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On the occupation develop construction of hotel management specialty in vocational training system

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Abstract: the with the development of society and the progress of technology, requests the hotel industry to the practitioners of the increasingly high quality awareness, occupation and occupation accomplishment is one of the important indicators and the introduction of enterprise talent selection.This paper expounds the connotation of occupation training, form elements and establishment of the system, and introduces the methods and forms of occupation literacy training combined with hotel management specialty in Higher Vocational education.
Keywords: the higher occupation colleges; hotel management; occupation consciousness; cultivation education

At present, the hotel management graduates in higher vocational colleges generally have grandiose aims but puny abilities, hands-on ability, mental instability phenomenon, the higher vocational education and the occupation training is closely related to ignore.
, occupation form the connotation and function of training
1 occupation training content
"Training" is not only a means of education in the classroom, but also refer to consciously cultivate their accomplishment in life, social practice, namely the conscious awareness, their habits, automatic behavior.Occupation training is to train the students' good habits and occupation, good occupation habits into their thoughts, eventually forming unconscious instinct reaction.
Hotel management professional occupation training refers to the school in the teaching of theoretical knowledge and practical skills at the same time, through the use of various means, using various occasions, long-term adherence to help students develop good occupation accomplishment, so that its future work in hand have a strong ability to work, on the other hand, can consciously abide by the provisions of the enterprise, to become a qualified staff welcomed by enterprises.
2 the effect of
occupation training
Occupation accomplishment is a key factor in the success or failure of personal occupation career.Good occupation accomplishment includes occupation morality, occupation consciousness, habit, occupation occupation skill etc..The occupation morals, occupation consciousness can be said to be one of the inherent virtue; and occupation habits, occupation skill can be said is the external representation form a conservation.
Develop training to cultivate students good moral standards; two is conducive to the consolidation of professional thinking, to improve the teaching quality of specialized; three is conducive to improve the employment competitiveness of students.
two, a construct training system
Occupation training could not accomplish at one stroke, not only by the one or two course or a few practice can be created.It runs through the whole process of Higher Vocational Hotel management study, the need for a system of occupation training system training.
Through the "three interactive growth" of the occupation training system, namely to occupation consciousness and occupation ability of hotel training as the main line, the theory and the practice teaching school "and" base "practice and edification" combination, build a "culture of path of school base school" talent.(see Figure 1)

The first stage is first - 3 semesters, mainly by school education, parents and business professionals teaching supplement.Students under the guidance of professional teachers, completed basic occupation theory study, at the same time in the professional teachers and part-time business under the guidance of teachers, to complete the basic occupation skill training in the practical training base of simulation.To cultivate students' occupation etiquette habits, team consciousness and the sense of responsibility and love.Through to the enterprise visits and seminars, training students' occupation emotion and dedication of the idea.The second stage is from fourth to the 5 semester, mainly in the base of teacher education, school teachers and parents education supplement.Students through the practice exercise, in full occupation environment, cultivating students' moral awareness, occupation, occupation occupation habits and occupation skill in the teacher's discipline under.
The third stage is the sixth semester, mainly by school education, parents and business professionals teaching supplement.Students complete the internship base school under the guidance of professional teachers, focus on the cultivation of students' team spirit.
Methods three, occupation literacy training and form
1 occupation atmosphere and occupation image
Occupation accomplishment training needs a certain occupation atmosphere and shaping the occupation image, hotel management professional students in the class must be a hotel industry uniforms, and professional teachers in the teaching should follow the hotel industry requires a uniform, by shaping the image of occupation occupation atmosphere.
Freshmen accepted occupation etiquette training, and pass through the three years of etiquette trainer tracking training, to enable students to form a good occupation etiquette habits, create a smiling, friendly, friendly learning environment, feel good occupation atmosphere.Through the occupation etiquette training, students of makeup, hair, standing, walking and other training with the occupation standard hotel deportment, let the students really feel the hotel practitioner's temperament and accomplishment.
The 2 construction simulation training environment
The construction of hotel industry exhibition room, let the student development history and present situation of more intuitively feel the Moderno Hotel industry, and equipped with electronic data, let the students click data system can query information related to today's most famous hotel enterprises.Enable the students to experience the hotel work atmosphere at the same time, the correct understanding of the hotel industry, to stimulate the initiative, the enthusiasm of the students.
Through close cooperation base will participate in the construction of professional training room into simulation training base, in accordance with the construction of rooms, standard high Stars Hotel simulation of Chinese and Western restaurants, analog front office, make the student to carry out occupation standard, occupation in the habit of good occupation environment training.
3 the development situation and task driven teaching
Professional teachers to develop mainly in teaching in the lecture, the students strengthen occupation consciousness in the learning process knowledge and occupation occupation skill training, occupation accomplishment.
The task-based teaching model, breaking the traditional individual and written assignments.Actively carry out the team task, team spirit and ability of students; at the same time, and actively expand the extracurricular or outdoor operation form, training students' ability of communication.

The 4 guide and develop students' self management mode of
According to the present high Stars Hotel management model, the establishment of standardization, institutionalization of class management system, a unique management model of the hotel management and class management combining.Take the front of classroom management, dormitory management room of "building two" the mode of occupation atmosphere, enhance the quality of life of students.Use of hotel management concept of class management, class activities and carry out exchanges and cooperation with foreign.
5 construction of hidden curriculum in
Cultivation of good occupation accomplishment of students, in addition to conventional teaching, also need to establish a full use of community activities, theme activities and large festival activities, strengthening the cultivation of occupation accomplishment of hidden curriculum.
Organization of outstanding intern report, homecoming forum, industry experts lectures and organize students to visit Stars Hotel ways to carry out training occupation accomplishment.
6 schools, enterprises, parent participation of the three party discipline and
The school, enterprise, three party as a student parents occupation accomplishment formation disciplinarian, must pay attention to each student occupation accomplishment in the role, and the formation of "education", in order to achieve the best effect of education.
Freshmen are usually accompanied by their parents, schools should make full use of this opportunity, to show students occupation quality through old, visit the hotel industry exhibition room understanding of hotel industry and hotel services, the elimination of hotel management occupation bias.The school to parents of the training program three years of professional, so that parents understand the training mode and method of the school, and actively cooperate with the school education and teaching work.From the freshmen orientation education began to invite industry experts to participate in, to help guide the students to carry out the occupation career planning.At the same time, using the school-enterprise cooperation mechanism in Higher Vocational Colleges good, positive hiring enterprise experts to participate in the school teaching and practice guidance, the occupation atmosphere by regular teaching activities.
The students at the base of the real practice, feel the corporate culture, to accept the occupation training, so that students truly understand the industry, understand the job, cultivate the spirit of dedication.
School in student's occupation accomplishment plays an important role in the process of design and implementation of the design, should be active in every link of the training tasks and requirements, and the final assessment of students.
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