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On the folk organization in the contemporary Chinese social transformation.

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Keywords: the Chinese social transformation organization degree social organization during the period of social transformation of contemporary China's Social Affairs Society member's operation of the social basis of
Abstract: contains the social organization and the reform of the management of internal social transformation.In the period of social transformation of contemporary China, the development of the NGOs is fundamental to improve degree of social members and social affairs organized way.The development of civil society organizations can not only greatly improve the overall social organization, form the system of social management, rational division of improving efficiency, society's overall and, folk organization in the adverse social factors modified the original and foster the social elements of new plays an irreplaceable role, therefore, the development of civil society organizations to to provide the good social basis for the contemporary Chinese social transformation.
Contemporary Chinese social transition to modernization as the basic goal, content is very complex, but be sure, the mode of modernization of social life in various fields have corresponding requirements.Therefore, the social transformation embodied social organization and management of change, in the aspect of social organization, social transformation is a fundamental change from the traditional society type single organization system to the modern society the diversified organization system.
Try to use a single type of organization to all members of society and social affairs control, which is the main feature of the traditional society in the organizational level.On the contrary, modern social division of labor developed is a social organization highly differentiated society, society is an organization type diversification.In conformity with the development of social division of labor, only through the social tissue differentiation, diversification of social members and social affairs can be effectively organized.Based on the scale of government can not be unlimited to expand the development of civil society organizations, the only way is to improve the degree of social members and social affairs organization.However, "the non-governmental sector" of the low level of organization, or non-governmental organizations development is not mature, it is one of the main problems of contemporary Chinese social transformation facing.
From the contemporary Chinese social transformation perspective, the development of civil society organizations do not only have relation to reshape our government organization and other areas of business, social, conducive to the formation of the government organizations and all kinds of folk organization of public affairs, the system of social management, but also conducive to accelerate the improvement of the adverse social factors and cultivation of the original new social factors.Specifically, the folk organization's existence and development in the social transition in contemporary China, at least showed in the following two aspects:
One, from the macro level, social structure, not fundamentally changed, not to expand the scale of government organizations, without increasing the cost of the government management under the constraints of social factors in the original, the development of civil society organizations can greatly increase the whole social organization, the formation of social governance system of division of work and reasonable, improve the overall efficiency of social operation.
Our social organizations total low, non-governmental organization is even lower, tissue type and structure of a single, this is one of the main obstacles to overcome the social transformation in china.According to the relevant departments of the Ministry of Civil Affairs Bureau of Chinese civil society organizations to statistics, to the end of the first quarter of 2004, a total of only 143000 registered social groups, national registered in the civil affairs departments of the people-run non-enterprise units only 124000.China is a country with a large population, the complexity and diversity of social affairs, participation in public affairs organizations less quantity, ability is weak, a lot of social management have to depend on the government organization, which will affect the efficiency of government organization, makes a lot of public affairs without effective governance.
Organization of tissue type and structure of a single, the social production activities is not reasonable, and governmental excessive intervention to "the non-governmental sector" are directly related to.Government intervention in social each domain, limits the folk organization's growth and maturity.However, in the development of non-governmental organizations are not mature, once the government withdraw from those areas it controls, these within the field of social activities will be out of control.If yes, the specific operation of all the forces of society requires the government to intervene in all areas of society.Governments at all levels of the organization and the function repeatedly to increase and decrease, can be said to be and the underdevelopment of civil society organizations, not mature have a direct relationship.In the government organization, there is no corresponding social organizations to assume ever undertaken by government organizations and social functions.Diversification of social transformation of social public affairs governance, governance mode diversification, all kinds of folk organization management subject as a social and public affairs can satisfy this requirement.The mature development of folk organization will transfer out to adapt to the market economic system and to bear part of the government economic, social functions, the functions are specific, complex.Non-governmental organizations to undertake these economic, social function, causes the government to extricate from the microcosmic management of complex, focus on macro management.Macro-control ability enhancement and micro adjustment function, can make the function of the government gradually reasonable.Composition for China such a social affairs and social members are very complex, the agricultural population proportion is too large, regional difference and class difference obvious social, the development of civil society organizations in politics, the existing legal framework, in order to form a high degree of autonomy of the public management system, but also can greatly save the cost of social management.
In recent years, the necessity and urgency of people began to realize that the development of civil society organizations.In order to realize the separation of government functions and social functions, the Chinese government formulated a series of measures to support the civil organizations, encourage the development of.First, strengthen the management of non-governmental organizations from the legislation, standardize the organization operation.In 1998 the State Council at the end of the year issued a formal implementation of the "Regulations on the registration of social organizations", "registration of a people-run non-enterprise unit" and "Provisional Regulations on the administration of the registration of institutions management provisional regulations".This marks the management of non-governmental organizations in China further embarked on a standardized, legal track.Secondly, to provide all kinds of tax, other aspects of the advantages of investment policy to support the development of civil society organizations, for example: in order to support private enterprises, to support the development of education, the national implementation of the value-added tax, business tax, enterprise income tax preferential several preferential tax policies for enterprises.Although our NGO development is not mature, its role is limited, but in the government's guidance, in the relevant legal norms and protection, non-governmental organizations can be developed rapidly and will play a more and more important role in social governance structure of our country in the new.
Two, from the social factors level, contemporary China's social transition, the objective requirements of accelerating the improvement of the adverse social factors and social factors of the original novel; folk organization in the protection of the natural environment, improve the quality of citizens, safeguarding the rights of citizens, improve various social institutions and rules, the formation and expansion of social consensus to the government organization plays an irreplaceable role.
There are human society depends on the specific natural environment, the quantity and quality of population (community members) and specific political economic, culture system constitute the basic elements of a particular society.Social factors from the microscopic foundation of social quality determines the basic form of society.Social transformation is not only the social structure change, the emergence of a new society is associated with social factors change and health, which inherently contains the improvement of original social factors and social factors.
In the specific historical condition and social background, the social transformation in contemporary China is faced with all kinds of complex problems.The population problem (not simply to control population quantity, more important is to improve the quality of the population) one of the key problem is restricting China's social development.In contemporary China, social transformation and population to improve the situation is closely related to the.Non-governmental organizations in improving the social skills and production capacity, played by improving the social members of the education, health effect is obviously.Actively guide the Ministry of civil affairs and other government organizations and the promotion of economic life, and China's market transition and adapted to the requirements, since 2002, the country house of folk Economic Cooperation Organization has a rapid development.Survey group I led, in 2004 July to August, a preliminary survey of current situation of the development of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yulin, Liuzhou, Hechi, Nanning, Chongzuo, non-governmental organizations, the survey results show that, in Guangxi, especially in the rural areas of Guangxi, through a variety of different types of society, people in Organization (restriction and protection under the law) to participate in market competition, greatly improve the economic life of the ordered degree and market competitiveness.In fact, only by government organizations to solve the problem of China's hundreds of millions of farmers, need to pay a great deal of management cost, is inefficient and unrealistic.All kinds of new workers to adapt with the economic life of market economy and the requirements, mainly by various civil society organizations to foster.
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