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The Countermeasures for improving the information consultancy industry in our country, the level of service

Author: LinHongZuo ZhangXianHui SunY From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-21 15:02:38 Read:
[Key words] information consultancy     management system; knowledge management; Technology
Background ] [abstract with the rapid development in the global information consulting industry, based on the analysis of problems in the management of information consulting industry in China, to improve the service level of Chinese information consulting industry strategy.
Information consulting industry has brought good opportunities for development.Since the nineteen eighties, the development of information consulting industry in China has made considerable progress, but compared with the western developed countries, due to late start, affected by the external environment and their own conditions in many aspects, our country is engaged in information consulting enterprise quantity is many, but the scale is small, the overall strength is low, the number of international competitiveness a large company is too small.Therefore, careful study and take active strategy to solve these difficulties and problems, in order to keep the information consultation industry in China rapidly, continuously improve the management level becomes more and more important.
The presence of a, information consultation industry in China, the problems in the management of
(a) the overall level of information consulting service is not high
Development of information consulting industry in China is still very short, relative lack of information resources.At the same time, many consulting institution concurrently, engage in listing advisory company level uneven, disorder, most consulting institutions not to build special database.Information infrastructure at present in our country is still very weak, mainly in the computer and modern communication technology, including computer on-line retrieval, database, computer network and other information resources widespread utilization rate low, small capacity, transmission speed, sharing ability etc..
(two) the interior industrial structure is not reasonable
Many of our information service institutions due to lack of funds and poor operation, personnel limited and weak, technological transformation projects, a large scientific research project to undertake.And the majority of institutions can only provide the original information, the lack of ability development and deep processing; the level of internationalization of information consulting service is also low, participation in international information consulting market competition ability is weak, resulting in some information market is not fully developed, affect the internationalization process of information consulting industry.
(three) the knowledge content of products low
Consultation service is a process of professional talent utilization system engineering, mathematical science, decision science method to solve social and economic problems of diverse, complex, and consulting provider to provide quality, efficient intellectual achievements of survival, and development.The scale of consulting services in China at present are very small, most enterprises can only provide the original information.There are some query mechanism ignore the knowledge characteristics of information products inherent, not research, careful analysis, only the pursuit of the surface form, provide consulting service for enterprise decision be flashy without substance, sometimes even provide false outdated information and error proof, a serious violation of the interests of enterprises, but also damage the image of the industry.
two, improving strategy of Chinese information consulting industry management level
(a) the establishment of information management system of scientific
Information consulting institutions must strengthen scientific management mechanism, the use of scientific party so as to promote the development of their own.
1 to establish target management responsibility system.Should carry out the duty, rights, responsibility, and the principles of unity, fully embodies the Jiangyoufalie, to arouse people's enthusiasm to achieve the purpose of.Only the combination of the four, do post to the people, power to the people, the responsibility to the people, benefit to the people, in order to successfully implement target.As of T according to the information requirements of the work content, quantity, quality, time limit and the results submitted to the negative situation put forward reference, to make soft target hardening, fuzzy index quantification, the advisory work to reach high levels in all aspects, strengthen its feasibility, comparability, examination.
2 to establish a reasonable operation mechanism.Operation mechanism consists of nature between every part of enterprise management system, technology innovation system, financial system, operation process and the interrelated, inner restricted working mode.Information consulting agency business activities is a continuous process, between the operating mechanism mainly study in the operation process of the various factors of production relationship and effect and the relation between its business operation, is a means of self regulation.Therefore, information consulting work need science operations, the establishment of long-term, short-term planning reasonable, make the various phases of the work can act according to plan, everything in good order and well arranged, step by step, ultimately achieving the overall goal.
3 establish a supervision mechanism.In the fierce market competition, the enterprise executive force will determine the success or failure of the enterprise.Scientific and perfect rules and regulations is the foundation of the efficient operation of enterprises, strengthen supervision and management is an important means to ensure the effective implementation of the enterprise executive force.Therefore, information consultation mechanism to strengthen supervision, perfect rules and regulations, improve business execution.Notification system can build stage and supervision and inspection system, completion of work objectives put forward the opinion supervision.
Positive 4 to establish incentive mechanism can effectively motivate staff and management personnel, the individual labor efficiency and work to improve, not only to attract talented people, and retain key talent, and enhance the core competitiveness of information consultancy.In order to improve the work efficiency, it must 'award frequently penalty embroidery', to guarantee the system, training the staff a sense of the pursuit of excellence, and in the institutions according to their own actual conditions to establish an effective incentive mechanism.
(two) increase consultation Technology
1 to develop its own characteristics of the database.To use network resources at the same time, the development and construction of the region should be suitable for application of database.Distinctive database to form an authoritative, promotion of information consulting business development agency; commercial application database, will give information advisory body to bring a bigger profit.In order to McKinsey Co as an example, its China branch in your knowledge collected over the years the company in many industries and areas of experience and knowledge.The knowledge base includes 54 industries and 35 special towel heart, in which each project team includes hundreds of professional consultants and specialized information acquisition researchers.On this basis, form the observation and thinking of their own, including economic trends, industry trends and business opportunities and other important management topics.Consultants also compiled a lot of strategy, organization and operation performance management works, great social influence.
2 to strengthen the research of information resources on internet.Access to information resources is the basis of consulting organizations; the development and utilization of information resources is a consulting institution development condition, which is a manifestation of the intelligence services.But in the Internet information resources towel mass to obtain the correct and advantageous information is a huge and difficult task, therefore each information consulting institutions should cultivate and develop specialized personnel, is picking up the information resources on Internet, the internal information consultation industry should be more mutual benefit, to promote the rapid development of industry.
The construction of 3 to participate in information resources network.Information consulting services for the society provides a wide range of services as a user, not only should strengthen their own internal network and database construction, and should be based on the surrounding areas, and promote the development of local area network.At the same time, should actively participate in the construction of large-scale information network, and strive to become the national information network transit point, to establish and confirm the public image and its orientation.
(three) to promote knowledge management.To shape the information consultation industry
Knowledge management is not only the information consulting industry, but also all the modern enterprises in the new management idea and management technology.Information consulting industry because of its inherent advantages, is the most easily, is also the most necessary to introduce knowledge management industry.The level of knowledge management is an important factor affecting the operating efficiency of consulting enterprises.The task of knowledge management includes both knowledge and information consulting agency internal development and sharing, including human resources such as the expert network formation.
Major defects of domestic information of the consulting company is lack of systematic theory, mostly without the actual enterprise operation and management experience.Therefore, knowledge management, raise the level of business is the urgent problem of domestic information consulting industry.In modern consulting industry consultants should not only have the management theory and management practice, but also proficient in IT technology and its application.Concrete can be constructed from the following aspects:
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