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On study and practice activities to enhance the quality of the staff of Petrochemical Pipeline

Author: LiuXiaoHan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-22 04:03:05 Read:
Abstract: the pipeline to achieve rapid development, inseparable from each employee to catch up with the progress of staff; quality of life continues to increase, is inseparable from the rapid development of petrochemical pipeline, to firmly establish the "pipeline on my development, I rely on the pipeline of survival" the fate of the enterprise community consciousness, to each employee must obey the pipeline development, through learning and constantly improve their level of.
Keywords: Scientific Outlook on development; knowledge employee
With the development of science and technology, the industrial modernization change rapidly, petrochemical pipeline reform steadily, constantly changing production mode, production automation, informationization degree unceasing enhancement, petrochemical pipeline flows continue to adjust and expand, lean, standardized management of continuous implementation, is bound to the staff's ideological concept, business skills and comprehensive quality put forward new and higher requirements, there is an urgent need for petrochemical pipeline to comprehensively implement the scientific outlook on development, solidly carry out the "vying for knowledge workers" activities, improve worker team quality.So, in the new situation, how to carry out the "vying for knowledge workers" activities, to improve staff quality, enhance the market competitiveness of petrochemical pipeline, to play professional advantages, promote sound and rapid development of petrochemical pipeline I think from the following aspects: the
First, enhance the management idea of
One is to change ideas and innovative thinking, to safety in production as the core, in order to perfect the system and strengthen the management as the basis, to enhance the management idea and improve the quality of the team as the starting point, vigorously carry out the "create a learning team, try to be knowledge workers" activities, carefully set up a worker and petrochemical pipeline a total of progress, the development of "win-win" platform, arouse the staff knowledge and enterprising aspirations and team consciousness, to further improve the overall quality of staff.
The two is to start from improving their political quality, professional quality, to nurture "self-study, Qinyan, use opportunely, practical" as the goal, to strengthen the concept of lifelong learning, guide the staff management, science and technology, science, with focus on learning and self-study combined, post learning in combination with training, service learning and the combination of technological innovation, team learning and training combination, formed "the study work," work and study, to learn in order to practise.
Three is to strengthen the dedication as the theme, vigorously carry forward the "pioneering spirit, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise and the "dedication, integrity-based" occupation morals, firmly establish democracy, legal system and the "people-oriented, long distance for the industry, solid foundation, the new idea of fine management, strong Petrochemical Pipeline", with advanced typical for example, firmly establish correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, moral values, the development of happiness and their pipeline of tightly together, study hard, study assiduously, do solid work, put the creative knowledge and experience to use in practice, in order to improve the Sinopec pipeline management and technical level of contribution one's ability and cleverness.
Four is to adhere to the "people-oriented" principle, the learning team theory into the enterprise management, enterprise culture, enterprise development and staff personal growth and other aspects, so that employees understand the real meaning of ", work study work", a comprehensive understanding of the new situation, the development of petrochemical pipeline update idea, firm confidence, seize the day, focus on the future, according to their characteristics, the establishment of personal occupation career, new ideas into new behaviors, new performance of new behaviors, so as to achieve the unity of "knowledge" and "action".
Two, establish the management mechanism of
One is to establish a party together mechanism, the learning activities and responsibilities with research, with the deployment, with the check, the same implementation, together form a whole, to carry out a wide range of learning leadership, learning team, learning team, knowledge type staff and learning type family to create works, rich create carrier, will combination of learning activities and daily work and life, enthusiasm, mobilize the employee's full participation, improve together.
Two is the establishment of the post evaluation mechanism, to percentile evaluation from the occupation ethics, safety and quality, technology, business, job skills, labor discipline, to take the exam, quarterly review, the end of the year assessment form, benign loop line assessment team, team appraisal is personal, so as to achieve the ability of self control, self improvement, self - regulation, further improve the business management level.
Three is the establishment of documented appointment mechanism, the main task of human resource development of the education and training of workers, to overcome the past than knowledge skills, technology than skill training way, strengthen the staff job skills training, after passing the examination issued qualification certificates, certificates.Four is the establishment of "mechanism of occupation skill leaders", those with outstanding service and good occupation morality, and can play the role of "technical personnel mentoring" in production and business activities, the formation of training leading group.
Five is the development of human resources management mechanism established to adapt and production management and channel development, ensure the staff quality construction institutionalization, standardization.In the HSE activity-based instruction, setting the post job description, clear station leader, professional and technical personnel and management personnel, operating personnel should be aware of management objectives.The station of each employee has a standard, work objectives, learning direction.Technical staff to break the limits, help each other, learn from each other.To meet the need of sustainable development of petrochemical pipeline.
Six is to establish and perfect the incentive mechanism of the staff and workers of lifelong learning, reading learning activities with the hook mechanism, technicians have achieved, promoted to the elderly, and actively create a good learning environment, learning to create, learn something to.
Seven is to establish a dynamic management mechanism.In the personnel system, the formulation and implementation of "up and down, to enter and exit", "who, who let, Yongzhe" dynamic management mechanism, enhance the consciousness of staff's sense of crisis, a sense of urgency, a sense of responsibility and enterprising, really "want me to learn" into "I want to learn the atmosphere".
Three, the construction of learning atmosphere
One is tightly around the safe oil production as the main line, often carry out reasonable suggestions, technical transformation and other forms of competition, encourage employees to learn to play to their expertise.The advanced collective emerged in the competition and individual, the tree is learning "model", and strive to create "than, learn, catch, help, super" atmosphere of learning.
The two is the integral pipeline development goals and personal development goals closely together, the total target for annual decomposition layers to every staff, formed "the heavy load we pick, everyone shoulders indicators".Let every employee realize: pipeline to achieve rapid development, inseparable from each employee to catch up with the progress of staff; quality of life continues to increase, is inseparable from the rapid development of petrochemical pipeline, to firmly establish the "pipeline on my development, I rely on the pipeline of survival" the fate of the enterprise community consciousness, needs each employee to obey the pipeline development through continuous learning, improve their level of.On this basis, actively encourage employees to develop personal development plan, assist employees with new knowledge, new technology associated with the job learning, and strive to improve the various skills and techniques, promote development through pipelines to achieve their life value.
The three is to cultivate the innovation source and the core force of pipeline, laid a solid foundation for the development of pipelines.To carry out a wide range of five activities among employees, encourage employees to improvement activities, do not set the corresponding incentive mechanism, play to their subjective initiative new.Four is to promote the new workers laying easy access. "".The establishment of talent management mechanism, found talent, talent, management talent, to achieve "certificate for several enterprises good with people, star enterprise development" concept of human resource management.The annual assessment and selection, appointment of management personnel, selection and technical cadres work with individuals linked to performance, arouse the enthusiasm of each employee aggressive.
Fourth, innovative learning methods.Take the combination of school and enterprise, multi-channel, three-dimensional, multi-level implementation."Reading, learning, practice, become" activities as the carrier, workers organizations to carry out rich and colorful reading self-study, technological innovation, labor contest, on-the-job training, learning activities; encourage the establishment of honor incentive mechanism, supplemented by material incentives to spirit, through the development of activities, to build the platform, provide opportunities for talent talent showing itself, create conditions, to guide the staff on the right road to success, learning new knowledge, master new skills.To strengthen the quality of staff training as a leader, to team learning as the main body, the team as the support, to individual workers learning as the basis, to the information network system for the learning organization of central creating system, the formation of a learning type enterprise, learning team, learning team, learning type family, learning the individual layers propulsion, point, line, surface creation of promoting network.The five is to "be a knowledge worker, tree image" workers in the new period as activities to improve the quality of workers, an effective way to promote the all-round development of the pipeline, through labor competition, rationalization proposals and other forms, as the
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