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Application of modern information technology education

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Paper Keywords: education information the multimedia technology network technology
Abstract: more clear analysis of information technology in education will line, and expounded the major role of multimedia teaching technology and network technology in the education and teaching activities. Shaped ring of state-of-the-art teaching model of good teaching.
The so-called education of information technology in the education process more comprehensive use of computer multimedia and network communications Tsuen foundation of modern information technology to promote the comprehensive reform of education, to adapt to the new requirements of the information society to the development of education. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the school computer and network technology is the most revolutionary impact on education since the invention of printing technology. Use of network and multimedia technology can allow students the freedom to explore, is conducive to the formation of their creative thinking and development.
A well technology reference
Multimedia teaching is the introduction of a multimedia computer as the core of modern teaching tools and instruments of a new mode of teaching in the teaching process. It opens up a new world of fun teaching. Mainly through text, graphics, images, animation, sound, video interaction network to form a variety of exciting the senses of students, the teaching content lively and stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning, breakthrough teaching major and difficult to improve learning efficiency.
(A) to impart knowledge and innovation in education. Innovative education teachers to innovate to teach students new school, thereby creating an environment conducive to innovative ability of good, democratic, harmonious teaching and learning environment. Using multimedia teaching, the teacher is more than just imparting knowledge, more important is to make students independent access to knowledge, but also to teach law students' knowledge creation, training students, the ability to obtain knowledge, and improve the students create a personalized multimedia teaching left to let the students themselves found regular opportunities, learning and knowledge creation of knowledge to practical. Play inspire students to perceive, understand and apply the role. Improve students 'ability to create, is conducive to the development of students' personality.
(B) individualized individualized fundamental to the full development of human potential, improve the overall quality of students of different qualifications can be fully developed. There are inevitable differences in students' living environment, level of experience, knowledge renewal capacity and different ways of thinking, to teach and understand the teaching content is a standard, a model for all students, it is difficult to realize the principle of individualized. aspects of inhibition of the intellectual development of the students, on the other hand underachiever am learning difficult, very difficult to achieve the goal of teaching requirements. The use of multimedia teaching effective teaching of information organization and management, so that different students get different development, thus contributing to the development of the human personality.
Second, the theory of two real giant
The use of multimedia technology can achieve virtual experiments, most of the course of the experiment, even reality difficult to implement pilot projects, graphics, images and other multimedia forms. Simulation experiment the whole process, with the help of relevant teaching software, students can be reviewed on the computer experiment. This will not only save the funding for the real face and not subject to time and space constraints. Teachers in the multimedia classroom teaching, he explains the theoretical knowledge edge demonstration experiment step Wei: in the multimedia classroom, the students can learn "necessary," enough "of knowledge, but also operating skills, so Province time, effort, provincial fiscal.
Third, the technical reference
In the great wealth of information, students have access to a wealth of knowledge of the various channels of information, teachers teach students knowledge at the same time, it should also guide students to independent learning and creativity through information technology means to participate in a variety of activities. In order to meet the needs of the new teaching situation, it is necessary to intensify efforts to reform the traditional classroom teaching, which would be:

(A) strengthen leadership, to develop measures to promote the application of information technology in the class should. State-of-the-art teaching facilities and a large number of rich e-book is the premise of information technology in education, teachers are required to boldly information technology education teaching methods in the classroom, the use of multi-media classrooms, to carry out sound shape and Mao, audio-visual integration of computer-aided instruction, requiring each teacher must learn to liberate from repeated heavy traditional teaching, and put more energy for the students how to analyze, how to optimize educational resources, how to induce student activities, and how to develop the students' ability. Instructional design is no longer to impart knowledge to the creation of context-based, in the classroom teaching, teachers using a variety of media, various methods for students to create the the Qian environment to stimulate student interest, to visualize the performance of teaching content. (B) the bold, innovative, kneeling constitutional, as the main teaching style olive. New classroom teaching students to become the main body of the construction of meaning, and teachers are also involved in the learning process of the students, to become a mentor, help and facilitator of student learning. Teachers in the classroom is the use of instructional design methods to guide to help students determine the appropriate learning objectives, and recognition and coordination the best way to achieve the target, guiding students to use multimedia technology to the creation of a wealth of teaching situations. Teacher instructional design is no longer to impart knowledge, but should be the creation of context-based, using a variety of media in the classroom teaching, teachers, and various means for students to create scenarios, shake hair students' interest, to visualize the performance of the teaching content. as the main core of the students' cognitive teaching model is gradually taking shape gradually to the goal-oriented teaching transition from the traditional content-oriented teaching.
Overseas research shows that online education will form the new teaching model. Traditional education teachers and textbooks and online education is student-centered, interactive multimedia courseware to replace part of the role of the teacher of the network is to provide students with an infinite ocean of knowledge between students, teachers and students exchanges between more equality and freedom, there are problems you can always access to the internet, students long-term use of the network to learn, they will be very familiar with the network provider. Two new techniques of multimedia teaching technology and network technology to create an updated mode of education, it is set off an educational revolution, creating the bright future of education in the future, increase two t technical know both young they should be. II Yan modern, horizontal teachers factors play a key role in the process of education information to promote the smooth progress of reform in a new round of school education should be to increase the intensity of the training of teachers, computer knowledge, at the same time, in terms of ideology Make the launch, the more they realize that the importance of modernization of education.
(A) hold a high level of computer applications teachers. First of all, the tomb of teacher training in computer based knowledge Bazhua the teacher's computer grade examination, as the breakthrough point, teachers are required to participate in the National Computer Rank Examination, which requires all teachers under the age of 35, this grade examination certificate, 45 years of age next year grade examination, the school teacher to a phased through grade examination. Secondly, we must expand the training in the use of multi-media equipment and training in the use of Internet technology. Requirements, all teachers must shirt the use of multimedia equipment for teaching, to learn to use the Internet to access information and teaching materials. The same time, we must also strengthen training courseware, courseware to improve the quantity and quality t adapt to the needs of multimedia teaching, training should continue to improve the level of teacher courseware for a good level of computer teachers to cope with their new technology, training of new knowledge, in order to promote the continuous advancement of information technology education in school.
(B) teaching ideas and methods. The role played by the computer in the classroom teaching teachers teaching ideas are inseparable. The computer used in the classroom, not only requires teachers to master basic computer skills and, more importantly, is to change the inherent teaching ideas and thoughts. Teachers teaching ideas in stone, teachers computer as adjunct to traditional teaching methods, can not play the unique potential of the calculation, only use it for presentations or for practice. This is actually old wine in new bottles will not be able to obtain satisfactory results. Therefore, we should grasp the changes in the teacher's teaching concepts, to form a priority by the General Assembly should pass, teaching and research seminar, open class, demonstration classes to carry out the atmosphere and sense of urgency of the modern educational technology.
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