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On deepening the the communication enterprise funds between revenue and expenditure management mode

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Abstract: The management mode of "expenditure" in one hand, can achieve the centralized management of corporate cash, to reduce the cash cost of ownership, accelerate cash flow, improve the efficiency of the use of funds; the other hand, can strengthen the internal control system, and improving the quality and level of financial management. Through analysis of revenue and expenditure management mode communication enterprise applications, to reveal the principles and attention to the issue of building communication enterprises of revenue and expenditure, and expected to have implications for other similar enterprises.
Keywords: income and expenditure line; management mode; communication enterprise
The revenue and expenditure line is this is a management model of fiscal funds taken by the Government in order to strengthen financial management and fiscal consolidation order. At present, many large conglomerates have also adopted the "expenditure" in funds management mode, the communication business is no exception. The revenue and expenditure management model is the most prominent feature is the centralized management of enterprise-wide funds, reduce the funds holding costs, accelerate cash flow, improve the efficiency of the use of funds.
Enterprises build "expenditure" in the funds management model has several basic principles: One is a clear division of the flow of income funds and expenditure of funds, non-cash income or sit; second is to ensure that the income funds, timely, safe, full and withdrawn from circulation, and the implementation of effective centralized management to reduce the cash cost of ownership, accelerate cash flow; Third is around the corporate profit targets to achieve, to develop a reasonable budget arrangements, the best cash balance necessary to maintain business continuity operations. Communication enterprises "expenditure" in accordance with the above principles, calls for closing branch household management income accounts and expense accounts were set up at a local bank, and shall not carry out the transfer of funds between. The income account includes income the imputation account and general revenue account: income imputation account for foreign receivables regular internal imputation income funds turned over to the parent company; General Revenue Account for foreign receivables and regular accounts of income imputation transfer of funds. Expenditure account includes operational expenditure account, account of capital expenditure and other expenditure must be set up accounts. The Provincial Communications Company of the municipalities branch and expenditure management, income funds are paid in full, and the expenditure of funds appropriated budget. City branch of the branch under the county implement the reimbursement system management.
In order to ensure the orderly functioning of the capital, efficient, provincial communications company intends to eventually achieve the revenue and expenditure management mode of the automatic type zero balance "income funds in the account is automatically cleared on program spending account funds to implement the quota control, daylight overdraft, end-of-day liquidation, the management of the zero balance ". The provincial unified with the bank signed the agreement on zero balance account provisions of the spending limit for each branch. Daily branch starting balance to zero, may require banks to pay on the basis of the spending limit, the bank paid, the branch bank account is negative, the total expenditure of the bank daily total daily nuclear provincial company pin Province allocate appropriate funds to the bank designated account, the branch of a bank account to maintain a zero balance. And various banks to be liquidated for the day of the liquidation of the funds is not enough loan processing, Province capital bank before taking into account the interest on the loan. Implementation of zero-balance account management can be achieved two purposes: to maximize the funds retained in the account of the provincial company, the maximum amount of funds precipitated protect provincial company, the benign turnover of the funds. "Automatic zero balance between revenue and expenditure management model provides: 1, income imputation account settings: provincial, municipal and county levels income imputation accounts were opened branch offices at all levels may choose to have , one or more of the agricultural, industrial, Jianzhong opened the the income imputation special account in a bank, but a company only opened a income imputation account. Follows a company in agriculture, industry, built open income imputation account, the parent company shall be opened in the peer-income imputation account. 2, the overdraft account settings: the provincial company operating expenditures overdraft households has been opened in a row, accordingly, for the realization of capital overdraft feature, cities and companies operating expenditures overdraft households in the peer must open, expenditures account overdraft accounts must use, non-string. County Branch principle only keep a spending account no overdrafts function, directly funded by the cities. The imputation of income funds in the account at all levels in agriculture, engineering, and construction of all income funds account automatically every workday timing imputation to level counterparts income imputation account, and then automatically imputation first a company counterparts the income imputation account; income account in other banks allocate frequency based on the capital stock and the cost of the transfer of funds and other factors to consider, in principle, other income households at least one week time income allocated to the level of company income imputation account . Spending account funds, overdraft management requirements of the provincial company regularly approved by the lower levels of the company's expenditures account overdraft limit, the of various expenditures overdraft account only the branch is not closing, day zero balance overdraft, end-of-day progressively Automated Clearing. Communication enterprises in the process of implementing of revenue and expenditure of funds management model, should pay attention to the following question:
1, to strengthen the management of the bank account. Management and supervision of the provincial companies of all branches of the bank account each grading all bank accounts opened, change, revoke the requirement of provincial approval submitted to the approval of group companies, group companies approval before processing, without the group of companies approval of the accounts opened, are regarded as "small treasuries"; all branches of all bank account information to be included in the fund management system for unified management. Account opening, changes undone information changes should be updated in the fund management system in a timely manner; Province unified coding system for all bank accounts: a bank account corresponding uniquely encoded as an important basis of internal management of the bank account; all bank account should be strictly in accordance with the designated purposes, the funds received, payment services, non-super range use.
2, stressed that the settlement discipline. Non-cash income or sit: of revenue and expenditure of funds management model, not only income cash may not be directly used for expenses, the funds of the bank income households can not be directly used for expenses, the source of all expenditures of funds can only expenditure households. In order to put an end to the cash income or sit, each income cash shall promptly deposit income households, cash exceeding the prescribed limit must be paid through a bank. IOUs are not allowed to arrived in the library, to ensure that all income funds into income households, allowed kangaroo's off-balance little treasuries.
3, the use of online banking online operations to speed up the settlement of funds rate, to compress the time of the funds in the balance sheet links, business processing timeliness.
Deepen the revenue and expenditure management has positive significance for communication enterprises. First of all, it is to achieve a truly centralized financial management, total operating income is included in the overall budget management. Budgetary and extra-budgetary revenue and expenditure of the unified accounting, unified management, strengthen macro-control capacity of enterprises, improve the efficiency in the use of capital concentration. The branch to open revenue account income into account, the funds vested in provincial company, at all levels branch has the right to borrow the maximum extent possible to protect the funds of concentrated. It realized the scale of the financial operations, to avoid the low efficiency of the entire enterprise financing, funding and operation; while dispersing funds together to achieve the maximum economic benefits. Communication enterprise through centralized income, all of the funds are concentrated in the provincial company, through the implementation of a comprehensive budget funded by the running costs of the branch down, in addition to the normal costs of running the branch only in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Corporation to carry out production and management activities, centralization has been strengthened. Secondly, the two lines of revenue and expenditure have been guaranteed the authenticity of the income to the maximum extent possible to reduce false income: For a long time, the primary corporate bad news, corporate leadership achievements and business income based assessment system, do everything possible to improve income, even willing to take the false accounts and accounting loopholes to increase revenue. Two lines of revenue and expenditure of such an approach in the institutional and fundamental constraints, income into income households will to imputation transfer to the provincial company, there will be no false income. The previous implementation of the management of the balance of payments, the branch using only turned over to the difference in the presence of a lot of money for working capital under the premise can even use the revenue side of the column, the side of the cost of the balance of payments is not affected, the water will continue to sexual growth was withheld, until the next leader after he took office, may have exposed to the higher authorities of the income and expenditure budget have a huge impact. Again, and expenditure, the provincial headquarters focused funds, unified provincial company can pay the bulk procurement funds for centralized payment other funds. City and county branch of the project and the amount of the approved budget to decide to buy what goods and services, but proceeds to pay the provincial company, the funds paid directly to the suppliers of goods and services, through any intermediate links, so you can master each the final destination of the sum would fundamentally eliminate deductions, withholding, misappropriation of funds, corruption. Short "expenditure" in the centralized capital management approach enables more advanced communication enterprise financial management, greatly improving the competitiveness of enterprises.
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