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Dialysis the reasons of our country's current drug development slow

Author: ZhouFuMing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-21 12:26:08 Read:
Since the founding of the PRC, especially after the reform and opening up more than 20 years, Chinese medicine has made great progress.At present, China has been able to produce thousands of Western medicine, 2000 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, the number of China has become the world's second largest producer of medicine.However, the current product structure of China's pharmaceutical market is very unreasonable, one or two categories of drugs are mostly imported or joint venture's products, and new drug our own production of the vast majority of imitation, few innovative drugs, seriously restricted the development of pharmaceutical economy.According to statistics, from 19861998, China had approved the production of new drugs more than 260 compounds, which belongs to a class of L8 innovation, can be identified as the only 8 innovative drugs.L2 gene engineering drugs approved and 1 kinds of vaccines are fake products.The grim reality tells us, if not of our own intellectual property rights of new drugs, it is difficult to meet the challenge of WTO.
Why the development of new drugs in China is so slow? In theory, a country with a large population, a large market potential medicine, new drug development prospects, and after several years of development, already has the material basis for the development of new drugs.But from the deep reason analysis, the main obstacle of development of new drugs in China slowly from the following three aspects:
, cognition disorders -- the lack of a correct guiding ideology of drug development
From the practice of the development of new drugs, one obstacle to China's development of new drugs in the understanding of the imitation innovation is the most light.Because of our pharmaceutical industry long lags behind that of developed countries, the development of new drugs have been to imitation.According to statistics, China's clinical medicine is the imitation of the above 9o%.Imitation although plays a role in saving the development cost and satisfy the demand of the medication, but blindly copying repetitive and low level, so that some medical research institutions and enterprises are reluctant to engage in basic research of new drug development, rather than risk a little high investment, long-term investment risk, innovation consciousness of low starting point, develop thinking inertia.Performance of the two is the scale of production of light weight, content of science and technology.Investment 3O billion on VC project Zhongyuan pharmaceutical died in infancy of the tragedy, and some provinces and cities have emerged penicillin wars, "pioneer" war, war, war and other quinolone erythromycin, is this thought under the guidance of the results, wasting a lot of manpower and financial resources.Harm and the lesson of this cognitive obstacles brought about profound.
two, institutional barriers -- lack of management mode of scientific development of new drugs
First of all, small and complete production, learning and research, compartmentalization, limits the research of continuity and transformation ability.Our current main drug development research institutes and universities, many research results can only be published as an essay, research units rely on "selling crops" to maintain their livelihood, and most enterprises still do not have the ability to independently develop new drugs, resulting in basic research, development research, application research of disjointed, new drug research and achievement transformation out of touch, so that one or two new drug research units developed in the enterprise can not survive.Secondly, most of the current state-owned enterprises to implement the leadership the appointment of the "official standard", restricts the state-owned investment in new drug development.The development of a new drug is short for about two years, as long as eight or nine years; capital investment to millions of dollars or even thousands of yuan.Let entrepreneurs to research new large sums into so long to show its performance.In term of office and to profit "Heroes" of the current system is not realistic, the results make many enterprises leave the misunderstanding of low-level and redundant development.This compartmentalization and the "official standard" management mode, is not conducive to the transformation of new drug development and achievements.
three, machine-made barrier -- lack of incentive policy environment development of new drugs
The current policy incentive intensity of innovative drugs in China is relatively low.Medicine as a scientific investment, long cycle, big profits, and people's life be bound together in a common cause of the industry, the development direction of new drug policy, guidance, tax breaks and other industry little difference, tax relief and protection period is not harmonious, plus new drug approval slow, market development difficult, technical market is not standardized, legal system not perfect, new drug protection useless and other reasons, the new drug research and development efficiency is difficult to guarantee, which dampened enthusiasm for the development of new drugs.New drug development requires a large amount of capital investment, especially drug innovation with intellectual property rights, the amount of capital investment is greater.But in this effort is not strong enough, the government's lack of strong financial support for the development of new drugs.If there is a great influence in the pharmaceutical industry of our country north China pharmaceutical factory and Xinhua Pharmaceutical, drug development costs for one year only tens of millions of dollars, and new drug development fee of foreign big companies of up to hundreds of millions of dollars.In the face of huge development costs, some researchers even tracking on the drugs currently studied abroad, but had to stop.At the same time, government incentives for medical scientific research personnel has not yet fully established.In recent years, the reform of the distribution system of scientific research personnel most medical research institutes and enterprises, and gradually improve the scientific research personnel's income level, but in general the "brain" the income gap is not big, the average wage of most researchers only higher than the average wage of workers in 20% ~ 30%.
Thus, an important reason for China's development of new drugs slow is not only the guiding ideology of the gap, restriction and more of system and mechanism.Look forward to medicine management departments to strengthen macro planning and scientific guidance, improve production, learning and research, combining with the system, establish and improve the incentive mechanism for the development of new drugs, new drug development in China to a new step.
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