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Efforts to build a harmonious society have the island features

Author: YanHaiOu From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-23 08:05:36 Read:
Zhoushan social economic operation has' rapid development, good quality, high investment, and real 'situation, harmonious development needs further attention to speed up the development, construction of the northern part of the island north production pattern, incremental and upgrading, and strengthen the role of industrial support, around the new rural construction, efforts to promote the integration of urban and rural areas and accelerate the promotion of modern service industry.
building a socialist harmonious society, is an important strategic task put forward our party from the overall layout of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the overall situation of building a well-off society in an all-round way of.In recent years, Zhoushan on speeding up the development of marine economy as the main line, to speed up the transformation of economic structure upgrade, increase the new socialist countryside and social development undertakings, and actively building a harmonious society has the island features, and achieved remarkable results.The basic situation of Zhoushan's social and economic operation analysis since 2006, can fast, good quality, high investment, and real 'these four words summed up by' development.
rapid development, refers to the main Zhoushan economic and social development indicators are showing a rapid growth trend.To maintain the leading position in the 16 city of the province and even the Yangtze River delta.1-9 month, Zhoushan GDP growth rate higher than the provincial average of 4.3 percentage points, 2.8 percentage points higher than the second city of Huzhou, in the province and the Yangtze River Delta to 16 city first, lead a further expansion of the trend.1-10 month, local fiscal revenue growth in the cities of the province's first, above-scale industrial output growth rate ranks second in the province; 1-9 months, foreign trade import and export volume growth in the municipalities in the province the first, export growth rate ranks second in the province.
good quality, refers to the Zhoushan economy continued to show the economic efficiency of enterprises improved significantly, the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure to speed up, pulling effect obvious efficient momentum supporting industries.From the point of benefit, 1-9 month, the city's above-scale industrial economic benefit evaluation of comprehensive scores across the Province seventh, rise compared to the same period 2.The benefits of increased, profits and taxes increase profits, loss-making enterprises dropped ranks first in the province, produce goods inventory increase the minimum column.Look at the transition from the industry, 1-9 month the implementation of marine economic added value increased by 24.6%, the proportion of the city's GDP reached 63.5%, the contribution to GDP growth rate of 91.9%.The Lingang industrial output growth of 35%, higher than the city's industrial growth rate 7.9 percentage points, the proportion of the city's total industrial output value is 66%.Above-scale industrial heavy industrial output growth of 56.7%, higher than the light industry growth rate of nearly 43 percentage points, the proportion reached 45.8%, that Zhoushan industry is from the fishing primarily to take port, light to heavy.
large investment, refers to the fixed assets investment in Zhoushan to continue to maintain a rapid growth rate, key projects progressed smoothly, investment effect is apparent, stimulating investment in the city's economic and social development plays a significant role in.1-10 month, the city completed investment in fixed assets 17297000000 yuan, growth of 38%, the total investment in fixed assets 16818000000 yuan, the total investment amounted to 97.2%, grow 40.6% compared to the same period, the growth rate ranks first in the province.The surprise is the city's industrial investment 4800000000 yuan, year-on-year growth of 53.1%, among them above Designated Size Industrial investment projects completed investment 4160000000 yuan, an increase of 63.2%, ranked first in the province.In the industrial investment, ship building and repairing industry completed 2450000000 yuan, grow 85.7% compared to the same period, the total industrial investment up 56.2%.This shows that, Zhoushan investment scale continues to expand, to optimize structure, promote economic development continue to strengthen.
overall, refers to further speed up the new socialist countryside construction in Zhoushan, urban and rural development, increase social investment, the construction has made obvious effect in harmonious society.Urban and rural education community construction has made a breakthrough, further sharing of resources between urban and rural education, has established the educational community of 13, a total of 35 primary and secondary schools to participate in, is the basic realization of the city's junior high school students in the urban or suburban school goal.Strengthening the construction of the student aid system of family economic difficulties, the city a total of 7234 poor students receive aid, the total amount of 4100000 yuan, 160 poor students to attend high school warm promoting class.1-9 months, the per-capita cash income of rural residents was 7472 yuan, up 17.9%, an increase in the municipalities in the province first, increase higher than the same period in disposable income of urban residents 5.7 percentage points, the income gap between urban and rural residents further narrowing.More surprising is that, Zhoushan per capita cash income of rural low income reached 2729 yuan, up 30%, faster than the higher income households growth of 13.5 percentage points, the gap between the two from the same period the 6.56:1 down to 5.87:1.According to the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Bureau of statistics preliminary assessment, the overall level of social development in Zhoushan has leapt to fourth place in the province.
in the rapid development of Zhoushan economy society at the same time, it also exposed some new contradictions and problems, the external factors restricting the further increase, the harmonious development of internal pressure further increased, should cause height to take seriously, take effective measures to solve them.
(a) to speed up the development of construction of the northern part of the island, North production pattern.The formation of the North production pattern in relation to Zhoushan in the future can actively play their own advantages as soon as possible, to develop the marine economy, to participate in the international industrial division of labor transfer, to build the Yangtze River Delta, Hangzhou Bay advanced Lingang industrial base, in relation to the 'eleven five' during the Zhoushan industry to expand the development space, to find new sources of growth, improve the core competitiveness, the goal the completion of the.Unified planning, Honjima Kitabe must break administrative division limit, a block of interest bound, standing on the global co-ordination height, unified planning, intensive layout.The focus is completed as soon as possible "development planning" in the northern part of the island of Zhoushan industry, define the function key industry development, space layout, block the rational division of labor, achieve resource sharing, facilities sharing, intensive agglomeration, environmental and natural resource science protection purposes.Increase investment, focusing on the introduction of the project, the promotion of industrial agglomeration, therefore, must be flexible mechanism, external cohesion, speed up the northern part of the island of the release of production capacity.Recently to ship parts, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery processing and focus, focus on the extension of industry chain to attract projects settled in large enterprises, in order to attract small and medium-sized enterprises supporting pull.To encourage and support the city and county (District), especially in the south of the island to the north of the island of industry and enterprise.In the foreign investment promotion activities, will focus on the promotion of the northern part of the island, in the future the new large-scale investment projects, who meet the industry development planning, should give priority to the layout in the northern part of the island.The basics first, according to the requirements of construction of the island, the integration of urban and rural infrastructure network, considering the needs of the northern regional industrial development, construction and transportation, water supply, power supply, port, communication network covering a large area of the north.Policy support, in view of the current north development belongs to the large input stage, self accumulation mechanism has not yet formed, funds more tense the actual situation, proposed to continue to intensify efforts to support, to speed up the formation of industrial agglomeration.
(two) incremental quality, continued to enhance the role of industrial support for economic development.At present, Zhoushan shipbuilding industry layout has been initially completed, aquatic products, machinery and other traditional industries of large-scale expansion of many restrictive factors, Lingang Petrochemical also failed to yield.Therefore, an increase in the premise, should focus on quality, ensure that the industry continues to maintain a rapid growth in the base increased, enhanced contributions to GDP.Shipbuilding industry, the focus is to do a good job in Europe and China, Yue Yong, Shi Chang, COSCO and a number of projects put into production capacity to release, encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and strive to maximize the output.Actively promote the xiancaotan, Toho, Pacific Ocean Engineering, Shi Chang three period increase, the progress of construction of the four phase of the project in the three stage, strive to 2007, being put into use.Accelerate Jianlong ant ship-repairing base, the preliminary work of Japanese industry heavy industry, IMC and other large marine project, the shipbuilding industry in the future for a long time continuously.To guide the support ship enterprise scientific innovation, increase R & D, design, manufacture of large ships, ship, ship, the new high value-added ships ability, abundant of shipbuilding process, shorten the construction period, improve the grade, shipbuilding, formed with independent innovation ability of shipbuilding industry characteristics, enhance the grade and the level of Zhoushan shipbuilding industry in the increment of the premise, gradually realize the transformation from extension to intension and upgrading, from the changes to the resources, science and technology both rely on resource advantage.To further promote the ship with industry development, the focus is to improve the local marine shipping rate, on the basis of CSIC, sailing ship match, further increase investment, accelerate the construction of Dragon Boat Match
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