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The future development of the Expo Shanghai online prospect of virtual reality

Author: GaoChuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-22 22:17:34 Read:
Abstract: the virtual reality technology is a high technology integrated, which relates to the field of wide, wide application range, attention.In this paper, the definition and development of virtual reality technology are briefly introduced in this paper, through the realization of the Virtual Reality Technology Expo Shanghai online into people's lives, the future development prospects of virtual reality.
Keywords: virtual reality technology; VR; online Expo; the future development of
1, the virtual reality and
"Virtual reality" (Virtual Reality, referred to as VR) is the United States in 1989 J.Lanier proposed, the domestic has also been translated as "spirit", "reality", the foreign similar terms and virtual reality, and virtual environment, artificial reality and computer space.The so-called "virtual reality", is an artificial environment in computer technology support, is a technique for human and computer interaction and extremely complex data, it combines computer graphics technology, computer simulation technology, sensor technology, display technology and other science technology.Virtual reality system has the ability to provide users with visual, hearing and touch, taste and smell and sensing function, people can in this virtual environment observation, listening, touching, smelling, roaming, reward and interact with the virtual environment entity, allowing the user to experience feelings of immersion in virtual space.In a fundamental sense, can use virtual reality technology as the advanced form of interactive simulation technology.Virtual reality is a comprehensive technology, it involves computer graphics, human-computer interface technology, sensor technology and artificial intelligence technology, need expert computer, psychology, human engineering, research and development.
> the development status of
The United States is the birthplace of VR technology.The United States of America VR research technology level is basically on behalf of the international VR development level.The basic research in the field of the United States of America mainly in four aspects of perception, user interface, software and hardware.In the research and development of the utility of virtual reality technology in Japan is one of the leading position in the country, the study is devoted to the establishment of large-scale VR knowledge base.Another study in the virtual reality game has also done a lot of work.But the Japanese most virtual reality hardware are imported from the United states.At present, the virtual reality technology has been widely applied in many fields of military and aerospace industry, medicine, engineering management, city planning, industrial simulation, monuments, art, education, games, etc..
In the research of virtual reality technology in China is still a great distance and some developed countries, in nineteen ninties, virtual reality technology has developed very rapidly, the development of virtual reality equipment or system of company, but still far from the practical application of virtual reality, most existing results can only be called the demo.With the rapid development of computer graphics, computer systems engineering technology, virtual reality technology has received considerable attention, caused the Chinese people from all walks of life interest and concern, research and application of VR, a distributed VR system of virtual environment, virtual scene model development is toward the depth and the breadth development.The State Science and Technology Commission defense ministry has the research on virtual reality technology as a key research projects, many domestic research institutions and universities but also in research and application of virtual reality and achieved some good results.

3, virtual reality technology to realize online Expo
With the advent of the 2010, people often talk about and topic is the World Expo, the Expo Shanghai online also entered people's attention, the Expo online is refers to the organizing committee through the Internet and multimedia technology, will display the contents combined with virtual and realistic way on the Internet, build a can network experience and real-time interaction with other auxiliary functions of the Expo network platform.It will have 158 years of history of the World Expo to insert digital wings, make full use of and with the help of 3D, virtual reality and Internet technology makes the World Expo will be more widely spread, the Shanghai World Expo will become a "never ending" the world expo.Online Expo has the promotion, education, navigation and display of four unique features.Through the comprehensive experience way to introduce Expo knowledge and spread the Expo concept, to provide all kinds of natural, cultural, scientific and technological knowledge learning; provide Expo pavilion, all design of online virtual realization, visitors can obtain the Expo Park, the internal distribution of geography, related facilities and traffic guidance and other types of information on the Internet; using different technology, different design type of the pavilion, visitors in the Internet can from a first person perspective of virtual 3D scene browsing, panorama, interactive communication to obtain different visit; provide information Park, pavilion, performances and other kinds of publishing, and held various activities on the Internet, publishing and introduce all kinds of audience service information.In simple terms, the Expo online is entity Expo network version, but not the simple copy.Secretary-General of the International Exhibitions Bureau Mr. Loscertales had made the following assessment of Expo Shanghai online: "online Expo exhibitors provides a good opportunity to promote their country's image, the core of which is the Expo rich content.Three-dimensional display allows users to be personally on the scene, the Expo online can attract more visitors entity Expo, make up part of the audience not to visit the World Expo.At the same time to provide interactive communication platform in the entity shop, online Expo consists of base platform and online exhibition two.Online pavilions set browsing Pavilion and the museum exhibition hall two, browse the library have basic browse and display function by the organizers, exhibitors need assistance free development.Experience is the enhanced version of the browsing Pavilion, in the browsing pavilion to browse and display is the basic function, may realize the other more abundant functions and effects, online visitors can get a more vivid and interactive experience.
> 4, prospect the future development of
Virtual reality from the beginning to today's increasingly mature has gone through a period of hardship and long.It will change the way people think in a certain sense, or even change the people of the world, themselves, space and time.At present the research contents involve multiple disciplines.We also recognize that, this technology has great potential and broad application prospect.
In the final analysis, virtual reality is a new way of human-computer interaction.Compared with any previous interactive form, it hopes to achieve "the personification of harmonious," man-machine interface.Virtual reality system has three important features: immersion, interaction and imagination, which determines its past and human-computer interaction technology, reflects the evolution process of man-machine relationship.In a complex system, there may be many participants work together all the activities of work, study and entertainment in the virtual environment, the need for experts in various fields to join together to carry out research, collaborative research.
As long as the research target, technical driving force, as a way of human-computer interaction of new, as some of the key application of target countries, virtual reality are worthy of attention.At the same time, we must attach great importance to the widely application of virtual reality.Virtual reality is still a long way to go, opportunities and challenges coexist, and virtual reality and interactive relationship, we must pay attention to the study of human-computer interaction, this is our country lacks part.We expect that some day in the future, the virtual reality system becomes a powerful system of multidimensional information processing, become people thinking and the creation of the assistant and powerful tool for deepening and acquiring new concepts have been carried out on people.We believe that with the rapid development of computer technology and network technology, computer 3D computing power and network bandwidth is greatly improved, the increasingly widespread application of virtual reality in life and production.

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