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Research on information management of computer lab

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[Keywords]   laboratory; opening laboratory
] [abstract with the rapid development of computer technology, strengthen the construction of information has become an important content of the laboratory management, and puts forward some suggestions.

Laboratory information management is based on the traditional laboratory management, using the computer network, the use of scientific management ideas, all kinds of resources in the real laboratory for processing, and open management by computer, its significance is to make the laboratory is extended in time and space.

, laboratory information management efficiency of

The laboratory information management efficiency is in the experiment environment and open, as the experimental teaching and learning to provide optimal experimental teaching resources, to provide simple and effective laboratory management and experimental teaching method for teachers, students and the most convenient communication, and provide the experimental environment and resource optimization of virtual and reality for students, let the students use the least time in experiment environment for real, master the basic experimental skills, and on this basis, some do everything in one's power can be creative, open experimental study.

two, the laboratory information management content of

There are mainly three aspects: experimental teaching management module, including experimental learning resource management, experimental report management, schedule management; students' learning modules, including simulation, project case library; laboratory management module, including basic information release, online course arrangement, curriculum inquiry, open management, laboratory use statistics etc..
(a) experimental teaching management module of
Experimental teaching is an important link in the teaching process, and submit the test report, marking, feedback, then became a time-consuming and laborious work, especially for many program design course, quantity, amount of process design code has been making print report can not adapt to the.The experimental e-report, will fill out the report, submit, marking, feedback, statistics work moved to the network, will greatly improve teaching efficiency.
In the experimental teaching management module, teachers can advance release experiment, published experimental learning resources, layout of experimental project.Students need to prepare the test before the experiment, download the experimental resources, and online writing preview report; at the end of the experiment, submit the electronic experimental report.Teachers can flexibly mastering time marking on students' experimental report, direct give results and comments, and not have to worry about not group after the experiment report influence students do the next experimental preparation.In this way, students can understand their own experimental result feedback timely, save teachers, students' time, to accelerate the exchange feedback process, avoids the trouble to shorten the lag, guiding teacher reads and development cycle.
(two) the students learning module
Network simulation is carry out advantage whenever and wherever possible, and avoid a lot of investment of hardware equipment, save investment in education funding.For "network security", "principles of Computer Organization", "database SQL language" and other computer courses are suitable for making into B/S structure experiment.At the same time the computer related professional students personal computer popularization, but also conducive to the development of simulation experiment teaching.
The simulation experiment system has the following characteristics: integrated Flash plug-in technology, application of Flash built-in ActionScript script language, control components, the Flash showed powerful interactive function; students landing system, namely the remote connection test server to carry out the experiment, the system will be the experimental phenomena and results of real-time, dynamic feedback to students.
(three) the laboratory management module of
In order to realize the sharing of resources, improve the utilization efficiency and economic benefit of equipment, most colleges and universities have implemented open laboratory.The premise of open laboratory opening is the laboratory information, when the teacher, students understand the equipment, the laboratory software, offering experimental project content, can need according to oneself, choose to enter a laboratory.In addition, the experimental class hour rated tend to make the students feel the lack of time, or the lack of in-depth research opportunities, and the experiment equipment and time resources are limited, in order to improve the utilization rate, at the same time to meet the students' experimental practice of desire, it is necessary to promote independent open.This requires the published laboratory basic information on the various departments within the school, teachers and students.
In the laboratory management module to achieve the basic information release, online course arrangement, curriculum inquiry, open laboratory management, laboratory use statistics, parameter setting and other functions.In the laboratory information system home page, announced that the teacher's name and contact way for each laboratory; in the teachers and students to log into the platform, can easily query the schedule information; online course arrangement can automatically determine the reservation, arrangement and other relations, and make prompt; provides booking, reservation the audit function of open laboratory management, and convenient for teachers and students to query the required laboratory conditions, decide the time, location, contact the laboratory responsible for the teacher to enter the laboratory experiment, research activities.

Information management in three, the superiority of

1 change the management method of complicated traditional laboratory, the introduction of modern management means, make the laboratory to achieve the information management and paperless office, to the laboratory to improve the work efficiency, to reduce the operation cost the crucial role.
2 unified management of laboratory resources, including equipment, time, manpower, improve the efficiency and benefit.
3 built experimental project library, provides convenience for the teachers and students in teaching and learning, to realize the sharing of laboratory resources.


Laboratory information management, from the student perspective, more experimental teaching is a student-centered, openness, humanized service support system.From the experimental teaching, laboratory management system, experimental teaching experimental teaching management, laboratory data management, open laboratory management.At the same time, improves the information management level of laboratory, to standardize the basic work flow, reduce the workload of teachers, to speed up the process of opening laboratory.In this platform, take the student as a center principle, related experiment teaching innovation and reform work, test report and test records so that teachers and students can be more in-depth analysis of the teaching process, promote sustainable for improving the quality of experiment teaching.
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