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On the control of water conservancy project construction quality

Author: YaoYingJie YuanJiuBin From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-21 10:24:49 Read:
Abstract: in this paper, combined with the author's many years of work experience, based on the present status of water conservancy project quality in China as a starting point, proposed the construction preparation, construction process quality control method, and expounds the control measures to improve the quality of water conservancy projects, water conservancy project management work in the future, with some reference value.
Keywords: water conservancy project; construction quality; control method; control measures of
The quality of water conservancy project is the construction of the enterprise survival.Through multiple site inspection, found that the project construction unit of some quality problems in the engineering construction process, in order to control the construction quality, the author talk about a series of measures to improve construction quality control.
The quality control of
A, construction
1) the preparation of construction organization design: prior to the commencement of the project, the project manager should organize relevant technical staff for the preparation of construction organization design.The construction organization design should highlight the quality first, the principle of safety first, and should be targeted, operability, advanced and the relevant quality management, technology management system, quality assurance measures are sound and feasible, safety, environmental protection, fire protection and civilized construction measures are feasible and in accordance with the relevant provisions.

2) quality control of construction site preparation
According to the original point of reference, Party A shall provide the reference line and elevation measurement and control point to retest, retest results to the supervision units after approval, project department began to accurate measurement on line, and the establishment of survey control network project of their own, to do a good job in protecting piles.
Quality control of construction layout: the layout of construction site is reasonable, whether to help ensure the normal construction smoothly, whether it is beneficial to ensure the quality, especially to pay attention to field road, flood control and drainage, storage of materials, supply of water and power supply, materials and machinery and equipment layout.
Quality control of materials procurement and ordering: raw materials required for the works is part of the permanent works, therefore, the quality of which directly affect the future of engineering quality of the product, so the need for strict control of its quality.
Control of construction machinery allocation: choice of construction machinery, in addition to considering construction machinery technical performance, work efficiency, work quality, reliability and repair difficulty, effect and safety, flexibility and other aspects of construction quality and assurance, should also consider the number of configuration effect on construction quality and ensure.In the choice of parameters of mechanical properties, but also to the characteristics and quality requirements and adapt to the construction object.
The scene design disclosure and construction drawing checking: before construction project manager should organize relevant technical staff to participate by the party organization design work, and earnestly do a good job of construction drawings drawings check and audit work, for drawing the problems found in a timely manner in the form of a written report to the party units.
Quality control of
two, construction process
2.1 construction technology readiness. Quality control of
Construction technique preparation refers to all the preparation work before construction activities in the formal development, whether the planned arrangements put in place, including the configuration of the personnel, materials, equipment, environment, safety facilities.
1) should first do a good job quality control point set: quality control points are set up in order to ensure the quality of the construction process to determine the focus of control object, key parts or weak link.
2) control of construction technical clarification: the project department should establish a complete technical disclosure system, technical disclosure in each item before the project starts to.Projects must by the competent technical staff technology books, and approved by the engineer of the project after approval.The content includes the construction methods, quality requirements and acceptance criteria, the need to pay attention to the problems in the construction, may be unexpected measures and emergency plan.Disclosure should be clear what to do, who to do, how to do, what time standards and requirements, the completion of construction.On the construction difficult, complex technology, to ensure the safety of construction organization design should be special difficulty of the project, and approved by the company chief engineer after the audit report supervisor for approval before implementation.
3) for quality control approach of materials: where to raw material field, the project department shall be inspected in accordance with the requirements, the test can be qualified before use.The approach of materials should be properly kept, should be according to the material characteristics, characteristics of different requirements, arrange the suitable storage condition, in order to ensure the storage quality.
4) control state of the environment: control of construction operation environment: including spatial conditions and channel water, electricity or power supply, lighting, construction safety protection equipment, construction site, and the transport and road conditions.Environmental construction quality management: refers to the project Department of the quality management system, quality control test system is in good condition, the project department management system is sound.The natural environment: such as measures of cold season, the construction site of the flood control and drainage and whether to take the necessary measures.
5) control approach of construction machinery and equipment performance and working state: to ensure the technical performance and the working state of machinery equipment in the construction field, has an important influence on the quality of construction.Therefore, the project department should control the scene.Only in good condition, performance can meet the requirements of construction machinery and equipment to work.
6) control the construction survey and measurement equipment performance, precision: the project department should establish the site laboratory, quality inspector shall have certificate.If the conditions, can not be established, it should be entrusted with the corresponding quality of the room as a special test laboratory.The site measurement instruments should be calibrated through legal metrology department.The measurement must have the certificate, in the process of the operation should always check the measuring instrument, measuring equipment performance, precision, so that it is in good condition.
7) control the construction site work organization and personnel qualification: the number of operators engaged in activities must meet the operation demand, corresponding types of configuration should ensure the orderly operation.Management should be in place to work, the corresponding system should be perfected, and special operations personnel must be documented appointment.
2.2 construction technology for quality control in the process of
The construction quality of engineering is formed in the process of construction, not the last check out, therefore, the effect of the construction technology and quality is the foundation of quality control.The project is the direct implementation of construction quality and responsibility, so the project department should establish self-inspection system, strengthen the operation process of self-examination, handover inspection and full-time inspectors of the special inspection.Relating to the construction operations reference and basis of technical work, also should check check a person responsible for the strict, in order to avoid harm to the whole project quality reference errors caused irremediable or global nature.Such work with measurement, concrete elevation, so the test personnel project department should do the quality control work of the corresponding.As for raw materials inspection and put into use and the construction mix proportion uniform.At the end of the quality control records formed in the construction process control, the process should be detailed records of project construction phase quality control activities, and later for reference and understand engineering quality the important data and information.
Three, improve the quality of the engineering measures of
3.1 do the survey and design, ensure project quality and
After the construction project identification, design has become the key issue of the basic construction.In the construction of time can speed up, ensure the quality, save investment, after construction can obtain the maximum economic results, design work plays a decisive role.An advanced design, is the use of advanced technology and equipment, reasonable arrangement of the site, organize the production process, should be conducive to improve production efficiency, reduce the cost, improve the quality of.
3.2 clear quality inspection duties and powers of
Construction units bidding a project unit, should be established and a sound quality assurance system, set up quality inspection institutions specialized in site quality inspection personnel, equipped with full-time, the establishment of quality detection system.After receiving the notice to commence after 84 D or contract agreed time, submit the inspection plan detailed engineering quality and the measures of supervision unit to report to the examination and approval of supervision units.In the process of construction, the construction unit should strictly according to technical terms and supervision units indicating, for engineering use materials and equipment and construction technology, quality inspection of the entire process, regularly submit the supervision unit review reported the quality inspection agencies for the record.In the process of construction, supervision units have the right to all parts of the whole project and any one technology, materials and engineering equipment inspection and testing.Construction units should be quality inspection and test for the supervision units to provide convenient.
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