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Explore new ideas for young medical staff team construction

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Abstract: the young medical staff, not only responsible for the medical service, at the same time as the reserve power source is also promoting medical development and progress.How to train with the combat effectiveness of the young medical personnel, has become a worth us to pay close attention to the problems in the process of medical and health reform.This paper analyzes the psychological characteristics of young medical staff, using the scientific outlook on development, leading the young medical staff team construction.
Keywords: young medical staff; psychological characteristics; scientific outlook on development of
With the development of medical and health reform gradually thorough, local medical scale expands day by day, the hospital began to employ a lot in the series, the unofficial young medical staff, they are not only responsible for the medical service, at the same time as the reserve talents and promoting medical development and advance the source power.So, how to train and lead a team full of youthful spirit and aggressive young medical staff, encouraging them to innovate, strive, and common development of the hospital, which has already become a worth us to pay close attention to the problems in the process of medical and health reform.
Psychological characteristics of
A, young medical staff
Because of the objective aspect of acceptor factors influence, overall, the team has the following obvious characteristics:
(a) they thought is active, the ability to accept new things generally stronger, but there are also ideological volatile, has poor stability, when not cool, easy and easy drying tendency.
(two) most of them work hard, strive to make progress, but there is a lack of practical experience, defect deal with the practical issues of the lack of capacity.
(three) they have the spirit of dedication, hope that through their own efforts to be successful, but also be anxious for success, hope you can as soon as possible successful unrealistic psychological etc..
(four) due to objective reasons, in the series and non - there are some treatment, social security system, and even the conceptual differences in between, also gave the team cause more instability.
Two, using the scientific outlook on development, leading the young medical staff team building
(a) the people-oriented, the young talent talent showing itself
Scientific outlook on development, the core is people-oriented, and create conducive to young talent development environment of public opinion, policy environment, service environment, and create a "good atmosphere respect labor, respect knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creation" unremittingly.
1, create an atmosphere, caring for people
The construction of hospital young medical staff, mutual coordination and cooperation to hospital leadership and every functional department, the Department of.Ogilvie doll story tells us: "if each of us to hire people stronger than us, we can become a giant company."Similarly, to a hospital, a small department, the leader should have the broad mind, dare to others of the spirit, for the young people to the burden, with pressure, make outstanding talent talent showing itself.Leaders must take care of young medical workers, emotionally, psychologically and shorten their distance, and from the macro view, microcosmic, seize the opportune moment to cultivate talents, to care for the young volunteer growth.A correct view of young volunteers, not overgeneralization, should open the "green light" to all interested in health care service personnel, so that the young medical personnel to grow rapidly.
2, people make the best use, give full scope to the talents of
The value of people only in the use process appears and get promoted.Aim high, positive enterprising, young talents clear life goal, more value the future development prospects and personal unit.Therefore, the hospital must keep pace with the times, strengthen the long-term development planning, a clear strategic goals, let the young medical workers see hope, feel the future of hospital.Create the realization of self-worth and create conditions for young medical workers, stimulate their career achievement and responsibility.
3, active and healthy competition atmosphere,
As a member of society, young medical workers also focus on treatment, return, at the same time, a certain material benefits but also to the.Therefore, the hospital in the allocation process, to reflect the factor of production of knowledge, information, technology, value.That is to stabilize them, warm the heart function, and to the example and incentive effect on the entire hospital staff.
(two) development of young talents, cast solid business foundation
Scientific outlook on development, the first prerequisite is the development of.To become a medical talents, the young medical workers must be educated continuously, at the same time the hospital for young talents training plan, step by step, to lay the foundation for the forge a solid career.1, continuing education, tamp foundation
Knowledge has been continuously updated, the young medical workers, if not timely charge, update their knowledge, will be eliminated by the times development.Education and training can take a combination of two.On the one hand, in-service training and full-time study combination.In actual work, let the young medical workers play the leading role, growth ability to solve problems and development and application of new technology project ability, at the same time from talent development needs, reasonable arrangements for the training and continuing education.Encourage, selected outstanding talents in foreign language, management and full-time professional knowledge learning.On the other hand, please come in and go out of the combination.Regularly invited experts and famous at home and abroad to give lectures and academic exchanges, and at the same time, the organization of young talents, to advanced countries developed areas, further investigation, understand the latest medical developments and academic, technical level of advanced, accept new technology, skills training.
2, the development of
, teach students in accordance with their aptitude
Young talent construction can't grab, to distinguish between clinical type, research type, management type, composite type four talents, adopt different ways of training: selected young medical workers in batches to a hospital for further study.To focus on training for promising young talent, there are plans to allow them to engage in independent, important work, encourage their participation in decision-making, some important meetings in the hospital, recommend the outstanding personnel into the management at all levels of society and all kinds of technology academic society.Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, echelon construction of young medical workers to the development of the eyes, this can guarantee for hospital personnel, inexhaustible, be inexhaustible everfount.
(three) overall planning, and promote comprehensive development of
Scientific outlook on development, the basic requirement is that the overall coordination of sustainable, fundamental approach is holistic.Young medical workers to the spirit of hard work and scientific attitude combined, the scientific outlook on development and a correct view of talent-cultivation combined, and be conducive to the all-round development of the individual, but also conducive to the coordinated development of the whole society; should be both beneficial to individuals build up establishment, but also accord with all the vital interests of the people.
1, to Germany for the first, the patient is on
As a young medical workers, to establish for the broad masses of the people health service thought.The Department of life, care health.As a member of youth is to take the lead, always put people's health in the first place.Be patient would like to think, anxious patients are anxious.To renew the idea, enhance the service concept, establish people-oriented.Alert, resist and overcome the individualism, individualism and money worship, has always been to maintain the interests of the people in the first place, so as to test their ideas and action standard, take concrete actions enthusiasm into service society, enhance their spiritual realm, growth ability, so as to realize the value of one's life.
2, to Germany first, all-round development of
Clearly a correct view of talent-cultivation of young medical workers to achieve all-round development.In the economic competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the progress of science and technology change rapidly, information update vary from minute to minute today, talent evaluation criteria for more comprehensive: to have a noble moral character, a solid professional knowledge, consciously innovative spirit and outstanding performance, with these requirements is a talent to meet the needs of modern society.The young medical workers to grow, we must set up the idea of market economy, the personal interest and the social need to combine according to market changes, adjust their mentality and something in the right direction, talent concept, cultivating good thinking quality and good morals sentiment, grasps the needs of modernization abundant knowledge and solid skills, to solve its problems facing the development, create the outstanding achievements, and strive to grow into an all-round development, to meet the needs of modern society talents.

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