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Reflections on Teachers' information technology training school education information construction.

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Keywords: the   information construction; information technology teacher training
Abstract: mankind has entered an information age 21 century? How to collect the information, processing information and the effective information to good use will become a basic abilities of people with.This paper combines the characteristics of education informationization in teaching? The school information technology teacher training in the process of education informatization construction? Should create good environment of campus informationization training? Change the informatization of teacher education learning? The use of information technology training method for? The information technology training school to obtain a better development.
The development of information technology and its application in education, provide strong support for education modernization? Provide reliable guarantee great-leap-forward development for our country to achieve basic education.To strengthen teacher's information technology training and promotion? Is the key to promote the application of information technology in education? To realize the great-leap-forward development of primary and secondary education? Is Qinghai Province Department of education for primary and secondary schools in Qinghai province is one of the key direction of education informatization construction.
in the teaching of the characteristics of 1 Education Informationization
Education informatization is the extensive application of modern information technology based on computer multimedia and network communications based on? The basic characteristics of digitization, intelligent network and multimedia.The goal of the educational informationalization is to cultivate innovative talents is to realize the modernization of education?.The process of education informatization is an effective use of information technology innovation education based on the idea of implementation process of the cultivation of innovative talents?.Educational technology change? Teaching methods also have corresponding change? And the teaching method choice? Is dominated by the concept of teacher education.So? For all the teachers of our school is facing the education informatization? Direction to education reform? Know how to use the education of information technology? To support the educational reform and promote the development of education is very necessary.
2 school education informationization construction problems
2.1 education informationization construction needs a good environment
The construction of education informationization environment? Is to master modern educational technology model teachers create material conditions for the realization of modernization of school education and training.According to preliminary statistics to our school information construction environment? The construction of school since the school since 1997 every year to pay more attention to the information environment.Now our school has five function of multimedia classroom. Two students in operating room? A total of 76 computers? A teacher electronic preparation room a total of 105 computers?.Our school is expected at the end of 2006 will enable the office and classroom to complete the network monitoring system can better improve the school campus network environment; this is my school teachers to better the future application of information technology with multimedia computer network and satellite television network? And computer multimedia and multimedia optimization means teaching, management creation a good environment.
Teaching software and hardware combination of 2.2 information
The hardware is in some of the teaching tools school has some money can buy teaching equipment, advanced equipment? But if schools have advanced teaching equipment? Equipment? If no one to use it to play its role?? and not the teaching tool is applied to the teacher's own teaching? Then these teaching tools will lose it should play potential lose their value?.You can think so? If teachers do not understand the multimedia computer, no information education idea? Can't take information technology to their teaching on students? Direct access to the source of knowledge is difficult to have the opportunity to directly related skills learning computer? Education will affect a generation of person.
2.3 change of informatization of teacher education idea
Our school teachers, information education and training is the first change of teachers' information technology learning beliefs? Any system innovation? System innovation depends on the renewal of ideas.Teachers should have the modern teaching ideas? Master the modern teaching means teachers? Should be transformed from the traditional sense of the knowledge for self learning and practice.For example? In the teaching process of applying traditional teaching teachers? Think their approach to education and teaching quality is very good exam results?? no use of information education idea to change the traditional teaching methods of concept that student learning is to exam?.So the change of teachers' information learning concept is be imperative.So? Teaching reform is not only the reform of traditional teaching theory? Is more important to change teachers' information technology education concept.
2.4 strengthen teachers information technology training self-study consciousness
The main task is to teach the teachers information technology training to obtain "information knowledge skills"? The teacher training to become "information".This requires that teachers should have good information technology training self-study consciousness? Will be good at information network of new information and knowledge organically? We understand and grasp the new trend of this and related disciplines? By the knowledge of information open its new vision.At present? Our school teachers to get the application of information technology to daily teaching activities? Just arranged in the school office open lesson or observe and learn the lesson in use.So? In the material foundation of environment information education teaching practice? Enhanced teacher's information technology training self-study consciousness? Can make teachers consciously by using the information technology in the teaching activities.
3 school teachers information technology training
3.1 the implementation of hierarchical training
In the organization of the school teachers in information technology training qualifications on my school teachers, the existing information technology level, teaching conditions, teacher's influence are considered? Made two level training scheme.One is the primary skill training? Is mainly aimed at the ordinary new teacher? So that it can adapt to the new situation and new requirements of the current rapid development of information technology education as soon as possible.For example? In recent years has trained how to start the application, how to browse the "Internet", learning the word processing software, document editing and beautification (word art, clipart), printing, presentation document production etc..Two is the advanced skills training? Is mainly directed against the received primary training? Good discipline and ability of the teachers training in information technology and the discipline leaders?.This training has a strong encouragement and exploratory? The purpose is to train a number of modern education technology to improve bone thousand? So as to drive the other teachers' informational education teaching level.
3.2 the centralized training and learning combination
According to the age structure of teachers in our university? Mainly with young? There are full of youthful spirit, be in the full vigour of life? And mastered the basic characteristics of conventional teaching methods.But the development of the situation? Force we can't stick in the mud? Only stay in the traditional socket.To meet the training needs? We must reform teaching means? In the teacher training by adopting the method of centralized training and learning combination achieved good results.According to the basic situation of our school of information environment? Only in the school can have the equipment for training and exercises.All the year round so we fixed in the student during recess activities for an hour in the centralized training? Explain the operation skill and theory of learning? Usually spare time open school teachers electronic preparation room for teachers? School consolidation and practice using and tutoring?.
3.3 information technology training by way of evaluation
Teacher information technology training school long-term work? In each training stage after the completion of the training teachers for examination and evaluation is essential.Evaluation is to understand the teachers in the training process are mastered the training content? Score is to sense of competition between teachers? To a certain pressure to study information technology training.In the examination and evaluation of allows us to discover problems promptly improve?? perfect training plan? Enable trainees to understand their own shortcomings? Make up in time, improved? Make it more suitable for information technology training for teachers in our school.
4 school information technology training on
The school teachers in information technology training? Feel the biggest obstacle is my school information infrastructure construction and resources and school teachers information literacy gap.The biggest gain is the basic operation of teachers to master certain information technology? Can use computer aided teaching.The biggest problem is the teachers don't know how to learn basic operations used in their teaching process? How to integrate information technology into the curriculum.Education and information technology basic skills teachers training should be carried out alternately? Teacher information technology training to go through a gradual process? Stage training and continuous improvement is the combination of information technology training method is effective.
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