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On the security of network information on

Author: Feng Jie From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-22 21:50:06 Read:
[Keywords] information Invoicing management optimization
[Abstract] based on the optimization of the small and medium-sized enterprise informationization management thought, to system development for the purpose of the demand of the enterprise informatization from system to system needs support, and then design the Invoicing management system, finally achieve Invoicing management system the entire process.Keywords: information Invoicing management optimization.
Network security, is a perpetual topic.Because on the Internet, each computer security problems more or less.Security issues are not taken seriously, will cause serious consequences.The system has been damaged, data loss, theft of confidentiality and direct, indirect economic loss.This is a problem that can not be ignored.As to the network security, we often refer to the use of firewalls, antivirus software and so on.These are indeed important, but often overlooked is the most important, that is the ideology.
Human subjective initiative is very powerful, can understand the world and transform the world, the right to play the subjective initiative of people can improve cognitive ability.But the inherent human itself inert is very serious, like a stick in the mud, map.It is inert to my network brings security risks.According to incomplete statistics, every year due to the security problem of network losses of more than $30000000000, most of them because of internal staff negligence to.So, problem consciousness should be put in the first position of network security.
, password
See here may have readers think I net word, then an example I own it.I am also very lazy, but also more safety first, so to set the password. Password, but the password is the same.From the E-mail box to the user Administrator, unified use a 8 bit password.I thought: 8 password, how could break break, as strong as iron.So never change.In a few years, without any problems, be very pleased with oneself, think safety first.Just when you are most proud of, the person appeared in your mouth.One of my colleagues has used the lowest level is the most effective method of exhaustion. 8 of my password to break.Fortunately, are more familiar with, otherwise, data loss, I'm going to roll a quilt to go home.Later I asked him, how to break my password, answer: because every time I knock the password of hand movements are exactly the same, so they know my password is the same, and never change.This thing is I take warning, after the password set separately, using 10 passwords, and half a replacement.Still wary.I draw the lesson is, should be put in the first network security password safe.Because the password is the key, if someone in your house key, you can enter your house to steal the stately, and next door neighbours will not suspect anything.My advice, for users, such as: Root, Administratoi passwords require at least 8 bits, and should have the English letters and numbers and other symbols.Don't bother, the password is broken after more trouble.Why use 8 bit password, Unix is a total of 0x00 to Oxff a total of 128 characters.Less than 0x20 is a control character, can not lose for password, Ox7f escape character, can not lose people.Then there are 128-32-1=95 characters can be used as the password character.It is 10 (digital) 33 (punctuation) 26*2 (case-insensitive) =95.If the password to access any 5 letters 1 digits or symbols (in order), possibility is: 52*52*52*52*52*43=16348773000 (i.e. 16300000000 possibilities).But if the 5 letters is a common word, to estimate a set of common words, 500, a word with an arbitrary combination of characters into a password from the 5000 commonly used words, because the one letter is case-sensitive, so the possibility of: 5000*282828282843=6880000 (namely 6880000 kinds of possible) O but in fact, most people only lowercase letters, so the possibility of even small.It can be used in computer exhaustive, in Pentium200 is 34000 times per second, such a simple password or 3 minutes.If P4 is a week, can be 300000000000 times the calculus.So the 6 passwords are not reliable, use 8.
Password is more difficult to exhaustive, and not bring better security performance.In contrast to bring is more difficult to remember, even in the first few days because the input changes slowly and be remembered, and forget.This is very bad, but not exhaustive password is the premise to ensure safety.The contradiction between the two sides of the can be transformed into each other, so how to make the system password is not exhaustive and easy to remember, this is science.At present this book almost no, so I can only by virtue of their experience to introduce.
1, with more than 10 password.
For the general case, codon 8 is enough, such as the general network community password, E-mail password.But for system management password, especially the super user password had better be in 10 above, the 12 best.First of all, the majority of the initial codon 8, dictionary use general exhaustive work 6 or 8 dictionary dictionary, 10 or 12 bits of the dictionary will not be considered.Secondly, a full code 8 dictionary need to take up about 4G of space, 10 or 12 bits of code dictionary is astronomical, if the average desktop crack could be next millennium, the middle crack and a little hope.Again, even if it is one of the 12 letters of the English words, but also to let hackers and step back.
2, use the irregular cipher.
For the regular password, such as: alb2c3d4e5f6, although is 12, but also very good crack.Because the password is very popular now, the dictionary is more exist everywhere, use this password to Dutch act.
3, use the keyboard peripheral by health as part of the password.
Many software now supports Incremental (progressive) mode combination is exhaustive, its core content is to lead people frequency statistical information, namely "high frequency" principle.So, for the keyboard keys all belong to the "periphery" low key.Using these key password can prevent the progressive combined exhaustive crack software.
4, use the left and right on the button with the input password.The keyboard from'T, G, B "three keys and ''Y, H, N', a key intermediate is divided into three parts, from the -p'A," and "the two 'the middle line is divided into upper and lower parts, so that the keyboard is fenced into 4 parts.Selecting keys from the 4 parts of the best selected respectively cross combination, the aim is to prevent others easily see and remember your password.It is best to use "CapsLock" key, the highest level can reach the password security.
5, do not select the obviously information as the password.
Words, birthday, anniversary, names are not as the contents of the password.Basic considerations above is to set the password.The password is set, does not mean that everything will be fine., proper use and save the password is the key.1, be able to enter a password, ensure that the password input faster.The input is very slow to give others to look good, or good.2, don't write down the password.The password should be in mind, don't write it out.3, don't be password stored in computer files.4, don't let others know.5, do not use the same code in different systems.6, in the input password when had better make sure that no person and monitoring system at.7, change your password regularly, at least once a half year.This is particularly important, is the key password security issues.Never too confident in their own password, perhaps inadvertently leak the password.Change regularly password, the password is cracked the possibility to fall to a very low level.8, the system administrator in M network, should be regularly uses password cracking software to check the safety of all user password.But note that these software is left a door.For some users, it is a bit too that; but to the administrator, is particularly important.Some users use such as PGP (Pretyt Good Privacy, pretty good privacy) this kind of software to generate the password.This is a very good method, but the real purpose of PGP is used for confidential file encryption.General keys are in 1024 place, such as the famous BSA public key.For general password generation, PGP is not the best, it is not suitable for you.The administrator should ensure that Root users, Administrators users group, PowerUsers group, SuperUsers group and Repilcator group of users password security to prevent low permissions, the user's password theft affect Gao Quanxian
User security and safety of the whole system.Do not use Root and other power users to see other users of the file, so as to avoid security risks.The administrator shall regularly to staff safety training, safety awareness of employees.Once the power users unable to log in, look at the system log, the necessary time to be host to disconnect all network to assure the security of host system and the important documents.
two, bug
One of the main reasons for network security is so low that system vulnerabilities.For example, the loopholes in management, software vulnerability, vulnerability, vulnerability structure of trust.If the manager is not solved well structure vulnerability and trust vulnerability, I think the administrator should be rolled up the quilt home.This paper discuss the loopholes in management and software vulnerabilities.Of the two types of holes is artificial.
1, Microsoft system
This involves is wide, but mainly is the Windows9x system, WindowsNT system, SQLServer. can not be denied, although the system kernel and different composition, but the problem is still there, such as susceptible to DoS (Denial O#Service, distributed denial of service) and OOB (OutOfBand) mode of attack.This is a fatal flaw, but by modifying the registry, patch can be avoided.But there is one point of vulnerability is unavoidable, is to run the IIS in the Windows system (Intern et InformationServer, In-tenr et information service), such as Dutch act about.
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