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Regional logistics capability and regional economic relations research

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Abstract: On the basis of defining the meaning of the logistics capabilities, explore the meaning of the regional logistics capability and its constituent elements. The qualitative analysis of regional logistics capability and regional economic relations from the three aspects of the level of regional economic development, investment in transport and logistics needs, to provide a reference for the regional planning logistics capabilities.
Keywords: regional logistics; regional economy; regional logistics capability
Abstract: At the basic of defining the logistics capacity, the regional logistics capacity and its constituent elements are preliminary studied. Then analyze the relationship between regional logistics capacity and regional economy qualitatively in the three aspects of the regional level of economic development, logistic needs and the transport investment in order to provide reference for regional logistics capacity programming.
Key words: regional logistics; regional economy; regional logistics capability


Regional economic exchanges and cooperation has become a common economic phenomenon, logistics, business flow, information flow, capital flow in the region continue to emerge, the logistics activities have become increasingly frequent. How to build regional logistics system has become a regional economic health, stability and sustainable development problems to be solved. Regional logistics system is an extremely complex issues involved in the planning and construction of the logistics infrastructure platform, logistics information platform, as well as logistics policy platform [1]. Regional logistics to enhance the capacity of regional logistics demand-oriented, in order to meet the current and future development needs of the regional economy. Logistics and regional economy of the study area relationship, especially the relationship between regional logistics capability and regional economic development level, is very necessary.

A regional logistics capability Overview

1.1 the meaning of the logistics capabilities
Logistics capability refers to a particular logistics system, from to accept customer demand, process orders, sorting goods, transport to the whole process of delivery to the customer, in response speed, logistics costs, the order is completed on time and order delivery reliability comprehensive reflection of logistics capability to understand is the objective capacity formed by the physical structure of the logistics system (such as the number and scale of the distribution center, transport capacity, sorting and processing equipment capacity, etc.), as well as managers logistics the organization and management of the operation of a comprehensive reflection of the ability [2]. Logistics capabilities narrow and broad sense. Logistics capability in a narrow sense refers to the capacity or capability of logistics facilities or logistics system; the generalized logistics capabilities of an enterprise logistics operation, it reflects the organization's level of integrated logistics function [3].
1.2 Regional logistics capabilities
Regional logistics and regional logistics capability both conceptually there is a difference. The regional logistics refers to all logistics activities within the region, including various aspects of goods movement in the transport, storage, packaging, handling, distribution processing and transmission of information and other functional entities flow and logistics process [4]. Regional Logistics is an important part of the regional economy, it focuses on the city between the process of integration between urban and rural demand for suppliers to the transportation and distribution of goods, the use of the concepts and strategies of the regional approach to solve this on a wide range of logistics major regional logistics optimization.
Regional logistics capability refers to the logistics department of the area's social and economic development need to provide logistics support and services within the region [5]. From the point of view of the system, the regional logistics capability has two attributes, regional logistics demand, regional logistics service supply capacity. The size and structure of the logistics needs the ability to decide the size and structure of the regional logistics service capabilities, regional logistics demand the level of ability to some extent reflects the scale of regional economic development [6].
1.3 the constituent elements of regional logistics capability
From the business point of view the logistics capability includes both the static capacity of enterprise logistics facilities and equipment production capacity, but also includes the dynamic capabilities of enterprise management and business logistics, as well as the enterprises above both the coordinated operation of the integrated control [2]. Logistics capabilities in the supply chain environment is integrated by the the logistics elements capacity and logistics operational capability [7]. The Regional Logistics is a large number of micro-logistics operations, of enterprise logistics in the field of regional spatial reflection, more emphasis on the integrity of the functioning of the system. Standing on the height of the region-wide, regional logistics capabilities by regional logistics elements ability of logistics business service capabilities, regional logistics coordination ability.
1.3.1 Regional logistics elements ability
Regional logistics elements of capacity is the regional logistics system in a variety of resources, including logistics infrastructure, logistics, information technology and logistics equipment.
(1) logistics infrastructure
Logistics infrastructure for service features and specific aspects of the supply chain as a whole to meet the logistics organization and management needs, with integrated or single-function spaces or organizations collectively, the organic integration of the various types of logistics channel and node configuration from [8] .

(2) Logistics Information Technology
Logistics information technology logistics business processes to achieve the rational combination with the efficient use of factors of production logistics enterprises, accelerate the logistics business and management change in the way, in terms of logistics management decision-making, management organization structure and logistics business works played a major reform and promote the role.
(3) Logistics Equipment
Logistics equipment refers to the logistics park, logistics centers, as well as logistics enterprises within the various means of transport, loading and unloading machinery, automation operating equipment, fluid processing equipment, information processing apparatus, and other equipment. In the area of ??logistics, there is a cross-operation of a variety of modes of transport and logistics equipment compatibility, standardization has also become an important aspect of regional logistics capability.
1.3.2 Regional Logistics business service capabilities
Regional logistics services to provide the final implementation of in specific logistics enterprises, logistics nodes and the supply chain. Regional logistics capability is also reflected in the service capability of logistics service providers operating in the region. Regional logistics operation and service capability refers to logistics service providers the ability of regional logistics elements based on the advanced management ideas, techniques and methods, the use of means such as logistics planning, organization, coordination and control, optimize the allocation of logistics resources, regional logistics high-efficiency, low-cost logistics service capability. The number of enterprises by logistics services, business scale, the various types of transport, warehouse and yard storage capacity, service network, technology and service levels, satisfaction of customer needs reflected. 1.3.3 Regional Logistics coordination ability
Regional logistics coordination capacity refers to the ability of regional logistics elements, the regional logistics business service capabilities, as well as logistics environment for the development of coordination, in pursuit of the rationalization of the regional logistics and coordinating logistics and regional logistics, regional logistics and regional economic development. Including regional logistics space layout planning, logistics infrastructure platform planning, logistics information platform for planning, logistics policy planning and logistics industry, the main development planning.

2 regional logistics capability and regional economic relationship

Regional logistics and regional economy are interdependent unity, the Regional Logistics is one of the leading force in the formation and development of regional economic system, the level of regional economic development is the source for developing regional logistics.
2.1 Regional logistics capabilities and regional economic development level of the relationship
Modern logistics industry will bring about further development of the business flow, capital flow, information flow, technology flow, gathering and transportation industry, commerce and trade, finance, information industry and tourism and other industries, these industries are both part of the regional economic growth point. From this perspective, the development of modern logistics is conducive to the development of regional industrial structure sophistication direction. Planning of regional logistics infrastructure platform based on growth pole theory focuses on the core areas of growth pole of regional logistics logistics resources to be configured. The regional logistics growth pole generally based on regional logistics status quo, choose a higher level of economic development of the region, or more advantageous conditions for the development of logistics, areas with high development potential. According to the conditions of the priority growth pole of the regional logistics planning and construction of logistics infrastructure, with a focus on planning, logistics parks and logistics centers and other large logistics node and trunk channels and sub-dry channel, build a prioritized, focused logistics infrastructure platform With the the logistics growth pole polarization and diffusion effect to promote regional integration and modernization of the logistics industry.
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