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How to do the operation and management of social security funds

Author: GaoZhaoRong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-21 20:29:35 Read:
In the work of social insurance, fund management is undoubtedly an extremely important position in the overall management of the central link of social insurance. A huge amount of social insurance funds, affecting a wide range, the success or failure of its operation, is directly related to the social insurance work carried out as well as the vital interests of the majority of the insured. Therefore, how to enhance the safe operation and management of the social insurance fund is particularly important. As the financial management of the social insurance management also should meet this requirement, as the core fund management.
Financial management of social insurance accounting control and supervision means in accordance with the financial system of the national unity and social insurance institutions, policies, regulations, and social insurance institutions financial goals, the rational organization of social insurance fund raise to pay, regulation and preparation of financial activities . PAYG system to implement due to the financial management of our current social insurance, fund management and expenditure. From this one, the collection of payments of the Fund is the focus of the financial management of social insurance.
One, the safe operation of the Fund's income
The raising of the Social Insurance Fund is the primary task of the social insurance agencies. The social insurance system of social insurance funds to implement the collection of social insurance fund and fund system, if you can not be solicited funds, social insurance work became a source of water, without trees. So, to do insurance work, we must first make timely and sufficient income to the Fund. Corporate Social Insurance Fund revenues mainly include:
1 by a certain percentage based on the total wages extracted social pool. This is the main channel of the source of funds. Between enterprises in the market economy system, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, causing part of the enterprise-effective landslide, workers' wages and benefits are difficult to fulfill, in addition to some erroneous ideas of the leader of a small number of enterprises, the phenomenon of social insurance arrears, seriously affecting the normal development of social insurance work. For this phenomenon, the social insurance institutions and staff to establish management and service. "Vigorous advocacy work, so that businesses and workers to recognize that the implementation of co-ordinating the country, great thing for the benefit of businesses and workers, promote to co-ordinate the work carried out smoothly. Perform compulsory social insurance management functions necessary to ensure the relevant units and individuals to fulfill their social insurance obligations through coercive means, so that the Fund in full in a timely manner.
Individuals pay part, this is an important part of the social insurance fund. With the continuous improvement of the income level of the individual workers, the level of individual contributions will continue to improve. For this part of the fund, the insurance agency should actively carry out publicity work. Practice has proved that the social insurance work, a little more publicity on the experience less resistance, an increase of one point power. The above income belongs to the major part of the social insurance fund, to ensure its safe operation of the management, we should do:
(1) according to the program requirements, and timely collection and storage of social insurance funds, the right to pay the final amount to ensure the life of the retired workers. The establishment of insurance fund management accounting, supervision of enterprises and individuals should be paid according to the provisions of social insurance funds and non-payment of the situation, so that timely reminder, the funds in place in time.
(2) to strengthen the financial management of social insurance. Financial management of social insurance plays an extremely important role in the social insurance work, due to the large amount of social insurance funds, if you do not have a sound financial management system, creates many problems. The social insurance fund is the majority of workers, "Survival Money", "survival money. For this part of the fund of social insurance departments should strictly enforce financial discipline and financial regulations. Do insurance fund "account storage earmarked. The guarantee Fund full and timely Daozhang of, prevent bullying, cheat, omission Fund. Prevent interception occurrence. To strengthen accounting business accounting, timely and accurate processing of various businesses, registration books, the statements, and to improve the management level. Higher-level units should organize regular checks to prevent disorder support fraudulent insurance fund; audit departments should regularly audit to prevent wastage and misappropriation of funds. Two, the safe operation of the fund expenditures
The fundamental aim of the social insurance policyholders encounter an accident, illness and lost the ability to work the livelihood security. Such protection is the ultimate expression of the social insurance fund payment link. Include: medical insurance fund expenditures, pension insurance fund expenditures, work injury insurance fund expenditures, maternity insurance expenditures and unemployment insurance fund expenditures. Payment: (1) direct payment of social insurance institutions; (2) Social insurance institutions entrusted banks to issue; (3) issued on his behalf by the enterprises or units. Practice has proved that to be taken two ways the best, safest operation of the Fund. The third situation often can not guarantee the timely and full payment of social insurance fund in place. The fundamental reason for the existence of such problems: there is no legal obligation of social insurance institutions, social insurance institutions of the enterprise no constraint mechanism occurs when the enterprise is a shortage of funds, production landslide the insured person of the enterprise can not full and timely receive social assistance funds.
Third, the social insurance fund hedging and value-added
Social Insurance Fund is to raise funds for the implementation of the social insurance system. The money, if exists in the form of money, as the economy grows, its value - the total purchasing power reduced. Thus. Preserving the value of the social insurance funds is through a certain amount of funds the way they operate, and maintain the Fund's total purchasing power without reducing; while the value-added is a store of value based on its increased purchasing power. From this one as the material basis of the system of social insurance funds to ensure the preservation and appreciation of great significance.
Mainly based on the nature of the social insurance fund, social insurance fund investment principles and the actual situation of China's current social insurance funds in China investment: the directional bonds issued by the bank deposits, treasury bills and the state.
Sponsored by the government social insurance agencies in charge of social insurance and commercial insurance companies life insurance business has the distinction principle. Social insurance is a social security system, and is the country's basic social policy, enforced through national legislation, nonprofit, and commercial insurance commercial insurance company or the operation of the means of economic compensation insurance, is an aspect of national economic activity. Operate the two sides signed a contract in accordance with the principle of voluntariness, the use of the operation of the means of economic compensation for the purpose of profit.
Fourth, improve the management of insurance funds countermeasures
To ensure the safe operation of the social insurance fund, but also to achieve the following aspects in order to achieve the most optimal operation of the insurance fund.
(1) the establishment of the fund supervision system. Fund the establishment of the supervisory system needs to start from the following aspects: the development of the social insurance agency management rules, regulate the behavior of the management of the social insurance agencies; Second, the development of the social insurance fund supervision system, standardize supervision range form of supervision, supervision procedures and oversight bodies, supervisory staff behavior; establish a social insurance fund supervision and reporting system, the development of supervision and reporting approach, accepting community violation utilized Report of the Social Insurance Fund, and increase efforts to investigate and deal with acts of violation to use the Fund.
(2) the establishment of a training evaluation mechanism, and constantly improve the level of business management. Should learn from advanced management methods, theory. Learn advanced management experience, the establishment of effective training, evaluation mechanism, in which all speak learning theory, than the culture of the business, and give full play to the potential of personnel, and constantly improve the level of business management.
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