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Under the network environment of hospital cost management and control methods

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Abstract: based on hospital information platform, the comprehensive performance evaluation and economic information analysis system, according to the cost management and control object, to collect, analysis and processing of relevant data, automatically generated in accordance with the relevant economic information in electronic form or report the conditions established, providing reference for real-time operation decision hospital managers at all levels, achieve the cost management and control the activities of the digitalization and standardization.

Key words: the
information cost management cost control in

Along with the deepening reform of hospital information construction and the management of health economics, based on hospital information and network platform, make full use of information technologies, implementation and digital standard cost management and control activities, is the hospital modernization, scientific important ways, is also an important measure to improve the quality of medical service and the management level the.
In recent years, our hospital firmly grasp the core and essence of health economic management, range and precision on the breadth, depth and cost control of economic management, make full use of the information technology environment.The construction and innovation of pay close attention to economic management connotation, construction of the "quality management, cost accounting, according to the comprehensive performance management system performance award", medical, service, political work, such as line pipe into the cost management and control of the scope, make the economic management by experience, random and loose type to science standard specification, system development, gradually entered the scientific management, standardized track, made the management more benefit, economic benefit and social benefit.
The 1 process cost management and control of hospital
Cost management and control is the basic work of hospital economic management, but also an important part of hospital management.Carry out cost management and control objective, is the forecast, decision, plan, control, analysis and assessment of economic management in hospital, establish a scientific, standardized, rational economic management system.Through the cost management and control, can clearly see the hospital consumption in the process of medical service provided by the human, material and financial resources, strict examination, to various kinds of consumption is in accordance with the hospital expense standard and range, find out the existing problems of management work; to save expenses, reduce consumption, improve efficiency, avoid the waste, not only can reduce the operation cost and medical costs, but also can reduce patient burden, achieve the diagnosis and treatment of patients, medical quality, costs less, good social benefit purpose; at the same time, not only conforms to the fundamental interest of the patients and society, but also an important means of improving the level of hospital management.
Hospital cost management is a rich connotation, wide application scope, from the management level contains the budget, calculation, accounting, analysis, monitoring, management and control; from the time of the sort contains prior, during and after the event management; its implementation is based on hospital cost accounting data accuracy; its implementation the process involves the market environment, stakeholders, efficiency, medical quality, professional characteristics, technical level, service attitude, the degree of information, financial management and laws and regulations in multiple domains.In fact, the symbol of success lies not only in the later found the problem, more important is to realize effective control of ex-ante forecast and.
Hospital cost control is refers through scientific argumentation cost prediction and cost targets and cost planning scenarios are generated, the cost of all the components of the cost, strict calculation, analysis, evaluation and supervision, timely reveal deviations, and take effective measures to correct, unfavorable difference, development differences, the actual cost is limited to a series of management activities within a predetermined target range.Hospital cost accounting management and control system includes the organization, planning, implementation, coordination, analysis, management, supervision, control the all-around and whole process, can reflect the comprehensive efficiency index, hospital medical service cost, provide reasonable compensation to determine the medical service price basis, establish and improve the material incentive mechanism based on the four big functions, its development the trend is to the cost prediction, control and evaluation.
method of cost management and control of hospital 2 under Network Environment
Hospital cost management and control under the network environment, mainly relying on the hospital local area network platform, collect, transfer the relevant economic data and information, the original data on the generated daily management in hospital information system or business work, evaluation system or economic information analysis system by using the comprehensive performance, related economic data collection, collation, the calculation and analysis, report on economic data of electronic statements or cost management and control analysis, through the computer terminal, the management and the department according to access real-time view related information.

2.1 to establish the cost management and control system of
Cost management and control is an important aspect of health economic management in hospital, it not only relates to the hospital each department, each department and each employee's vital interests, change also relates to the adjustment of economic management mode, business process and related institutional change.In order to ensure the cost management and control work smoothly, to establish the cost management and control system of sound and orderly.The leadership of the Party committee system in hospital management committee, the health economy as the foundation, center of health economic management as the basis, composed of a hospital leadership, health care, and government departments and logistics, the relevant personnel to participate in the management of the organization.Its main duty is responsible for the cost management and control implementation plan, management rules. The cost management supervision, examination, evaluation, analysis, and solve major problems in the cost management and control.
2.2 the development of cost management and control regulations and
The system is an important guarantee for the cost management and control activities orderly so, according to the cost management and control requirements, formulate corresponding management measures, implementation rules, operation process, reporting system, to make clear and specific provisions, the law makes economic management and control the work of rule-based.
2.3 to improve the cost management and control scheme of
Project cost management and control should follow the "convenient and efficient, reasonable, strict and normative" principle, to standardize the management, convenient control, simplify the process, improve the efficiency of the.The contents should include the full cost management and control, total factor, whole process, comprehensive, all effects of all factors in the economy, whether in technical and economic aspects, should be included in the scope of cost management and control.
2.4 perfect the cost management and control system of
Establishing the system of cost management and control index, the most important thing is to carry out a detailed analysis of the hospital the management or business links, will work efficiency, economic operation status and other assessment, measurement indicators of a comprehensive design, the establishment such as cost analysis, material resources allocation index, the allocation of financial resources, development capacity index indicators, in order to make more accurate cost data, the measured data is more reasonable.Due to the hospital work efficiency and economic operation status indicator is rich in content.Requires the integrated use of various means and methods, make scientific, standard system set up the cost management and control index and rationalization.
2.4.1 using the system engineering theory and method of in-depth analysis of research on the cost management and control the hospital rules, the overall framework describing management and control system, fully reveal the hospital economic service object, mode of payment, management model of "diversification" characteristics, detailed drawing hospital management process, lay the foundation for the system of cost management and control of hospital scientific arrangement.
2.4.2 using the principle and method of standardization to
The labor cost and the Department for research hospital between materialized labor exchange rules, code for design of mutual exchange process and accounting vouchers, effectively solve the mutual sharing the cost accuracy.
2.4.3 using standard rules and methods system of
Pricing of accounting standard of hospital internal and internal accounting price ratio concept, definition, model and formula, standardized diagnosis and treatment project standards; clear medical project is the smallest counting unit costs.The establishment and determination of scientific system of cost management and control index.
The 2.4.4 reference and application of enterprise management methods for
The hospital into difficult wood management and control index system construction, from enterprise management method, with the characteristics of hospital, set up the cost management and control system of basic concepts, classification, accounting standards, measurement methods and control process.
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