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On the information technology environment innovative corporate culture construction

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[Paper Keywords] innovative corporate culture of
[Abstract] market competition intensified encourage enterprises have accelerated the construction of their own in order to protect the survival and development of enterprises. Information technology is an important means to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, innovation is the economic lifeblood of the information technology of the modern enterprise development environment also needs to have the innovative nature of cultural support, innovative corporate culture plays an inner, invisible role in promoting the construction of information technology, accelerate the construction of enterprise information first to build an innovative corporate culture to adapt to the development of information technology.

Modern information economics studies have shown that: the information is incomplete and asymmetric, most companies often incomplete and asymmetric information environment for decision-making. Incomplete information asymmetry in order to reduce the decision-making risk companies must strengthen the construction of information technology, but often the success rate is not high ERP application, for example, the success rate is less than 10%, a significant relationship to study its causes and corporate culture innovation. The traditional culture into the information age to adapt to cultural factors should therefore be to build innovative enterprise culture and promote the further development of enterprises.

An innovative corporate culture Overview
Innovative corporate culture of innovation has become the company's core values, innovative ideas has been recognized by the general staff, are convinced that the only innovation, enterprises can survive and development. Enterprise management attaches great importance to innovation and continue to promote innovation, corporate executives and the majority of employees are actively innovation, the courage to forge ahead, risk-taking, innovative ideas have permeated the enterprise up and down the depths of consciousness, and has been turned into staff behavior.

2 innovative corporate culture of enterprise information construction
2.1 innovative corporate culture characterized
The public view of the innovative enterprises at home and abroad, the tendency of the concept of the value of each focus, corporate culture are articulated in different, but the essence of the spiritual core but there is a striking similarity. It is precisely these similarities constitute a common feature of the innovative corporate culture, these features direct impact on the construction of an innovative enterprise information.
2.1.1 on the human factor attaches great importance to
The people are the source of innovation and vitality, talent polymerization is the premise of the survival and development of innovative enterprises. Therefore, the human factor attaches great importance to become the most significant feature of the innovative corporate culture. This was reflected in the "decision-maker" assumption of human nature. Innovative corporate culture assumptions, is a country with independent-minded, completely independent "decision-makers", they need not just the interests of the economy and exchanges to meet a wide range of information access and exchange, and the need to truly equal participation. Their knowledge and creative in their brains, and has become the most important corporate capital. The identity of the high-tech innovative enterprises, talent has long been different from ordinary employees, but the company's shareholders.
2.1.2 has a strong technology development capability
One of the characteristics of the innovative corporate culture with a very strong sense of innovation to ensure that the enterprises to maintain a strong technical development capabilities, high-tech invention can be used in the leading enterprise products, in order to continuously develop highly The technical content of products. Research and development risks and opportunities, innovative enterprises must be established to encourage risk-taking, allowing failure, and the values ??in the adventure and innovation, to create a strong culture of innovation. Successful innovative enterprises all "pursuit of excellence" as the business philosophy, daring, bold and innovative innovative corporate culture.
2.1.3 Innovation activities of the organization, systematization
Innovation is a market information collection, collation, the study of knowledge, reserve accumulation, the process of updating; innovation activities have become the need for multi-sectoral, multi-member coordination and cooperation, a high degree of specialization, organization and institutionalization of systems engineering. Innovation type enterprise culture that values ??teamwork training, the establishment of a efficient team unity and cooperation, as well as a good platform for the exchange of knowledge management and learning, a set of transmission system, meeting system, to discuss the system and other forms of system.
2.2 innovative corporate culture of enterprise information construction
2.2.1 the nature of the enterprise information through the use of advanced information technology to achieve the scientific enterprise, effective management, and fundamentally transform the old management ideas and management models. Innovative corporate culture "attaches great importance to the human factor of this feature is to emphasize the focus on employees' knowledge, diversity of professional and ways of thinking more emphasis on the value of the innovative, respect for the views of staff, fully authorized employees, pay attention to meet the employees self-realization high levels of demand, which is conducive to the employees in the face of new technologies and new management can be more conscious to learn new skills and take the initiative to adapt to the new management model, with other employees in the face of new knowledge to fully communication and discussion, so as to promote the construction of enterprise information.
2.2.2 enterprise information based on the management and operation mode, is a systems engineering, enterprise information construction is a human unity level systems engineering, building key point is that the integration and sharing of information , that is, to achieve critical, accurate data is transferred to the hands of decision-makers, to provide data for enterprise operational decision-making one of the characteristics of the innovative corporate culture with a strong technology development capability. thus requiring senior management in the complete hardware on the basis of risk-taking, innovation, and innovation of the values ??in the adventure, to create a strong culture of innovation, so as to drive level employees actively participate in the continued development of information construction.
2.2.3 establish and improve enterprise management system is to achieve the protection of the enterprise information, enterprise information technology is the process of enterprise management innovation, corporate management must be actively involved at all levels of response, effective coordination only fully aware of the "information is a profound revolution ", to be able to adhere to high standards and strict requirements, to accelerate the pace of information technology management concept, management team, management, innovative ways.

The 3 build innovative corporate culture Obstacles
With the wave of information technology to promote, in order to adapt to the development of enterprise information, and all enterprises have, huh Construction of corporate culture, but mostly this or that issue in the process of building a corporate culture, so that the corporate culture is not only not able to adapt to the development of enterprise information contrary to a large extent hindered the pace of information technology is mainly reflected in:
3.1 a focus on corporate culture, ignoring the corporate culture connotation
The blind pursuit of corporate culture in the form of the building of enterprise culture in China and ignore the connotation of the corporate culture is one of the more prominent issue. The corporate culture is in the process of entrepreneurship and development of basic values ??instilled in all employees through education, integration and the formation of a unique set of value system is the impact on enterprises to adapt to market strategy and a set of guidelines for dealing with internal conflicts and behavior, which permeated with the basic assumptions of human nature, values ??and world view formed by individual entrepreneurs in the process of socialization, condensation entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process of collective business philosophy. these ideas and values ??through the kinds of activities and forms, and is relatively complete corporate culture, if only in the form of the surface without showing the intrinsic value and the concept of such a corporate culture does not make sense, can not be sustained, much less able to adapt to current information of the requirements. The 3.2 copy corporate culture, the lack of their own personality
At present, most of the enterprises in China are engaged in the building of enterprise culture a copy mode, to imitate some excellent enterprises corporate culture, their corporate culture sets in their own companies who we advocate to learn from the experience of outstanding enterprises promote the learning of Haier, Huawei learning, but not copy from, mechanically Do not make use of the concept of Haier, this "ism" like "mere copycat" only to come up with a lot of jokes. Corporate culture the emphasis is on personality, for their own is the best.
The 3.3 corporate culture construction and institutionalization cut off
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