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On the construction of enterprise information to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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Keywords: informatization construction of enterprise competitiveness innovation to avoid entering information construction error of
Abstract: enterprise information construction can promote the concept of innovation of the people, can change the traditional management mode of enterprise, realize the management process reengineering, and provides technical support for modern management, realize the enterprise self innovation and development, toward the new mode of enterprise management efficiency, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.At the same time, to avoid misunderstanding into informatization construction, pay attention to the following points to grasp the construction process application.
Use informationization to promote industrialization, promote the informationization with industrialization, take new-style industrialized way, extraordinary information, is more and more enterprises income. System transition, the market pressure increases gradually, all enterprises are feeling the informatization construction of the enterprise, the necessity and importance of enterprise's competitiveness.Informatization construction can promote the concept of innovation of the people, can change the traditional management mode of enterprise, realize the management process reengineering, it gives new meaning to enterprise management, provides the technical support for the modern management, a new vitality into enterprise self innovation and development.
1 information construction can promote the enterprise idea innovation, management innovation and technology innovation
Enterprise information construction is a systematic project, involving a wide range, not only to put in a lot of human, financial and material resources, also involves a series of important problems in organization, management system, methods of work.That is to tap the advanced management concept, advanced computer network technology application to integrate production, management, design, manufacturing, management, and timely provide accurate and effective information for the decision-making system of the enterprise, in order to respond quickly to demand, its essence is the core competitiveness to strengthen enterprise "".
1.1 informatization construction promote creative thinking
Development of information construction, we must first accept the information technology, it will need to learn new techniques, to accept new ideas, which itself is a concept innovation.Informatization construction is a rapidly developing field, new software appears continuously, drive the informationization construction constantly upgrading, to keep the past immutable and frozen view will be cut out, therefore, the process of informatization construction process is also a staff constantly update our concepts, advancing with the times.Information technology into enterprise management and work flow, which greatly improves the work efficiency, changing the traditional management mode, breaking the immutable and frozen way of working, so that employees must take the new thinking to work.At the same time give us some new ideas and feelings about the informationization construction, for example, efficiency idea, innovation idea, study idea and so on, the impact of employee's mind, drive the staff idea innovation.
1.2 change the traditional management mode of informatization construction of enterprise
The information construction, the redesign of the internal business processes, using a computer program control to replace a part of functions, change makes some jobs, business department function, all the functions of the Department to adjust, merging, which means that the traditional management pattern began to change.
1.3 construction management process reengineering of
The function of enterprise information construction is the most important management process reengineering (BPR).The enterprise, customers, suppliers, integrated together by a computer network, complete the effective transfer and optimization of information flow, logistics and value flow, including the enterprise internal production management, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), human resource management, enterprise office automation (OA) function fully integrated optimization of network of.
1.4 information construction to promote technology innovation of
Application and innovation of informatization construction itself is a kind of computer technology, such as the use of computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing equipment, various types of computer control system, computer data acquisition system and so on, a large number of enterprises using information technology to collect the information of science and technology, research and development of enterprise products.To achieve a high degree of integration of enterprise development, design, manufacturing, marketing and management, make the enterprise production and management tends to be parallel, flexible, intelligent, promote enterprise technology innovation.

2 but to achieve the desired result in the application of enterprise informatization construction, to use the right approach to the construction of enterprise informatization, speaking strategies in planning. To avoid the errors into the informationization construction, pay attention to the following several key
2.1 of enterprise informatization construction, must be the head of the enterprise engineering
Enterprise leaders attach great importance, direct decision, should pass to promote and organize the implementation, is crucial to the enterprise informatization construction.At the same time, enterprise informatization construction is a systematic project, involving all aspects of the business, not a person or several people can complete, information resources collection, processing, sharing itself requires full participation.In the information construction and application process, must adhere to the enterprises "top leaders" under the leadership of the division of responsibility, give full play to the subjective initiative of various departments, a clear division of labor, responsibilities to the people, to promote, at the same time strengthen management, establish mechanism, intensify the enforcement of rules and regulations, fundamentally to ensure the smooth construction of informationization.2.2, must design good information construction frame and the direction of
Information construction must carry out overall planning, grasp the direction and framework of information construction, should adhere to the principle of adaptability, combined with the actual business.Second is to adhere to the principle of economy, the benefits principle.In the enterprise internal organization related to leadership and various professional and technical backbone personnel information system application of good units in the same industry survey, held a special meeting to study information building needs and solve the problems existing in the process, on the basis of information construction, formed the main frame, not only makes the information always with the core business together, but also to avoid the information construction of each subsystem data calibre inconsistencies, the type of database is not unified in the "information isolated island" phenomenon.
2.3 must ensure that the information construction funds
Informatization construction need to invest a lot of money, not for certain funds, it is difficult to implement.Enterprises should be long plan, taking into account the information between the survival and development of enterprises, although the short term can not see the benefits, but the long-term benefits and for enterprises to bring potential is immeasurable, so the more difficult it is to carry out the construction of informatization.
2 4 must solve between informatization construction sector barriers of intestinal
Informatization construction is the foundation of industry, is also a systems engineering, must and other professional match, can play the overall force.The various departments and enterprises, between the two units that often there is a kind of invisible barriers, cross-sectoral and professional services often require coordination of some people and things, and the information construction companies involved in the coordination of all units and departments, work is more important.Enterprise first put informationization construction in a global position of informatization construction, adhere to grasp the idea, focus on human, material and financial resources, and technological resources, to ensure the smooth development of the software.
2.5 must be the implementation of staff training, practical process of
accelerate informatization construction
The information before the project start, with the help of third party consultant, on to the chairman, general manager, down to the ordinary employees information significance, necessity, basic knowledge and skills.Training expected effect, it not only contributes to the formation of the staff as soon as possible to the informatization construction of the general idea, steps of consensus, clear what should be the role and function, enhance employee participation and enthusiasm, creativity, reduce barriers, overcome resistance, improve the success rate of the project, the project the implementation should pay attention to the application and popularization of information achievement. To software developers and end users of the system of the application and operation skill training, everyone can change over from the past traditional manual management pattern, with a new computer management system for day-to-day work, mandatory implementation over a period of time. Office automation applications, has become a reality. The habit of using information.
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