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How to effectively solve the super large Internet bar computer configuration

Author: YangChunJiang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-23 07:29:29 Read:
Abstract: large Internet bar, especially for the more than five hundred machines of the Internet, network quality, directly determines the Internet survivability.How to plan a good network environment, is a challenge we face some webmasters who.This article on how to effectively solve the large Internet bar computer configuration problems.
Keywords: large Internet bar; analytic network design; the convergence layer; exchange; cabling; IP address; network node
Large Internet bar, especially for the more than five hundred machines of the Internet, network quality, directly determines the Internet survivability.How to plan a good network environment, is a challenge we face some webmasters who.The C class IP address determines a segment can only accommodate 253 machine, therefore, the ensuing problem also appeared.Now I based on years of web design experience, write a little experience, only for your reference:
1, the network level design: computer assembly and
More than five hundred of Internet cafes, can take the access layer, the aggregation layer, exchange design layer three network level.The access layer, the five hundred machine, choose a reasonable access equipment, is the most important, and we should be chosen according to the bandwidth of the access device.We can calculate the simple network bandwidth to determine the total bandwidth of network access equipment, each machine maximum network flow 7-8KB bytes, the five hundred machine is 4000KB bytes, plus 30% of the network loss, the total bandwidth of network should be 5200KB bytes, can be the initial optical fiber our options for 50MB access.Of course, in order to accelerate the speed of the network, you can also choose to access the original.In this way, the network access layer we can choose for original equipment.
The access bandwidth is calculated, we choose the network access equipment, is to use hardware routers, or soft routing.The Internet, my personal feeling is soft routing.Hardware routers, domestic manufacturers of the technology is not very mature, foreign products, mainly for the ISP access provider or higher requirements of network users and design, does not apply to our Internet cafe.One of the biggest differences between hardware routers and routing software is hardware router function more powerful.
In the soft route, we can use the following selection, comparison of Smoothwall, Icpop, Route Os, Linux software, it seems, soft routing K71g Bros., function is still relatively strong, and the speed is not inferior to the telecom router professional.
2, the convergence layer
The convergence layer is the core part of the whole network, because the Internet bar interior data exchange volume is very large, therefore, when we select the convergence layer equipment, must choose a suitable convergence layer network equipment.The five hundred machines of Internet cafes, three layer switching equipment selection Gigabit, support VLAN function, although we do not need to divide the VLAN network design, if we can't meet our requirements, the partition of VLAN is our only way; the three layer backplane bandwidth can't exchange was lower than that of 16G, but also to support the MAC address learning, the MAC address table cannot be less than 32KB; the convergence layer network equipment the best support network management function, convenient and maintain our management; the number of port aggregation layer of network equipment, it is best to some more than the number of our equipment network port, convenient later our network upgrading and transformation.
Although we access layer is the choice of Ethernet equipment, because we in the Internet bar, a considerable part of the data flow, without going through the access layer, so we choose the access layer network equipment, there is no need to synchronize with the convergence layer network equipment.3, exchange layer
Exchange layer in the entire network, connected with the convergence layer and the network node, is a very important part of our overall network transmission quality decision.With the fast popularization of network equipment, we exchange layer network equipment, certainly preferred fast.Equipment selection exchange, need to meet the following requirements: support for fast transmission bandwidth, backplane transmission can not be less than 6G, support MAC address learning function, the MAC address table cannot be less than 8KB.
4, the comprehensive wiring design of
Routing is an important link of the network access layer, convergence layer, layer and network nodes.In the wiring, it is best to use a special channel, and not with the power line, the air-conditioning lines with the line radiation hybrid.
Place the network equipment, preferably on the node of the central position, to do so, not to save the cabling cost, but in order to improve the overall performance of the network, improve the network transmission quality.The transmission distance of the twisted pair is 100 meters, to obtain the best network transmission quality in the 95 meters to.In the network cabling, best to design a equipment room, placed network equipment.Computer assembly.
Access between layer and layer twisted pair, can choose five shielded twisted pair, in order to maximize network performance.Double strand exchange between the convergence layer and layer, because it is a hierarchical maximum network data transmission, using the same five shielded twisted pair.Between the layer and the network nodes to exchange, we can use the common super category five unshielded twisted pair.
In the wiring when, should pay attention to the following points: one is in the wiring, each line must do a good job in the corresponding number, to facilitate future maintenance; two per layer between the best reserved spare line two to three, we prevent cable damage do backup; three is the production line, must according to the wiring method of the standard, to get the highest transmission speed.
5, IP address of the
Because the C class IP address determines the 253 machines can only accommodate a network segment, for more than 253 of the machine, how to design the network structure and the use of which type of IP address has the very big relations.For the five hundred machines cafe, recommend the use of class B IP address, instead of using the C class IP address more than one gateway to realize network interconnection.Network convergence layer of our equipment has VLAN function, because the network number of large flow, if the use of a plurality of the gateway and the division of VLAN interconnection network, will aggravate the convergence layer network equipment burden, affect the data transmission of the network.
6, network node equipment selection and
The card and the crystal head belongs to the network node equipment in the network.When choosing a network card, fast Ethernet is the lowest choose our.When choosing a card, be sure to choose a quality pass card, so that we can and our network layout matching.Crystal head in our design of network, is often a neglected, crystal head quality is poor, often make the cable and the crystal head bad contact, greatly reducing the network transmission speed of our.
Note: in the design of the network scheme of large, the best there is a construction documents, line numbering records, network device number and location, to facilitate future network maintenance and network upgrade.
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