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Computer information technology in the coal mine safety management

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Paper Keywords: the Computer Mine Information Technology
the Abstract: With the continuous rapid development and wide application of information technology in all walks of life, especially for coal mine production safety management, the adverse impact of coal mine safety factor can be effectively controlled coal mine safety production management has been a qualitative leap forward, and laid a solid foundation for real "safety first, prevention first". However, computer security issues seriously affect the reliable implementation of computer security monitoring. Therefore, to enhance the awareness of computer security management, coal mine production safety escort is particularly important.
Mine Safety Information technology should be set analysis, prevention, monitoring, emergency comprehensive, integrated systems engineering. In particular, high priority should be placed on prevention and response processing module, turn from passive to active, full production management for computer management and security tightly integrated, effective management control of coal mine safety, the protection of safe and effective construction of the mine.
China's coal mine "Eleventh Five-Year" safe production planning, China's coal mine safety situation with some developed countries have a greater distance, generally inadequate level of technical equipment urgently enhance mine safety and production technical support capability. Great efforts to build the coal mine production safety management information system is an important part of the planning. The coal enterprise information two major modules: First, the safety production information; management information.
In recent years, China's coal mines occurred more than mine, miners safety in urgent need of effective protection, which is an inherent requirement of building a harmonious society. Contrast, the United States, Germany and other major coal-producing country but security incidents are rare, the reason, in addition to the strictly legal, regulatory, institutional constraints, a large number of applications of information technology, automation equipment is important to achieve safe production factor. From information technology to strengthen security technology capacity, and realize the only way to secure China's coal mines. Research, development and industrialization of our country have mine automation of production safety monitoring and control and management system with the standard system "as major projects have been organized to promote the application of information technology in China's coal mining industry, and providing technical support for coal mine safety.
China's coal industry characteristics
China's coal mines geological structure is more complex, serious natural disasters. Coal mine accidents mainly constituted by the four major categories: gas accidents, roof accident, water damage accidents and transport accidents, the proportion were 36%, 33.3%, 9.9% and 9.3%. According to statistics, only the state-owned key coal mines, there are 44.4% of the mine gas or coal and gas prominent, Spontaneous Combustion dangerous mines accounted for 51.3%, coal dust explosion hazards in mines accounted for 87.4% of the hydrogeological conditions complex or very complex type of coal accounted for 25.04%. Small coal mines in the high gas or coal and gas outburst more than 15% with coal dust explosion in the mine accounted for 91.35% up to 57.71% of the mine with a strong explosive. Overall, China's coal mining industry, the level of information is still relatively low, information technology and security inputs still can not meet the actual demand.
2 coal mine safety management objectives and principles of the construction of information technology
Digital coal mine "as the future of a subsystem, safety management information system is the basis for sustainable development of the coal mine, and mine geography, production, logistics and other subsystems like, its main security information collection, information transmission, information processing the application of information and integration. Real-time, accurate and comprehensive security information management and response is the core of coal mine safety management. Coal mine safety management information system should be set analysis, prevention, monitoring, emergency comprehensive, integrated systems engineering. In particular, high priority should be placed on prevention and response processing module, turn from passive to active, the use of the close integration of the communications, computer, automation technology, effective management control of coal mine safety, the protection of safe and effective construction of the mine; same time, the system design must be based on advanced, investment protection, openness, scalability, maintainability principles, based on the current business reality, and give full consideration to the future business development needs, the specific implementation of the actual situation of enterprises.
The main components of the 3 Coal Mine Safety Management Information Technology
Currently, software and systems integrators developed systems are vastly different, but classified by the categories of information facilities, can be divided into the detection, monitoring, communications, information management four major. From the the market mainstream point of view, functional modules or less the same, the entire system can be divided into the following modules:
1) Safety information collection. Safety Information collected by the security post (Network) members in the safety inspection process safety information collected from the entry to your computer. The module includes safety information entry, deal with the views of the security risks, leadership approval of the views, the implementation and safety information security risks query functions.
) Shift change management. The shift information management module for security staff to deal with the shift problems in the process of recording and handed over. Record / hidden This class production process, "three violations" personnel, hanging stop operating licenses, injury or death, non-casualties and personnel information, when the transfer of service, browse on the service found unresolved issues and also did not check to check the control point information and confirmation of the service attendant security personnel to go down check to provide guidance to clear lines of responsibility for the system is in place to track security personnel work to provide the basis.
3) safety rules and regulations. The module is to mine a variety of safety rules and regulations summary for the query, learning and reference. Coal mine safety rules and regulations, based on coal mine production safety lessons in blood by a piece written, it played an important role in the process of coal mine production safety.
4) to combat viruses, spread. Vigorously learning computer virus prevention knowledge to effectively prevent the spread of computer viruses. A computer virus is a computer program written in a computer language instruction. Computer viruses that can cause the computer system crashes, the file is missing, damage to the equipment. The main mode of transmission of computer viruses, file copy, receive send mail, download files, computer viruses communication tools such as disks, USB flash drives, removable hard disk, CD-ROM.
5) Safety Report Manager. Security report is a summary of the safety information, a comprehensive analysis of the coal mine safety situation, through the form of daily and monthly reports submitted to the leading audit at all levels, leaders at all levels to make timely understanding of the overall security situation analysis and master safety leadership management situation provides a true and reliable basis.
6) coal mine accident management. Properly recorded the coal security incidents, and to identify the cause of the accident, recording a comprehensive analysis of the accident and processing. True record of security incidents, acceptable lessons from the accident, a security warning, and as the basis of the departmental safety rating.
7) safety technology management. This module includes safety technical measures to develop, review and approval of safety technical measures. From the technical point of view, the coal mines of various types of projects and to develop safety measures. Published after the approval of the execution, recording implementation of the measures, and monthly review of security measures to ensure the feasibility of security measures.
8) management of safety signs. In order to aroused insecurity attention, prevent accidents, on the respective occasions to make eye-catching signs, safety signs installed inside the mine can not be ignored. Safety signs safe colors, geometric shapes and graphic symbols used to express specific safety information, safety signs are divided into prohibition signs, warning signs, instruction signs, indication signs four categories, regular inspection and maintenance of safety signs. The installation location of the module records all mine safety signs, content, and usage, and offers the basic knowledge of safety signs.
9) production safety evaluation of rewards and punishments. In order to enhance the safety awareness of workers, the production of the various departments and personal safety evaluation and reward and punishment. This module is appraisals and records of the various departments and individual rewards and punishments, a department continuous appraisal failed to warn and inform the relevant leaders and departments of the sector to be punished.
1O) personnel positioning query. Can inquire into whether an officer to go down and go down in a certain time period recorded. In addition, some modules can also be combined with the use of information technology and other mine. To the personnel status query module described above, for example, can be used alone, and track positioning system can also be used in conjunction. Coal mine personnel positioning system in Zhangcun mine, communications and computer technology as one of the, in any networked place to monitor the the manhole number of people, identity and underground work location, the fight against coal mine production of super powers, super staff well high-tech means. In emergency situations, the monitoring computer can also instantly check the location of personnel, the distribution of the scene of the accident, the number of trapped people, to provide a scientific basis for accident rescue.
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