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Actively implement the "two system" to solve the management problems

Author: MaRuiGang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-21 12:23:16 Read:
Keywords: the leading cadre family system tax administrator in charge of co-management system classification management mode of
Abstract: is introduced from 3 aspects of Taiyuan State Tax Bureau Tax Management International implementation of leading cadres in family system and tax administrator in charge of co-management system measures and benefit.
Implementation of leading cadres in family system and tax administrator in charge of co-management system (hereinafter referred to as the "two system") is an important measure to implement the tax administrator system, break the scientific management "three problems".In 2008, Taiyuan Tax Administration Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation of international office based on reality, grasp the direction, elaborate organization, in the implementation of the exploration, in the implementation of innovation, better implementation of the "two system", and achieved initial results.
First, analysis of the situation, grasp the situation, clear thinking, find the right direction.I department under the jurisdiction of foreign-related enterprises 345 households, registered in 6 urban areas, more scattered distribution, regional characteristics is not obvious.In 2005 the tax administrator system, I according to the family characteristics, in revenue administration on the introduction of classification management mode, the taxpayer is divided into 37 types of 13 industries, the tax administrator is divided into 5 groups according to the number of households. The sources of tube, tax scale, classified management by industry.Through this management mode, we standardize the tax administrator in a certain extent.
Taiyuan State Administration of Taxation of the "two system" issued after. I organized to study and discuss, the implementation of the tax administrator system is the summary.We think, the international in the exploration to implement the tax administrator system, to strengthen the tax source management, implementation of scientific management as the goal direction is clear, classified management method by industry is correct, is to meet the requirements of the tax administrator system, these have laid a solid foundation for the implementation of the "two system".But there are also some restrictive tax management to develop deep problems: one is the tax source management team appointed south room, leader and personnel management is still at the fumble towel has not formed a scientific management system; two is the uneven tax administrator management level, there is law enforcement risk; three is the tax administrator zero vacancy 1= adjustment is not standardized, vacancy temporarily designated or free combination, is temporary, different qualitative to tax administrators, assessment and accountability difficult; four is the leading daily affairs, to the enterprise, _T without J J to determine the form of the system, to achieve the comprehensive, in-depth understanding of enterprise.The analysis of the above, we believe that in the implementation of the "two system", it is an effective way to solve the above problems. Director, association of common duct. Can promote the exchange of learning, sharing of resources, help to improve the tax administrator working ability, improve the tax source management level; leading cadres to households, can grasp the first hand, discover a problem, solve in time, to guide the operation, accurate decision.
Based on the above analysis and understanding, we identified for work in the implementation of the "two system" it: to continue to implement the tax classification management as the premise, with clear responsibilities as the basis, in order to strengthen examination management as the guarantee, promote synergy "two system" to implement the.
Second, hearten spirit, unite a thought, carefully organize the implementation.One is to strengthen the ideological and political work, ensure the smooth implementation of the "two system" I was clearly the work of thinking, further investigation, found that some comrades are still worried about the implementation of the "two systems".Such as: the manager's duty is basically the same with the present tax team leader, will name changes, content unchanged, a superficial reform; the current leadership in daily affairs has been very busy, to implement the leading family, will increase the number of unnecessary workload; the tax source management team had to double tube, small group leader the specified by section chief, now the implementation of supervisor responsibility system, need to pass the examination for selection, there is no need to worry about such a fuss; XieGuanYuan enthusiasm is not high, the working enthusiasm as before; the five exam difficulty not grasp, some of our comrades should take some should be aware of the knowledge, do hard. For a long time, the tax source management, the more experienced older comrades adverse etc..
Figure out we thought condition, we held a mobilization meeting on time, to seriously study the Council documents, deeply understand the spiritual essence, to guide people to unity of thinking, to reach a consensus, namely: the implementation of leading ten households and competent assistant system is not reduce the existing administrator, let some comrades "stand aside", but not to take the opportunity to adjust cadre posts, but so has the ability, high quality of the comrades to play a greater role in management, become the benchmark and example.And the director qualification of a hired two years, as a supervisor is not put things right once and for all, become the association is not no chance.The people's ideological and political work to eliminate the concerns, unified thought, improve knowledge, all the tax administrator show high participation enthusiasm, the initiative register to attend manager examination and selection, no one to give up.Manager selection after the exam, 1 business not to participate in the examination of the tax administrator, active request unit make-up.
The two is based on the principle of fairness, good manager selection.The qualified manager through the combination of examination and evaluation way, selecting the best in all of the tax administrator in accordance with the manager and the tubular member l:l ratio.The tax source management department, deputy director of confirmation is not involved in qualification, executive leadership cadre family system.In order to select the manager have both ability and political integrity, business processes, and reflect the principles of fairness and justice, we are centralized examination, democratic evaluation, work performance examination way to take the qualification selection.
Exam content relates to political theory, business tax, accounting knowledge, legal knowledge, comprehensive knowledge focuses on tax administrators, department leaders personally, personally supervised grading, strive to make competent member exam in a fair, fair principle.Evaluation of democracy to take back-to-back testing methods of general staff, mainly from the political quality, professional quality, work performance, the survey.Work is part of the assessment, in accordance with the requirements of the tax administrator "WQ." content, tax administration and collection quality inspection on the basis of the canal area in certain period is taxpayer index evaluation.
After examination, democratic assessment, performance assessment program, a total of 5 comrades put before the public at all after the Department leadership collective research identified as manager, has not obtained the qualification of the competent tax administrators are coordinators, and deputy chief of the two sources of revenue management department designated as manager.It is in the South and attention, proper methods, organizations are in place, we at the end of 5 in accordance with the procedures for the successful completion of the manager's selection, it identified a total of 7 directors, with 1 executive members and 1 coordinators as a unit consisting of 7 tax source management group, and press industry will family division to the group, the tax source management group under the jurisdiction of the family joint management, according to director assistant responsibilities to implement the tax administrator system, perform the tax administrator responsibilities.
Three is a clear head of association and leading ten households Ding job duties, to further standardize the tax source management.According to the city bureau "the tax administrator system (Trial)" the provisions, I defined the supervisor coordination and leadership of ten family responsibilities.In the tax source management, manager and the tubular member according to their respective duties under the jurisdiction of the tax source management of family responsibilities, bears the tax source management the tax source management team leader, manager. The manager, assistant in charge of family tax management have direct management responsibility, to have a joint responsibility. Two people.
Survey, manager of tax assessment on the taxpayers tax matters and daily inspection system such as gold shall arrange for double duty work.Each specific business needs double induction, paperwork South manager, assistant press pipe households respectively according to the relevant business rules requirements, two people together to sign; need examination items in comprehensive collection and management software towel operation, carried out by a competent officer. Absence to operating authorization.Does not need transactional work and not in charge of the taxpayer double posts in the implementation of the specific administrative act of daily tax management matters, according to their respective family respectively perform the tax administrator responsibilities.2 deputy director, director assistant in family work, and specify the authority over a household belongs to the tax source management team manager or coordinator for temporary Xieguanyun, composed of temporary tax source management team work.On the leading family selection, we identified 3 criteria: tubal door industry representative, business is typical, the importance of tax proportion.According to the standard, we selected 4 enterprises. Belong to agricultural and sideline products purchasing, tax-exempt agricultural products, real estate, branches of four types, by each deputy director of the management of 2 households.At the same time, leader cadre family according to the ring to change the system, adjustment of households to be different from the last batch type.
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