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Research on Countermeasures to enhance the knowledge management in modern logistics enterprise competitiveness based on

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[Key words] knowledge management of   logistics enterprise competitiveness of enterprises;
[Abstract] economy times, knowledge is the strategic resources of enterprises, knowledge management is a strategic response to the new situation of enterprises.China's logistics enterprises through advanced information management technology, gradually implement knowledge codification, construction and improvement of enterprise knowledge network, which will be conducive to promoting the informationization construction of logistics enterprises, help to transform information into a corporate culture, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, make enterprises take action in the rapidly changing competitive environment, and to win the competitive advantage.
With the global economic integration, more and more serious challenges in the survival and development of enterprises increasingly fierce market competition, the challenge enterprise should constantly promote, protect and create their own competitive ability, sustainable survival and development ability.Enterprise knowledge management as a management method adapted to the knowledge economy, will enable enterprises to maintain sustainable competitive advantage in the fierce competition in the market.The level of knowledge management has become the key to decide whether an enterprise can win the competition, how to carry out knowledge management very fruitful to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises has become the core issue of modern management.Therefore, research on the relationship between knowledge management and the core competitiveness of enterprises, to improve the enterprise knowledge management level and core competitiveness of enterprises is of great significance.
1 knowledge management concept
In the last 1O years, knowledge management is widely concerned by both academic and social all walks of life, literature and books on knowledge management is increasing, the key resource to knowledge as the enterprise to obtain the competitive advantage of the views are generally accepted.So far, all kinds of scholars to study the definition of the knowledge management can be roughly divided into the following several aspects:
Knowledge management is the enterprise to the system management knowledge effectively and process knowledge for effective management of business.LucyMarshall thinks, knowledge management is knowledge and creation, collection, a series of process organization, dominant, such as the use of communication, systematic management, it focuses on the individual knowledge into organizational knowledge and make the appropriate application....Bassi knowledge management is identified as: take the knowledge as the core management refers to the process of continuous management of all kinds of knowledge, in order to meet current and future needs, using the existing and acquiring knowledge assets, to explore new opportunities.
Knowledge management is the enterprise information collection form of communication knowledge and explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge in new ways.Freke.V thinks, knowledge management is a new way for the organization of explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge sharing and provide.
Sveiby thinks, knowledge management refers to the organization through the plan, to construct the knowledge network internal organization external learning organizational learning, internal external knowledge network, effectively realize the mutual conversion of explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge, and in the conversion process, the creation, accumulation and diffusion of knowledge, and ultimately improve the system process organization learning ability, strain capacity and innovation ability.
Knowledge management is the enterprise of knowledge as a production resources and assets business process management.Malhotra the definition of knowledge management is knowledge management: knowledge assets is in the enterprise management.Alavi is information management as a tool to automatically build information, object, between the user and the process of deduction or fixed relationship, the role of knowledge management is to connect the knowledge owners and for the two nodes.
Knowledge management is knowledge and experience of enterprises to use its existing and innovation management activities.Bai Bo, Zhang Xiaomei thinks, knowledge management is a system to balance the information and expertise, in order to improve the ability of organizational innovation, reaction ability and productivity.Safdi and Edward pointed out, knowledge management is that people, process and technology perfect combination, so that the organization and information related to the composition, into the enterprise to bring the visual dynamic value, advantages and benefits of the wealth of knowledge set.
On the basis of the induction, we think: knowledge management is through the acquisition, creation, selection, sharing, application and renewal activities to management of enterprise knowledge, and achieve the appropriate knowledge at the appropriate time with appropriate expression way transmitted to the right people, to improve organizational performance and value creation.
2 modern logistics enterprise knowledge management connotation
Play an important role in the development of informationization of logistics, but it can not bring the innovation value to logistics system, only the knowledge management with innovation function, changes to make the logistics system of the quality of the.In the information construction process, the majority of logistics enterprises are promoted by informatization construction to enhance the management level of enterprises and the modernization level of functioning, enable the enterprise to obtain the competitive advantage, to vary from minute to minute environment. However, most of the logistics enterprises to understand informatization construction also only stay in the data and information storage, office automation, information release surface information processing and service level.In addition, the logistics enterprises in the information process, often do not consider the old and the new system's compatibility and integration, this will not only make the new overall it is difficult to form, but also cause the parts can not contact and communication, and communication is not smooth, to form the information isolated island.Therefore, how to integrate the information module dispersed, to become the logistics enterprises in the knowledge base and knowledge flow, is the enterprise information construction needs to focus on the issue, and it is home to the connotation of knowledge management.Therefore, knowledge management is inevitable requirement to promote the logistics enterprise informatization.
Analysis of the relationship between knowledge management and enterprise competitiveness with 3
Knowledge is the source of enterprise competitive advantage forms, but knowledge can not automatically to form the core competitiveness of enterprises.The core competitiveness of enterprises as a kind of can provide a competitive advantage for the enterprise knowledge system, the ability to form and maintain in enterprises depend on the accumulation of knowledge, application and innovation, knowledge management ability.Knowledge management and the core competitiveness of enterprises exist many relationship.The two complement each other, two in one, and the relationship between them is a dual channel, the direct purpose of knowledge management is to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.Knowledge management to support the innovation, innovation also need knowledge management to its effective management, in order to obtain the greatest degree sharing in the enterprise, so as to realize the new innovation,
To further enhance the core competitiveness.On the other hand, the innovation of enterprises and the core competitiveness and can produce and accumulate new knowledge, new technology, so as to provide knowledge management and expansion of knowledge and resources, forming a virtuous cycle of new.From the enterprise long-term development perspective, because knowledge is the new supersedes the old. To construct core competence, that must be a constant renewal process.To form a dynamic function mechanism and the relationship between knowledge management and the nuclear power construction.
4 Effect of knowledge management to the modern logistics enterprise development
From the era of industrial economy after entering the era of knowledge economy, management idea and mode for the development and reform of traditional enterprises under new situation had appeared to be inadequate, knowledge management is rooted in this case.Knowledge is power, as well as the enterprise, the power of knowledge is the enterprise continues to develop, is the source of profit.Specifically, has the following effects mainly the development of knowledge management for logistics enterprises:
4.1 shorten the logistics time.The realization of intelligent logistics
The traditional logistics enterprises because of information exchange speed limit, the completion of a logistics activities for a longer period of time.At the same time, the traditional material supply process consists of multiple business processes, greatly influenced by subjective factor.With the application of knowledge management, information of any demand, supply, delivery customers will be through the enterprise knowledge networks take a shortcut, enterprises can realize agile supply and scientific decision.
4.2 looking for and the formation of the value chain of enterprises, realize competitive differentiation
Value chain is the main distinguishing feature of the core competence of logistics enterprise, also is each enterprise to maintain the competitive advantage based on.In logistics activities, it not only pay attention to the flow of goods, pay more attention to the flow of funds, in order to realize the value of the logistics activities.The implementation of knowledge management, through the analysis of the existing enterprise resources, find their own core competitiveness, also is the value chain.And around the core competitiveness of enterprises, accurately grasp the pulse of the market, timely adjust the direction of development and business strategy.To determine the suitable to their own development and market segments, as the main business development and future direction in the near future.To focus on the advantages to maximize profits, to occupy the dominant position of market competition.
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