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To construct the system of the core competitiveness of enterprises on the information.

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Keywords: the informatization of enterprise core competitiveness of enterprises core competitiveness.
Abstract: the core competitiveness of enterprises is the formation of long-term business, can make the core ability of active enterprise long time internal market competition.The twenty-first Century is the age of information, the past era of industry to enhance the core competitiveness of the model is no longer adapt to the changes of the times.This paper discusses the information to change the traditional management thought and management mode, which brings new opportunities and challenges for the development of enterprises, the core competitiveness has been strengthened, and at the same time, the current China's information environment to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises is presented, and the construction of the system of the core competence of the enterprise informationization environment.
The core competitiveness is the enterprise according to the specific environment, according to the capability of its own characteristics, forming a unique enterprise, enterprise ability competitors can not imitate in a short period of time, makes the enterprise to maintain the superiority in market competition.Information age makes the internal and external environment of the enterprise survival of the tremendous changes have taken place in people's life and work, information has played a more and more important role.The rapid development of the Internet leads to information to break the physical limits of physical space, spread more quickly and easily, at the same time, the explosive information increasing rapidly changing external environment that enterprises face, enterprises will face huge crisis, information and information technology not only as the enterprise resources to support the strategy of the enterprise, but also become a part of corporate strategy is not integral.Therefore, the ability to handle and use information in building the core competitiveness of enterprises play an increasingly critical role, enterprise informatization has become the trend to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises can not resist.
Yang 1 enterprise core competitiveness
Concept of the 1 core competitiveness
The core competitiveness is formed to create customer value know-how and technology, it takes the enterprise technology ability as the core, through the enterprise strategic decision-making, system control, marketing, management and integration of enterprise culture, ability to obtain long-term competitive advantage.The core competence is not only gain a significant competitive advantage of enterprises in this industry, the security of this field, but also the enterprises to open up new areas of, the establishment of a new profit growth point, even to establish leading industry, new strategic focus, seek the important means of the continuous development of the sichuan.
Characteristics of the core competitiveness of 1.2 Enterprises
The value of the core competitiveness of help enterprises to realize the core value of customer value, can significantly reduce the cost, improve the efficiency of enterprises, improve product quality, increase customer's utility, so as to create long-term competitive initiative for the enterprise, brings to the enterprise competitive advantage.Unique core competence is the long-term cultivation and accumulation during the development of enterprises and become, bred in the enterprise culture, the deeply into enterprise quality, as the employees have in common.Therefore, it is a product of the specific function of specific enterprise organization structure, enterprise culture, specific specific employee group, is a product of the enterprise personalized, difficult to be imitated and substituted by other enterprises.The ductility of core competence can penetrate into all aspects of the business, to run the development of the enterprise.In the enterprise capability system, the core competitiveness is core, can make the enterprise in the competition in the field of sustained competitive advantage, expand the can around the core ability of the relevant market, the market through innovative sustainable competitive advantage.The core competence of enterprises and certain period dynamic dynamic industry, management pattern and enterprise resource variables are highly correlated with each other, related to the changes of the dynamic development, the core competition ability of evolution is inevitable, once was the core competence may evolve into the general ability of enterprise.
The key factors of core competitiveness of 1.3 Enterprises
The core competitiveness of enterprises may come from many aspects, might be the decision layer and field preparation program, a link may be business processes, such as R & D, manufacturing, marketing; in general, can be divided into the following several aspects: the survival and development of enterprises is management ability management, is all aspects of manufacturing, marketing and research and development agreement.Enterprises according to the operating characteristics of their own, strategic planning and mode innovation of each link of enterprise operation, when a unique business model to be copied in a short period of time, it will be able to create a strong competitive advantage, is an important way to cultivate and promote the enterprise core competitive power.Good management ability of enterprise management ability is one of the important source of core competitiveness of enterprises.Because of the history of the development of enterprises, management experiences and preferences are different, more important is the staff there are differences in the skills, experience, cognition, so the enterprise management ability has the distinct personalized features, it has become the essential differences between enterprises, is not to imitate.Therefore, the enterprise management concept and unique culture can become an important factor of enterprise core competitiveness.
Innovation ability innovation of enterprises is to change the rules and methods of the original, to innovate in some parts of the business or management process of the existing.It is a source of power for enterprises to build the core competitiveness, only by constantly warehouse hiss to form their own characteristics, can make the enterprise competitive advantage is not beyond a short period of time in the globalization and the fierce competition in the market environment.Therefore, the enterprise must grasp the world science and technology and market trends, to formulate the corresponding strategy of innovation, technology innovation, management innovation, technological innovation and coordination development.At the same time the decision layer, management layer, business layer must have the ability of keen observation to capture new things, put forward bold speculation and envision novel according to the market and social changes, careful careful demonstration, continue to innovate and adapt to the market, to keep the enterprise competitive advantage.
2 information age influence on enterprise core competitiveness of Yang
2.1 characteristics of the information age
The industrial age is the material, all the products are put to the physical form of production and sales and use, capital accumulation is slow, when formed a certain scale and competitiveness of enterprises, the competitive advantage can be maintained for a long time.With the information and resources in the enterprise and enterprise value proliferation and more important, the competitive advantage of the industrial age has been more and more obvious, especially now that twelfth Century of the information age, highly developed productive forces, the Internet throughout the world, for the characteristics of the enterprise in the information age is: no inevitable connection between the size of the company and its creation the size of the value.In the Itn Er NTE in the world, companies can be very small, small companies can become great.The main factor is the enterprise information available, and the maximum value of commercial use of information can be obtained.
The change of the market environment is unpredictable, rapidly and another person be hardly worthy of belief.With the explosive growth of information, people can get any information and knowledge needed.The diversity of needs of customers reflected maximization, so the market also change unpredictably.Therefore the information age enterprise to provide the idea of changing the process of products and services to customers, constantly testing, investment and planning, in order to adapt to the changing environment.Business diversification and regional limitations break.The development of Internet technology has led to the development of new business mode.The emergence and development of e-commerce not only makes it possible for enterprises management in new ways, with new products and services, and almost in a flash to those who sell products and services to the tens of thousands of people, to break the regional barriers to marketing, enterprise information exchange becomes direct and simple, enlarge the radiation scope of enterprise.The characteristics of this new era that modern enterprises face more risk and crisis, enterprises must face the reality appear and disappear in a short period of time can be in the information era, the competitive advantage of the enterprise, must also pay more attention to information plays a key role in enterprise core competitiveness.Two aspects of information technology is from the information content of the product and business management informatization forced the enterprises to attach importance to and strengthen the informatization construction.
The key role of 2.2 information of enterprises and the competitiveness of Yang
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