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With information as the driving force to enhance the core competitiveness of power enterprises

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[keyword] electric power informatization in   electric power enterprise core competitiveness; integration of management and control
[Abstract] enterprises to promote the application of information technology, the development and utilization of information resources, the purpose is to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises and enhance the competitive ability.The specific measures from the analysis of the current situation and demand of power information comprehensively promote electric power informatization process, emphasizing the power enterprise can enhance the core competitiveness through information technology.
How to use information technology to transform traditional industries, accelerate structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, enhance the enterprise's technological innovation and management innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, enterprises of our country is more directly facing the international and domestic market competition after entering the WTO, to meet the economy is an unavoidable problem in the challenges of globalization.Enterprise informatization is not only a process of using information technology and equipment, but also in the development and utilization of information resources.Enterprises to promote the application of information technology, the development and utilization of information resources, the purpose is to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises and enhance the competitive ability.Especially in the electric power enterprise information.
One, the current situation and demand of electric power information of the
China electric power enterprise information originated in the nineteen sixties, although management system had been adjusted several times, but the computer equipment level has been in a leading position.According to statistics, by the end of 2003, more than 2500 kinds of scale LAN, ratio of the main post of the staff of the Department of the power companies to use the computer is close to 100%, the provincial power company headquarters LAN covering the department work of more than 90%.Electric power enterprises in different periods of different departments to meet business needs and carried out a series of information system construction, almost every large-scale power generation enterprises have greatly small more than a dozen or even dozens of information system.But most of these systems is without overall planning and scientific and rational built, lack of contact between the various systems, the information can not be shared, the business is not cooperative, for enterprise management decision-making role is very limited.In addition, due to the lack of an overall data planning, data integration, there is more or less "information isolated island", part of the data cannot be integrated into the overall management information platform.Especially the production real-time information of power plant, such as CS, SCADA, SIS, water regime monitoring and other information, can not be fully used by MIS, not for the decision and data mining services.
With the change of the era, information has become the focus of the advanced productive forces.Electric power information including electricity production, dispatching automation and information management in two parts.Production, dispatching automation is always the focus of power information, most of hydropower plant, power plant and substation equipped with computer monitoring system of hydropower plant; a considerable part of the reformed also realizes unattended, few people on duty.The extensive application of automatic monitoring system for power production greatly improve the level of automation of the production process.All kinds of power dispatching automation system at present, such as SCADA, AGC and EMS has been completed, power dispatching agencies set up SCADA system, the three level scheduling 100% grid automation.In contrast, construction of electric power industry management information system to lag a lot.Even in the China State Grid Corp, Huaneng companies such as unit, management information system (MIS) construction is in the primary stage.
With the reform of electric power system, electric power enterprises demand for management information system is becoming more and more intense, mainly the need to strengthen the subordinate power enterprise management, province and county power supply company to improve enterprise efficiency in power generation group.The power generation group urgently need to know the subordinate operation enterprises of the day, but not detected operation of each unit, rely on artificial data report and often unreliable, such as downtime is planned downtime or unplanned downtime, this will force the power group to accelerate the pace of construction management information system.Previously, there is no card, a card table, no card table is not unified phenomenon is very serious, some users spent 10 years electric power company has never received any electricity, because the power company didn't know that the meter; there is an urgent need to implement the power marketing management information system, all of these holes are blocked.
With the development of power industry division of labor more and more detailed and professional, perfect production, operation, marketing network, the necessity and objective information construction is more and more clear, and network construction, more and more software fees and monitoring becomes important content of power information. combining production, dispatching automation and information management together, not only can the resource sharing technology, but also conducive to the production control system and management system information integration together, achieve the integration of management and control.
Two promoting the electric power informatization process measures of
1 grasp the direction of information technology of power information system is a continuous improvement of systems engineering, in the development process of information, update of information equipment, information industry change rapidly, the extensive application of information technology, information technology and grasp the direction of the more important, this requires that we must strive to enrich technical strength, and constantly open up new space, the development of the productive forces to strengthen exchanges, constantly charging, perfect knowledge structure, with the information technology progress.Only in this way, can we ensure that the content of science and technology of information construction, to ensure that the information construction has to adapt with the development of science and technology, to ensure the consistent with the development of electric power industry.

2 strengthen information work sense of responsibility.Strengthen information work sense of responsibility, in a pragmatic style is devoted to the application of information technology in enterprises, promote the development of the electric power industry.This is an overall concept, not to buy a few computer, local area network, build several web site, but to "good, practical, use" principle, not the blind pursuit of the "new", "Qi", "high", from the reality, consider the enterprise existing situation and reality bearing capacity, consider whether the concept of enterprise, personnel, organization, management, able to adapt to the implementation of information engineering requirements, especially the process of information related to enterprise management mode, change the mode of production, should be fully estimated to its difficulty, how to overall system planning includes requirements analysis, feasibility study, design, coding, testing, maintenance of the building construction, timely, moderate.
3 organizations create and perfect information and a high-quality information technology team.Talent is the key of enterprise information needs, one can understand the technology, but also understand the management, reasonable knowledge structure, strong technical "composite technology" information team, will require the enterprises by strengthening the training of personnel, technical exchanges and cooperation and other ways to create a large number of proficient in professional knowledge, high-level specialized talents with strong spirit of innovation and the practice ability, to promote enterprise informatization construction.Establish and implement the personnel organization of the technology, to drive management, promoting the application of the technology to manage.4 as the organic combination of the information technology in the management of the organization and the concrete practice.Due to the impact of information technology change rapidly development, not simple to technology management, the electric power enterprise informatization construction and operation and maintenance for simple separation, if not directly participate in the long-term practice of information technology in technical management, development can not accurately grasp the information technology, more time will be around the outside of the IT company or expert, not for our enterprise information into a "tailored" configuration, development and management.
5 for the people to provide thoughtful service is an important content of information construction of electric power industry.Call the hotline service, people can through the hotline service, get electricity information, circuit repair, charges for such services, greatly change the call congestion, not attentive service.In order to more convenient and timely initiative to provide services for users, electric power bureau unit can also be in the plan through the network to provide 'one-stop' service, change the past passive 'status' services, directly to power enterprises or units, accept user comments and suggestions on the Internet, and do a good job of supervision of the whole interaction process.Establishment of CRM system in the service terminal, automation control and ERP management in the production and operation process, the construction of information throughout the whole process of electricity.So the power within the enterprise, in charge of the industry sector, or the broad masses of the people, will depend on the information of the new platform to achieve the safe use of electricity production, safety.
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