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Human resource management of Luqiao construction enterprise

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Abstract: in modern society, competition in the market, is the first productive forces competition, while behind productivity competition is the competition of talents.Talent is an essential resource for enterprise's survival and development, but at present our country Luqiao construction enterprises existing reserves of talent and technical ability, there is a considerable gap between the developed countries and the world, especially the development of human resources is very weak, has become a serious obstacle to the sustainable development of enterprises.Therefore, to reform the existing human resources management mode, has become a pressing matter of the moment of enterprise development.
Keywords: Luqiao construction enterprise; talent competition; human resources management mode of
Luqiao construction enterprise human resource management in
1, Luqiao construction enterprise human resources management background is a typical labor-intensive industries in China, technical content in engineering services is relatively low, especially for Luqiao enterprises to provide services primarily, capital and technical barriers in the corresponding is very low, which makes Luqiao enterprise human resources management mainly focus on the enterprise operation management, the development of many Luqiao enterprise human resources can only stay in the stage of personnel management, extensive management to employees.This to a certain extent, restrict the rapid development of China's Luqiao construction enterprises grow, should arouse our attention.
2, the current human resources management of Luqiao construction enterprises problems and present situation of
2.1 the human resource management of Luqiao construction enterprises in the existing problems of
The reform of the personnel system of the first enterprise lags behind, unable to meet the requirements of the market economy, fundamental role of the market in the allocation of human resources is not obvious in the use of talents; there are many problems in the management, the incentive mechanism is not perfect, it is difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff and workers; human capital investment serious insufficiency, the quality of the personnel had a decreasing tendency; optimal allocation of human resources also not in place and so.Secondly, the leadership change frequently, resulting in obvious short-term behavior of enterprises, only the immediate interests; even though the development of the enterprise long-term development strategy goals, there is no guarantee that it in the next term of office of the continuity, the leader's own quality and management level should be improved.Once again, the enterprise cultural construction range is narrow, the staff cohesion weak, most enterprises understanding of corporate culture is very superficial, there is no clear values, traditional culture but caused rigid, conservative, the formalism of image, can not attract external talents.
2.2 the current human resources management of Luqiao construction enterprises in the status of
Behind the management concept of human resources, the majority of Luqiao enterprises do not attach importance to the work of human resource management in the idea, the lack of understanding of the development of enterprises, that is to rely on investment, not aware of the first need a high-quality management team.
The management system of the resources is backward, first of all, Luqiao enterprises are generally lack of unified formulate the development strategy of the enterprise, and even the match with the goal of enterprise development of human resources management system; secondly, Luqiao enterprises lack the incentive and the specification of long-term effective, staff performance appraisal system of quantitative; Department of human resources management basically is still in the traditional the personnel management stage, employment and confined to the employees, dismissal and employee file management, can not effectively support the operation and development of the enterprise.
Human resource management is not perfect, not standardized, mainly obeyed in recruitment, training, salary management instructions document, regardless of the actual needs of the enterprise.The personnel structure is not reasonable, senior management personnel, senior professional and technical personnel, and management personnel and skilled workers of serious lack of, and all kinds of personnel quality is low, the oversupply.In the selection of personnel, the use of scientific, fair competition mechanism has not really formed.
Enterprises to better carry out human resource development and utilization countermeasures
1, "firmly establish the human resources are the first resource", "talent is wealth, a series of management talent is competitive" and "people-oriented science and technology", to implement the enterprise human resources management through the formulation and planning, establish a scientific system of human resources management system in enterprise interior, composition of the enterprise human resources, distribution information comprehensive collection and collation, determined to be developed, culture and the urgent need to introduce talents, establish smooth enterprise human resources management information network, the human resources management system for enterprises to choose, training, use of personnel to provide basis for optimal allocation of human resources.
2, optimize the allocation of human resources, increase the talent introduction and development of human resources, to the rational allocation of human resources of enterprises, according to the needs of the market staff.First, to build a strategic vision, can control the overall, safeguarding national interests of enterprises, team leaders, led to the company pilot enterprises; build a be conscientious and do one's best, will the management, executive ability, good at modern management means the application of professional business plan management team; construction of an active thinking, the concept of innovation, constantly tracking the forefront of technology team; construction of a worker Shenye fine, hard work, mainly in the middle and senior technicians, technicians and senior technicians, for the enterprise to the backbone of technical workers and general engineering team.Secondly, to boldly introduce talents, for some important positions in the enterprise and specialized talents to take the initiative to strengthen institutions of higher learning, social contact and broaden the talent exchange and service platform, to implement a variety of preferential policies to attract talent to form enterprises need enterprise.Finally, attention should be paid to retain talent, further improved to "the system stay the cause, treatment to keep people, keep people feeling, mechanism to keep the person", the enterprise management and staff's personal development goals organically, in pursuit of mutually beneficial development of employees and enterprises at the same time maximally attract and retain talent.3, improve education and training system for staff, the staff training in enterprise important schedule, all-round, multi-level training, not only means that the staff to improve the comprehensive ability, but also means to enhance human resources regeneration.Perfect employee training system, mainly to do three aspects: the first to grasp the whole process of training, adhere to the training of staff education through to the employees in the whole process of enterprise work, guaranteed by training.Second to grasp the diversity training, namely the pre-job training and on-the-job training, combined with special training and related knowledge training combined training, long-term and short-term training combined; according to the characteristics of construction enterprises, to strengthen the horizontal linkages with research institutions in universities, seminars and technical training, training of professional and technical backbone and management personnel for enterprises.Third to actively encourage enterprises management personnel to participate in the social register class or title examination, professional and technical personnel to participate in the examination for the qualifications of staff, continuing education, for the corresponding rewards and improve the treatment of all personnel to obtain the certificate, promote the enthusiasm of staff learning, the formation of good learning atmosphere.
4, the establishment of an effective incentive mechanism and performance evaluation system.The establishment of incentive system and performance evaluation system is the route one must take the revitalization of enterprises, according to the specific situation of construction enterprise, there are ways to motivate the following: one is the incentive, enterprises can pay and welfare, linking pay and performance of employees, in the form of a economic interests to inspire the enthusiasm of the staff, let them feel the personal interest with the company's overall interest.The two is the spirit incentive, spirit incentive including respect understanding and support for enterprise staff, trust and tolerance, caring and considerate, the correct use of spiritual incentive can effectively foster employee loyalty and trust.Three is the career incentive, actively encourage the professional and technical personnel have the achievements in the specialty, creating opportunities and conditions for them to display their talent, enhance the professional achievement, reputation, honor and the corresponding position.Four is the enterprise culture incentive, can make the employee experience because of ability difference caused by income and status differences by enterprise culture incentive, incentive employee self-improvement, thus forming a virtuous cycle.
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