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Discussion on the construction project management innovation

Author: LiangJiBing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-22 06:20:51 Read:
Abstract: with the progress of science and technology, the scale and complexity of the project increases continuously, the construction cycle long, personalized strong project.Because of the complexity of the project, it is necessary to carry out professional collaboration.There are still defects in project management work, the author after years of work experience and puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and specific engineering project management methods, so as to provide reference for China's construction enterprise project management level.
Keywords: construction project; project management; current situation; Countermeasures of
At present, the vast majority of China's construction enterprises in the project construction, the project management methods to manage.However, the overall level of project management of construction project in China is far behind foreign construction enterprises advanced, also behind other industries in China, such as the information industry, manufacturing industry, and some of the so-called construction project management still stays on the level of simple imitation, and did not fully understand and digest the essence of foreign project management, there are a lot of the implementation need innovations.Therefore, the scientific construction project management is worth thinking and researching.

1, some problems existing in our country architectural engineering construction project management
1.1 management mode is not reasonable
The economic benefits of construction enterprise in our country is not high, the main reason is the management mode is not reasonable, but at present our country architectural engineering management mode is down by inheriting the management mode of planned economy, the large state-owned enterprises at this point is especially evident.Specific performance: to administrative means and rigid instruction management method instead of science, construction enterprise according to the fixed system to organize production, contrary to the objective laws of engineering construction, the construction enterprises can not according to the specific situation of optimal allocation of production factors in the project, inevitably cause asset utilization rate is low.
1.2 the backward management methods and
1.2.1 time setting
Develop schedule depending on the experience accumulated in the past, "tap a head" period.Preparation method using only simple bar chart, without the use of advanced network plan technology.
1.2.2 staff quality aspects of
At present, the personnel directly construction project quality is not high phenomenon universal existence.Technical personnel fluidity is very great, it is difficult to unified technical training, technical level is uneven, the construction quality is guaranteed, so some technical solutions are difficult to implement, resulting in quality differences between each project is very large.
In addition, some owners in the project completion and acceptance by not timely settlement payments.Rather than the construction unit to settlement and on the basis of contract litigation with the owners, because the construction unit owners worry about offending, destroying the good cooperative relationship with the owner node in the whole construction project.However, the settlement amount often contains the construction unit profit, even to advance the construction unit cost or to the construction unit name on credit materials.The owners default payment settlement has seriously affected the construction unit expanding opportunity.
The 1.2.3 control of
In the engineering project implementation process, the theory and method of control used less, especially the feedforward control and daily control not implemented in the application.Control method of quantization is much less, the control method random is very.
The 1.3 form of organization is not scientific
1.3.1 management of highly centralized
Regional companies and the engineering company has no independent right of management, easy to cause the decision-making is not timely, it is difficult to adapt to market changes, but also difficult to mobilize the enthusiasm of each branch.
Design of 1.3.2 organization is not reasonable
The linear functional organization structure is suitable for fixing the product manufacturing enterprises, for the fast changes in the market, the product has single construction is not applicable.
The 1.3.3 department is not scientific
Some construction companies did not consider the development of new products and new business opportunities and set up scientific department, the Department of engineering company most according to the professional division, a project construction each will mobilize all professional engineering company, resulting in a waste of resources.
1.3.4 employment system is not flexible
Because the construction industry has a production capacity of imbalance, the task is not full circumstances, enterprises should also bear a fixed salary, increasing the burden on enterprises.
1.4 materials in short supply management system of
Prominent in the material supply problems is not needed materials are hoarding, and in need of material are often unable to fund timely approach.The reason for this result is that most construction companies supply the lack of system management, materials planning and warehouse plan is not included in schedule system, the material entering the time, quantity and use parts not specific implementation.Such as steel, cement and other bulk materials, often take the mass purchase way, so as to take up a lot of money and space, but also easy to cause material loss and two times out of luck.But, when the project schedule and schedule changes, material supply plan is difficult to be adjusted accordingly, resulting in a large number of unused material into the scene.Because capital is occupied by a large number of, once the subsequent financial difficulties, the construction project will be affected.In 2,

Below the author according to their own work experience, carries on the discussion to the construction project management measures, continue to deepen reform of the management system of construction put forward their own views.
2.1 the adjustment of the management mode of
Imbalance of production and management of construction enterprises with liquidity, stage, seasonal and production capacity of load characteristics, requirements management mode must meet the construction product.Engineering project management in our country should learn from foreign science, successful management model, combined with the actual situation of construction enterprises in China, to adjust the project management mode in existing.After the adjustment of the management mode should have the following characteristics.
(1) establish a flexible productive forces, the rigid industrial structure and market characteristics and the scientific and reasonable organization system.
(2) the separation of construction management and construction operation function.
(3) to establish a scientific and practical project plan means and effective tools for project control.
2.2 the concept of adjustment
Our country is in the transition from planned economy to market economy stage.Under the planned economy system, our country enterprise is to complete the tasks assigned by the superior, the pursuit of value as the goal.Under the market economy system, the traditional management concept must change.That is, to plan concept into the concept of market, the value concept into profit idea, will change the administrative instruction ideas into scientific decision-making management idea, will change the experience management concept into management of science and technology will change the concept, follow the beaten track concept into the pursuit of innovative ideas.Concept of management is critical to an enterprise's survival and development, only to set up the scientific management idea, adapt to the requirements of the new economy, enterprises can develop continuously.
2.3 the organization to adjust
At present, the organization of construction enterprise in our country basically adopts linear functions of the system, however, this structure is suitable for the production of enterprises, not suitable for construction enterprises.We should establish a consistent with the characteristics of the construction projects, organization system model.The organization shall meet the following requirements.
(1) with elastic productivity principle.Construction general contractor's management and operation functions of separation, employment elasticity.The general contractor can be based on operating conditions and construction requirements, the construction work subcontracted to professional services company, its not equipped with fixed production workers, only bear the construction management functions.
(2) with rigid industrial structure principle.Company can trans-regional operation and can directly and the owners signed the contract.Professional services companies can not flow, only from the hands of the general contractor subcontracted construction task.
(3) close to the market demand.The general contractor can be cross-regional operation, if taken in the highly centralized management pattern, will inevitably affect the decision of the timeliness and accuracy, but also increases the amount of the cost of management.Therefore, the organization should meet the market requirements, the right to appropriate to the project department, in order to establish the combination of centralization and decentralization, flexible organization.
(4) with the development of new product requirements.Large building companies to continuous management, sustainable development, it is necessary to develop new products.Therefore, must establish corresponding organizations, formed by products to independent operating company, make
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