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On the construction of a conservation-oriented enterprises implement information management

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enterprise informatization construction of conservation-oriented society
Abstract: the sixteen party 5 in plenary meeting points out clearly, to speed up construction of a conservation-oriented society.Enterprises as an important component part of the socialist market economy, how to build a conservation-oriented society pace, promote the informatization construction.This article from the tertiary industry promoting the informationization construction, coordination of construction of a conservation-oriented society and the adjustment of their own business strategy put forward views and opinions.
The party's sixteen plenary session clearly pointed out: "we must speed up the transformation of the mode of economic growth, China's land, freshwater, energy, mineral resources and environmental conditions have posed serious constraints on economic development.To conserve resources as a basic national policy, the development of recycling, protecting the ecological environment, l mapping construction of a resource saving, environment-friendly society, promoting economic development and population, resources, environment, promote the national economy and social informationization.To take a new road to industrialization, adhere to conservation development, clean development, security development, sustainable development."It points out the direction for the development of china.
according to the proposed sixteen strategic objectives, the party in 2020, our country should achieve the goal of building a well-off society, to the delta GDP per capita in 2020 reached 3 meter GDP totals $, such as use cases $B.To achieve such a scale, conservation-oriented society development strategy is the necessary guarantee.
enterprises as an important component part of the socialist market economy, establish conservation-oriented society to work closely with the business combination, the author through several years practice of enterprise management thought, "building a conservation-minded society, one is to start from oneself, build a conservation-oriented enterprises have two are actively pay attention to promotion with the application of the enterprise informatization, make enterprises become the 'Save' technology and service providers."It should be said, the rise of information technology provides the technical and management support for the construction of a conservation-oriented society.
in practice, how in the tertiary industry (mainly refers to the service industry) to coordinate the construction of a conservation-oriented society, adjust the enterprise business strategy has become the common concern of many businesses subject.The author thinks, the tertiary industry and building a conservation-oriented society, must to achieve social saving by means of the implementation of information, and to contribute at the same time, to realize enterprise management cost, operation cost, service cost weight loss and profit growth.Key can be from the following aspects.
1 based on the enterprise internal employees, arouse the consciousness of saving starting from
enterprise achieve the purpose of saving, rely on enterprises to formulate rules and regulations in accordance with the actual and effective implementation; another is the staff to save consciousness awakening, the daily conservation awareness form habits are embedded into everyday life, encourage employees to form the saving behavior in daily work.In fact, everyone have their own work, in the work process, will have a certain space saving, such as the use of paper, computer monitors, break off indoor air conditioning temperature control etc..In search of the space you need staff awareness, have the sense of saving, every employee can be save node, scattered nodes through the system management, can form a saving network.If the network can reduce the annual 1/1000 of the non - essential expenditure, for the whole Chinese society, the benefits will be orders of magnitude million yuan even tens of millions of dollars.

according to the "Chinese wealth", well-known Cisco network equipment manufacturers to reduce the recessive cost cases were introduced.Each a Cisco company employees at the beginning of the month will receive an e-mail, it said: "your last month telephone fee is XX, you are in the company's ranking is xx."This email is at the tip of the employee, should save the telephone bill, while encouraging the best employees.In this mail will usually have a link, tell the staff should be how to reduce the telephone fee. Cisco's focus on employee awareness of saving the mining, the method is more effective and humane, succeeded in reducing the recessive cost in mind, it is worthy of our reference.
2 based on the connotation of the upgrade, optimizing service process started from
the same is Cisco, also have such a statement, if a product you buy a Cisco company, products at home, you may even a staff are not see.This is an exaggeration to describe the quality of service process.Although not used universally, but has a high quality and service process is obviously effective means for an enterprise to save the cost, is essential for a successful enterprise quality of service.
for the tertiary industry, service flow through the stem the business chain, is the lifeline of enterprise.Create VEIO enterprises, will start from the service process, constantly optimize the.For a non circulating enterprises, the effective implementation of the "flow through", its purpose is to "customer across, through, through the post," "flow through", the existing customer service process of new design and system, in order to enhance the process efficiency and improve the results of flow quality, with "with the advancing process through the implementation of".
along with the application and popularization of OA online office system, optimize the service process, the focus is to seize the key link of information, to improve efficiency through technical means.Such as online office, online services, and constantly enhance the ability of service, allows customers to enjoy the fast and convenient service, but also can reduce the number of the enterprise cost and customer management, maintenance cost.
3 based on the social demand, saving technology and service supplier of
Guangdong Province Zhang Dejiang Secretary once said: "it is like the sea and sky, unlimited development and use".Is the phrase out of information application.
information to reduce social cost, reduce the positive role of resource consumption has been more and more attention from all sectors of society.The tertiary industry only seize each field of field tree information pursuit, should increase the strength to take the measures, widely used not to move or retreat promotion information, make more enterprises understand the connotation of information, improve the enterprise internal information overall saving resources and energy solutions.Secondly, the specific services further production and life, covering all walks of life, has penetrated into the life cycle operation of purchasing production to marketing, customer service services throughout the enterprise, will be for resource and energy conservation to provide the most comprehensive and practical means.
mankind has entered the information age, the development of the tertiary industry is to seize the profound meaning of the information, to grasp the important relationship between information technology and enterprise development, to put forward the enterprise to update, more broadly, to realize the social harmonious development.
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