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On knowledge management and customer delivered value

Author: YinTingGuang LinLiXin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-23 14:48:36 Read:
Keywords: the     of knowledge management; customer value; customer delivered value organizational strategy
Abstract: knowledge management in knowledge economy era as the breakthrough point, analyzes the realistic development enterprise customer management, and combines classic case of Haier, Lenovo, Wuliangye of domestic famous enterprises, strengthening the knowledge management of the enterprise and enhance its customer value. To explore in detail and the possibility of customer delivered value and methods for strengthening the entrepreneur, strategic thinking on cultivating the core competitiveness of enterprises and improve their competitive advantage provides direction.
The tide of economic globalization is sweeping the globe, the powerful shock makes it "to every citizen of the global village" are deeply impressed by the information age brings. Time Warner and AOL merger, PCCW Power Holdings Hongkong Telecom, Sina, Sohu, Netease, the birth of a number of network enterprise, a road ship IT stock price rise, marks the operation of modern enterprises has been completely from the traditional production shifted to the human capital, intellectual resources development. Knowledge has become the most important resource management, knowledge management has become the core of enterprise management.However, facing the development of the times so billowing surging trend, how to effectively manage the knowledge resources, this seems to have become the key of management thinking.As a result, the new entrepreneurs to set up a "Chief Knowledge Officer" (CKO position, in order to through the introduction and use of knowledge management method, the enterprise intellectual capital into real competitive advantage, maximize the interests of shareholders.
The idea of the new 1 operating domestic brands
Research shows that the enterprise management, in order to seek more customer resources, achieve the goal of profit maximization, has been gradually to the management center of gravity forward, began to see the customer management is the priority among priorities, focusing on the construction of a market - oriented, customer care enterprise has become the common pursuit of entrepreneurial fashion. In this regard, Haier Group (HAIER) launched without moving service, the detection line extends to the customer home, enabling customers to remain within doors can enjoy the after sale service reach the acme of perfection; at the same time, Haier operating household central air conditioning is first proposed for customers free design idea, let the customer directly involved in product design activities, enjoy traveling to personalized before-sales service space. While Lenovo Group (LEGEND) setting 800 free service hotline, which involves all the problems associated with the computer, Lenovo engineer will talk and cordial, enthusiastic to answer your questions, let you fully enjoy the wonderful feeling of "customer first".Both the Haier or association, in customer management process is flexible use of the two kinds of ideas: the integration of knowledge management, knowledge innovation, "customer value; customer is God" concept.
Marketing theory thinks, the customer in the purchase process, the general will be comprehensive use of the knowledge, experience and effort and other factors, according to "maximize" value principle, choose the products they need from the numerous brands and suppliers. "Maximum value" is the main target customer purchase behavior, and its evaluation the success of the transaction standard.Therefore, TCL in customer management process initiated the "create value for customers" service concept, so that customers get more customer delivered value, in the purchase of TCL products gain value at the same time.
2 client and customer delivered value theory analysis
Customer value and customer delivered value is a combination of interrelated. The former refers to the total value of the customer to purchase products at obtained from a particular product or service in a series of interest; the latter refers to the total value of customers to obtain the total cost of the balance of payment the total value of.The customer purchased the product expected product value, service value, image value, personnel value at the same time, also pay monetary cost, time cost, energy cost and manual cost.
Idea of customer delivered value concept contains and the traditional concept of different: the customer purchased the product obtained is not only the product function and quality, at the same time, pay the customer purchased the product, not just the purchase price.Therefore, delivered value can be considered to buy the product for the customer profits. As enterprises hope that through the sale of products as high as possible profits, customer buying behavior is also keen to "profit maximization". In order to ensure customer satisfaction, improve customer delivered value, enterprise can through 2 ways 3 options: either to improve customer value, or try to reduce customer costs, or improve customer value and reduce customer costs two direction to marketing efforts.
In the marketing practice, enterprises on their value chain, is unable to deliver the needed by the customer value to the client. In this regard, enterprises need to get the value from suppliers. Then for the production, and then give the product distributor sales, while their own or rely on the agent service for customers to provide services. Only together these institutions value chain, it can be for customers to create value to customer, customer value delivery system of their own.For example, the power supply enterprises in the production practice, need from the power companies buy electricity through the grid, and then sold to customers, and provide consultation, design, installation, commissioning, repair and other services for the customers, the whole process will depend on the power enterprises, power supply enterprises and customers 3 cooperate with each other to form the complete value delivery system.
Design of knowledge management strategy of 3 in modern enterprises
In today's era of new economy, strengthen knowledge management, rational mining customer value delivery system potential, make the whole system operate effectively, providing as much as possible value for the customer, should be the target that each enterprise pursues.So how should business enterprise integration and design of customer value delivery system have the knowledge, for knowledge sharing, and building itself into a learning organization and knowledge team, realize the maximization of the value of the target customer delivered it, this will be the focus of this paper.
(1) based on the strategic situation analysis, the enterprise can use "knowledge defect analyzer" comprehensive analysis of knowledge needs of their own, to develop practical knowledge management strategy. The marketing practice, brutal competition everywhere, possible for every one percentage point for the market share of the fight to fight at outrance between businesses. The enterprise's internal resources is abundant, the external condition is superior, the position in the industry, these conditions for enterprises to choose and plays an important role in implementing the development strategy. As soon as we clear the enterprise implementation of every business functions needed knowledge assets, the knowledge assets for further analysis is particularly important.Therefore, the knowledge level of the enterprise existing ratings according to the high, low, in 3, to obtain quantitative results.At the same time, enterprises should also be based on business intelligence reports and expert evaluation, to the main competitors score.Comparison of the two, can quickly get an image of the results, namely the enterprise in the industry's position and should be taken into consideration in skill acquisition scheme, and gaps in knowledge of the enterprise and its main competitors based on the analysis, understanding is used to bridge the gap between the time required.
This analysis can make the enterprise top management clear enterprise strengths and weaknesses relative to competitor, found the threats and opportunities environment caused by the enterprise, in order to obtain the "knowledge defects existing on earth might be offset by increased knowledge intake, or to bind through a merger or acquisition action, more comprehensive way to make strategy the decision to make up" on the issue, and on this basis, establish enterprise framework for knowledge acquisition, the design and implementation of knowledge network corresponding, accumulated effects of customer value and customer delivered value change to improve knowledge, establish a fast and easy access to the customer delivered value.
(2) the establishment of the learning organization, and gradually transition to the knowledge-based team. In the enterprise development process, learning activities is essential. Learning behavior is generally divided into individual learning and organizational learning two levels. The individual learning through experience learning theory and other personal practice, suggesting that the 3 individual way. Learning is the foundation of organizational learning, organizational learning is a further distillation of individual learning, it can make the individual implicit knowledge into tissue surface, common knowledge. But whether the individual learning and organizational learning, are usually the individual and organizational psychological energy with time accumulation and mutation, so as to promote the continuous development of the organization.
The establishment of the learning organization can be achieved through the database, application software, electronic conference, group work, e-mail and Internet technologies.But the study organization once established, can effectively promote the rapid learning of new knowledge enterprises, and through the surface of the individual energy and effectively, help the enterprise to realize the leap Group energy.
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