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The realization of enterprise informatization of, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

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[Abstract] this paper elaborated the contents and significance of enterprise informationization strategy, and put forward some personal viewpoints on the informatization construction of enterprises to.
0 Introduction
Modern information technology, enterprise informatization is the use of computer, communication and network as the core? The full development and widely use of internal and external information resources of tN? On the existing enterprise design, technology, production, operation, management and effectively integrate internal and external coordination? Reduce cost? And timely provide accurate and effective data information for the corporate decision-making? Make enterprises more flexible, more innovative? And then increases the productivity and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Enterprise information content of 1
Specifically? Enterprise information include five aspects.
1.1 product information.Product information is through the integration of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology? The traditional mechanical products of financial information, computer, laser and other high technology? Make mechatronics products, modern technology and products? So as to increase product functionality, improve the intelligent level of the information age? In order to meet the requirements of mechanical products.
1.2 design information.Design of information including product design, process design information.The computer aided design (CAD) system? Design information including computer aided process planning (CAPP) system, the application of computer aided assembly process planning (CAAP) system, computer-aided engineering analysis (CAF) system should be used, computer aided test system application, network computer aided development environment, meat product life cycle activities in the Design (DFX) system two development and application and product modeling, model management and model V checking for system development and application.
1.3 production process information.The production process automation application of information technology in the production process? To solve complex problems in machining process automation, intelligent means? To improve production quality, precision and scale manufacturing level.One of the main applications include CNC equipment, computer application process automatic control system application, automatic collection of production data, production equipment, automatic control, automatic detection and automatic production of product coverage.
1.4 enterprise management informatization.The enterprise through the integrated management information system to improve the management level?.The main application layer including enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, supply chain management (SCM) system, customer relationship management (CRM) system and the auxiliary decision support system (DSS).
1.5 market information.Through the implementation of e-commerce? Can greatly save operating cost? To improve the market competition ability of the product to improve the economic benefit?.
2 enterprise informationization of the righteous
(1) is conducive to the realization of the state-owned enterprise reform and take off tired target.The policy on the comprehensive use of the state has been introduced at the same time? The use of modern information technology? Effectively development and utilization of information resources? Contributes to the improvement of enterprise management to improve the competitiveness and economic benefits?

(2) helps to improve the innovation ability of the enterprise to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises?? to adapt to the market competition request;

(3) helps to rationalize and improve enterprise management?
manage be arranged in good order;
(4) to improve the design efficiency and shorten the design cycle??
ensure design quality;
(5) reduce the inventory? Save occupation of funds? Save production materials to reduce the production cost;
(6) shorten the business hours business enterprise customer satisfaction and improve? And timely access to customer demand? Achieve make-to-order;

(7) flow rate accelerated the flow of funds in the enterprise and between enterprises? Fast using repeated the effective implementation of the fund;

(8) speeding the information flow within the enterprise and between enterprises? Realize effective information integration and utilization.
3 enterprise informationization construction countermeasure of
3.1 to actively create a good external environment of enterprise informatization construction.The experience of developed countries shows: government support, encourage and guide is very important in the construction of enterprise informationization.The government to improve the informatization construction of the environment and perfect the network infrastructure construction, supporting system establishment and the consummation? Network security and the formulation of laws and regulations? So as to create a good environment for the enterprise information construction and provides long-term services?.3.2 to promote the network foundation facilities construction.Computer network infrastructure is the premise to promote enterprise informatization construction.Network infrastructure construction mainly includes the construction, information transmission network development, information transmission equipment and information technology development, infrastructure construction.Based on making full use of the existing resources of X. The government should increase capital investment? The construction of a broadband, high speed, large capacity, the high level of national information network? The gradual elimination of departments, regional network VI] wall died, resource monopoly and institutional obstacles.
3.3, strengthen and improve the security authentication system.To solve the security problem of shopping, trading and settlement in the Internet is the enterprise information construction and developing electronic commerce key.Establish and perfect the security system to ensure the effectiveness of? 1: contract? To prevent system failure, the computer virus and hacker attack '"?? to ensure transaction content, both transactions account and password security.
3.4 to establish collaborative online homework system.Net 1 collaborative construction operation system directly affects the process of enterprise information construction? So as to ensure that electronic business efficiency and effectiveness and give full play to the information flow, capital flow?, coordination of logistics? Should speed up the establishment of the bank on the net, net of tax, network Bu Bu Bu certification, inspection, net net transport system, distribution system electronic commerce system realization of logistics modernization?.
3.5 to raise awareness to strengthen a project?.Business leaders should be fully aware of: enterprise information construction is the management mode, organization structure, mode of thinking is a '? Since Bu down' 'innovation and change.Y4} test and practice show that: Leadership participated and information-based construction is of great importance for? Is the key of enterprise informatization starts and success.

3.6 improve the information construction of preparatory work to implement the capital of enterprise informatization construction?.Most of the enterprises that lack of funds is the most important factor restricting enterprise informatization? And enterprise informatization is a comprehensive Ding investment big lift? So? In 0 enterprises informatization construction? Must include technical feasibility study, the economic, financial and other aspects of its? Make a detailed budget establishment? Enterprise informatization construction fund financing channels? Implementation, the full range of the fund?? so as to ensure the smooth implementation of enterprise informationization.
3.7 to establish a their own high-quality information technology team.Talent is the key to enterprise information need? One can understand the technology and to understand the management and technical personnel?? reasonable knowledge structure, strong technical "composite" information team. This will require the enterprises by strengthening the training of talents? Technical exchanges and cooperation and other ways to create a large number of proficient in professional knowledge? Senior specialized talents with strong innovation the spirit and the practice ability? To promote enterprise informatization construction.
3.8 solid earnestly information resources management.The need for adequate basis to support the implementation of enterprise informatization? Enterprise must strengthen the basic management work? Including financial management, warehouse management, production management, quality Ganli? Management? Do the data is accurate, complete, timely, objective.
3.9 pair of new situation? From reality? Using the new technology and new service.Using ASP (Application Sevr ice Pro vider)? Enterprises such as renting ASP provides quality service? Neither Meng t- infrastructure investment? Nor Irkt- development and maintenance of application software? So? Professional advantage with Lichuan intermediary solution information not to say? Enterprise based on value chain outsourcing? You can cut back sharply on IT wages and upgrade and maintenance cost? And concentrate on the core business of _1: quickly into the market?.Development of ERP? ERP enterprise resource planning system combines the modern information technology and advanced management ideas and management models? To integrate each implementation enterprise procurement, manufacturing, sales, accounting, service and other aspects? With unified standard and scientific planning to promote enterprise efficiency improvement
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