemination of management.
The logistics management system to meet the.Quality control information system project, requirements for the internal operations, support purchasing management, warehouse management, sales management, distribution management, at the same time should also support the operation management, on-site management, quality management, equipment management.
The supply chain management system to meet the.Informatization project enterprises to supply market, collaborative design, support product and service supply, supplier and the organization and coordination and planning requirements.
The customer relationship management to meet.The system is the consumer market, with sales support consumer cooperative, collaborative, coordinated service market.
Factors driving schedule and cost control project risk 2.2
The progress control of project.Informatization project is a huge systematic project, continuity and engineering construction on time, is the key to ensure the timely completion of the project, so the oil sales enterprises should progress according to the project, to control the project, because the project schedule delays will lead directly to the quality of information systems, the loss is immeasurable.
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