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Research on human resource management under Network Environment

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[key] network     human resource management; information management;

[Abstract] the rapid development of network information, network information management provides a new idea and means to the society.How to make use of cyber source to carry out human resource management is a problem worthy of study.This paper mainly discusses the effective way to carry out the work of human resources management under the network environment.

With the improvement of social productivity, the talent competition is very fierce, enterprise personnel work and therefore by the organization under the planned economy system control mode into a market system of human resources development model.[4] at the same time, the development of network technology beyond imagination, has become an important carrier of social network of mutual transmission of information, and the network information management has become the social management of a new field and a new trend.And how in the network environment to effectively carry out the work of human resource management, which is worthy of our study.

1 human resources management content of

Human resources management is the management of organizational human capital, that is human resource planning, organization, control, makes the human and material resources to maintain the best proportion.Its management mainly includes the introduction of talent, quality management, post management, performance management and salary management, human resources outsourcing etc..And the core of enterprise human resources management must be launched around this center of enterprise strategy, and to "people" and "post" as two point, so that the management of content on the formation of a 4P management model as the core of the management mode, the 4P management model as shown in Figure 1 below.

The management model of the ultimate goal is to achieve optimal matching of person and person, person and post, post and, people and enterprises.

some problems existing in the traditional human resources management
2.1 access to information, information access to slow
In the traditional human resource management, due to different regions, different enterprises of different information sources, the process is also different, can not share information, therefore the information quantity is very little, and gets extremely slow.
2.2 information redundancy, the waste of resources and
Because information cannot be shared, so the units or enterprises, including the units or departments within the enterprise, a lot of information and resources is often repeated, cause information redundancy and waste of resources.

2.3 each management link easy disjunction, poor coordination, overall planning is not strong

Because each management link is relatively independent in the process of operation, so it is easy to make the coordination between each management link is not good, resulting in the work out, overall difference, but also easy to cause the management process is not standard.

2.4 the traditional management means single life hard, lack of humanization of

The traditional management is to manage to "person" in the form of this kind of management method, single life hard, often management effect is low due to the reason of "people", and even cause work conflict and loss.

2.5 the work efficiency is low, not high quality

Little information source, slow, redundancy, good coordination can not work, overall difference, so that the work efficiency is very low.And because the management is too dependent on "people", thus causing the work quality is not high.

2.6 single training form, poor effect of

The traditional human resource management in the process of the implementation of the training process, usually follow the lecture, discussion, such a fixed pattern, is too single, poor training effect.

3   characteristics of network information management;

Network information management is the inevitable trend of the development of today's business management, business administration, enterprises and other units.The network information management has the following characteristics:

3.1 sharing   cyber source;

Can make people can according to their own needs sharing cyber source, through the network to obtain various kinds of information.This feature allows people to easily obtain valuable information.

3.2 information transmission speed, real-time

In the network environment, the information transmission speed is very quick, and the accuracy is high, can achieve real-time transmission complete effect.Therefore, this feature can be implemented across time, cross-regional communication or data acquisition.

3.3 digital media in a body, the exchange of information is more humanized

In the network environment, image, sound, video, streaming media data can be quickly transmitted casually, so that communication is very rich, cross-domain communication more humane, more real, and even can construct a virtual world.

3.4 large information capacity, covering a wide

In the network environment, there are abundant memory resources, so the storage of information in the network is very large, which makes the information structure of network is very complete, content is very rich and covers a wide range of.
4 how to carry out   human resources management under the network environment;

According to the characteristics of human resource management and network, the integration of the two.To achieve this goal, we need to develop a system of human resource management in network platform.First of all, this system will be integrated human resources management each management link, achieve unity, coordination, management, and the management process standardization.Furthermore, the system will use the network to share resources, rapid and accurate transfer characteristics, expand information sources, improve the speed of access to information, reduce information redundancy and waste of resources, greatly improve the efficiency and quality of human resources management.Finally, the system can be in the management process, make full use of multimedia function in the network, make the platform management, training form more rich, more humane, better effect.

5 specific measures of realizing the   human resources management under network environment;

5.1 human resources management system for the development of

According to the implementation of human resource management of the network environment, we first need to develop a system of human resource management in the network environment.The development of such a management system need to build a web site, through the site to build a Web platform, and then through the Web to the development of human resources management system.The advantages of this program is, in the Web platform, in addition to routine business management through human resources management system, can also through the Web platform to publish news, online communication, publicity, information collection and so on, so that the whole management content vivid. 5.2 recruitment measures

Recruitment is the premise of the human resource management.Recruitment is reasonable, in relation to the personnel structure of the administrative, career, business units is reasonable, whether can cause personnel and the human cost of waste.Therefore, we need to establish a personnel database in the system, the personnel information storage unit in the database.Executive recruitment by system analysis of data in the database according to certain requirements of automatic statistics, and quickly get the recruiting the best solution, thus improving the work efficiency and work quality.

Also, in the process of the implementation of the recruitment, we can also use the network to realize network video online recruitment, this can save business costs, and can be conveniently candidates and the recruitment unit, the recruitment efficiency is very high, but also very user-friendly.

5.3 quality management measures of

Quality management is based on the quality evaluation.
According to the strategic need, process quality improvement of staff.For a flat, form the structure of staff quality reasonable is to realize the strategic guarantee.But also can effectively control the human cost, enhance competitiveness.Quality management usually includes several contents: the quality management, which is obtained by the quality evaluation and recruitment.Keep the quality management, through the incentive mechanism to realize.The quality of improving management, that is obtained by training.The quality management, namely by inspire the potential of employees, make full use of one's ability and cleverness.

Implementation of the quality of personnel management in the management system, the need to establish a evaluation and training database, each evaluation or examination by the automatic test paper generation system, make the evaluation or assessment results more reasonable, higher working efficiency.At the same time, can also be combined with multimedia technology, make the evaluation more humane, more abundant.The need for staff training, can the teaching content and courseware to teaching staff teaching process is recorded and stored in the database, training staff can be online learning and accept the inspection at any time.The main incentive mechanism established by the decision layer, but can through the Web platform to have employees propaganda, because the network covers a wide range, this propaganda effect on the person is very big, the play incentive effect is very big, also helps employees to play to their one's ability and cleverness.
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