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Strengthen cultural education, take the "school-enterprise cooperation, training course work-integrated learning"

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Abstract: the rapid development of society put forward new requirements for talents, to better adapt to social progress, counselor teacher through internship in-depth study and management idea of enterprise culture, to cultivate the students establish the professional integrity of occupation moral, strengthen the team cooperation consciousness, correct and scientific formulation of occupation career planning, adapt to the employment needs of enterprises, take the "school-enterprise cooperation, work-study combination" talents cultivation route.
Keywords: internship; enterprises; culture; talent demand
The introduction of
The State Council "on the development of occupation education decision" pointed out: we should vigorously promote school-enterprise cooperation, training mode of work-study combination, stressed the need to fully rely on the company held the occupation education, continue to run the occupation schools and training institutions.The Ministry of education "several opinions on" to comprehensively improve the quality of teaching of higher occupation education is mentioned, to carry out combined with productive labor and social practice mode of learning actively, the important breakthrough point as the talents of higher occupation education training mode reform of work-study combination.We should make the school become the cultivation of excellent talents to society, let the students before graduation to the fastest speed to adapt to the demand of the best occupation is the bridge of school-enterprise cooperation, so the "school-enterprise cooperation, work-study combination" is the current our country occupation education reform and development of the route one must take.
Internship is a beneficial to employers and intern HR system arrangement.As a teacher of Ideological and political instructors in higher vocational colleges, the company internship is not the purpose of passing the exam, but in order to understand the enterprise culture and the students what is more suitable for the needs of the society for talents; more in-depth understanding of training standards, management mode and choose the Modern Corporation enterprise way, so as to guide the students to learn and school activities to cultivate the ability to quickly adapt to the needs of the society.Below the author in Dongguan over the company internship to process the idea of enterprise culture aspects about the demand of talent of some of their own humble opinion:
A, professional integrity, enterprise is the eternal pursuit of the occupation morals and
For any one organized enterprises, occupation morals level of employees has become the core elements to measure the quality of the staff.Occupation morality is the core and foundation of supporting the competitiveness of enterprises.Therefore, enterprises not only in the enterprise internal strengthening occupation moral education of employees, the occupation morality as the recruitment of staff prerequisite important basis conditions and the dismissal of employees.
In command, every employee is seven in the morning to get up, run 1500 meters, and then eat breakfast at work, running in the morning is not only to the physical exercise is a will sharpen, in every run in fact already is a potential fight with their silence, which bring not only the employees with high mental work efficiency is a more optimistic enterprising consciousness, and this will have on the staff's life have a major impact on
An excellent enterprise really never strive for occupation morals, occupation morality but will reflect the high standard in a series of things and the enterprise culture, therefore, we should be in teaching and daily management, to enable students to adapt to a variety of social role, many test students' occupation morality, education of students strengthen the sense of responsibility from the minor matter, in a line, love line, and embody the virtues in words and deeds, through the network of interpersonal relationship, so, can we truly accept the more severe challenges.
Two, "bad apple effect", "bucket effect" shows the team cooperation concept of
Office "bad apple effect", but also in the practice, a business advisor repeatedly mentioned by people view: a "bad apple" employee's bad behavior will spread like a virus, will eventually destroy colleagues or destroy a good team.While the "bucket effect" is the practice guide teacher in addition to another idea in de outside say.In the enterprise, more is to have a common progress, the team cooperation, so as to guarantee the quality of the finished project efficiency.Therefore, the ability to communicate with people, to communicate and cooperate with others, is a company and the enterprise value most.
In this particular win-win society no one is isolated, as the command staff often say a joke: "don't forget, you had a hand in hand next!" command, we see a strange business activities, is that employees must complete one hundred stories on the stage the task, which not only strengthen the good method of staff quality, is to promote the exchange of staff and staff, a good opportunity to improve the overall enterprise cohesion.
The school is a microcosm of society, we must communicate education students learn to cooperate, learn, use the power of the team to conquer all obstacles, we can demonstrate team education through a series of activities, to encourage students to actively participate in various social activities, in the team learning team strengths to make up for their own weaknesses, and common progress, healthy growth.Three, the details and cohesion in "extraordinary corporate culture of
Let people to accept a smaller request, can promote the acceptance of the request, this is the "threshold effect".The thoughts, mainly to see in command of company of another phenomenon: in the company, each branch in the staff they don't like others to have a decent cafeteria and head chef, and food problems all by your own to complete, cooking is a detail in life, there may be a lot of people not to regard it as right, but if they can establish a new balance in the little things, the details, and pleasant finish, so more can accept problems at work, "one and one" be smoothly done or easily solved.From a small start from the details, a point we proposed from ancient times to the present, but also many people most neglect a detail.
A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.A large number of cases proved repeatedly, an enterprise no matter size, quality and benefit are good, there may be destroyed on one day because of a link, a staff management oversight.The details are a kind of habit, is a kind of accumulation, is also a kind of vision, a kind of wisdom, is a long-term preparation.At work and in life, if we pay attention to the details, you can get some opportunities, also laid the foundation for success.
Today's students are generally strong self-esteem, so we work in teaching, should keep their eyes open, find unique flash point students in detail, make the students happy growth in incentive.At the same time to teach students to strengthen their self-cultivation, always pay attention to details, do a smart person, more do a "people", make people can do, do what others cannot do, the greatest efforts to improve themselves, to challenge high standards for enterprises.
Four, "Basketball" principle, enterprises set up long-term development targets
for employees
This practice made me appreciate another culture over the company, Rock's law, can be called "Basketball" principle.Basketball has a jump will reach the height, which makes the basketball to become a worldwide sport.This command has been learned in the "jump, reach the goal of" with great enthusiasm to pursue, there will be such a development.Therefore, to mobilize the enthusiasm of people, should be provided with the "height" of the target.
If the foothold in the higher vocational education of our process, we can be in the stage of school education to let students learn how to plan its development direction, and the limited university time make use of all resources towards this goal and continuous efforts, make every student can find the correct direction of the struggle, understand oneself in the university really what to study, what to do, but also let the students for future development with a clear goal, at the same time, we are not difficult to find "has certain feasibility of appreciation education" in supervision students occupation planning, which requires the teacher to the students step by step progress continuously with students "catch-up" degree, let the students not only to willing to, more in the pursue constantly upgrade themselves.
In short, education and enterprise in higher occupation technique has a natural connection, higher vocational education should be combined with industry talent market in talents cultivation process.Customer service concept teaching behavior guidance, production and study "win-win" road of the school.To strengthen the integration of campus culture and enterprise culture from the integration of the corporate culture and the emotion exchange is a successful innovation system of education, as the higher education workers, we should all, advance deep "school-enterprise cooperation, teaching mode of work-integrated learning", to reform as a breakthrough point, in cooperation with enterprises, according to enterprises need, school staff to the enterprises to participate in the occupation training, implementation and application in internship students into the teaching and the school to enterprise standards of teaching requirements; to the demand of the enterprises open operation basis, to promote mutual communication and understanding, to form a common development vision, to understand the social demand for talents, continuous improvement and improve the mechanism of the existing teaching management,
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